Basics of Javascript Injection

Basics of Javascript Injection
JavaScript is a widely used technology within websites and web based applications. JavaScript can be used for all sorts of useful things and functions. But along with this comes some additional security issues that need to be thought of and tested for. JavaScript can be used not only for good purposes, but also for malicious purposes.JavaScript injection is a nifty little technique that allows you to alter a sites contents without actually leaving the site.This can be very usefull when say, you need to spoof the server by editing some form options.JavaScript injection is a fun technique that allows you to change a websites content without leaving the site, reloading the page, or saving the site to your desktop. It can be very useful when you need to change hidden data before you send it to the server. Let’s start with some basic injection techniques.

I. Injection Basics
JavaScript injections are run from the URL bar of the page you are visiting. To use them, you must first completly empty the URL from the URL bar. That means no "http://" or whatever.
JavaScript is run from the URL bar by using the javascript: protocol. In this tutorial I will only teach you the bare bones of using this, but if you are a JavaScript guru, you can expand on this using plain old JavaScript.
The two commands covered in this tutorial are the alert(); and void(); commands. These are pretty much all you will need in most situations. For your first JavaScript, you will make a simple window appear, first go to any website and then type the following into your URL bar:

javascript:alert(’Hello, World’);
You should get a little dialog box that says “Hello, World”. This will be altered later to have more practical uses.
You can also have more than one command run at the same time:
javascript:alert(’Hello’); alert(’World’);
This would pop up a box that said ‘Hello’ and than another that says ‘World’.

II. Cookie Editing
First off, check to see if the site you are visiting has set any cookies by using this script:
This will pop up any information stored in the sites cookies. To edit any information, we make use of the void(); command.
javascript:void(document.cookie=”Field = myValue”);
This command can either alter existing information or create entirely new values. Replace “Field” with either an existing field found using the alert(document.cookie); command, or insert your very own value. Then replace “myValue” with whatever you want the field to be. For example:
Would either make the field “authorized” or edit it to say “yes”… now whether or not this does anything of value depends on the site you are injecting it on.
It is also useful to tack an alert(document.cookie); at the end of the same line to see what effect your altering had.

III. Form Editing
Sometimes, to edit values sent to a given website through a form, you can simply download that html and edit it slightly to allow you to submit what you want. However, sometimes the website checks to see if you actually submitted it from the website you were supposed to. To get around this, we can just edit the form straight from javascript. Note: The changes are only temporary, so it’s no tuse trying to deface a site through javascript injection like this.
Every form on a given webpage (unless named otherwise) is stored in the forms[x] array… where “x” is the number, in order from top to bottom, of all the forms in a page. Note that the forms start at 0, so the first form on the page would actually be 0, and the second would be 1 and so on. Lets take this example:
<form action=”” method=”post”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”to” value=””>
Note:Since this is the first form on the page, it is forms[0]
Say this form was used to email, say vital server information to the admin of the website. You can’t just download the script and edit it because the submit.php page looks for a referer. You can check to see what value a certain form element has by using this script:
This is similar to the alert(document.cookie); discussed previously.
In this case, It would pop up an alert that says “”
So here’s how to Inject your email into it. You can use pretty much the same technique as the cookies editing shown earlier:
This would change the email of the form to be “”.
Then you could use the alert(); script shown above to check your work. Or you can couple both of these commands on one line.
That completes this post about JavaScript injection as you can see all kinds of fun things can be done with these techniques. Use your imagination and with a little work you can test your site and keep it secure from malicious hackers.

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Hacking the Logon Screen using Resource Hacker

Hacking the Logon Screen using Resource Hacker
This trick is very easy to do but it needs Resource Hacker and If you don't already have Resource Hacker go download it now . I have tried this on Windows XP..
  • Browse to C:\windows\system32  and copy logonui.exe and paste it to C:\ Now, open C:\logonui.exe with Resource hacker.
  • Click on Action and then on Replace bitmap. If you are good with graphics you can make your own logon screen, you should be able to scroll thru the bitmaps in this file and figure out what's where. If your not great with graphics :/ like myself, you can download already made graphics and use them, or use them as a template.
  • To set the size of Bitmap 100: Go into the \UIFILE\1000\1022\ tree and press CTRL+F Now, find  Change the entire line to read:  Where xxx is put the width e.g. 400rp (the rp @ the end is needed) and where yyy is, put the height e.g. 1000rp. Make sure the image doesn't go over the login names because it slows down to a snails pace (fading etc.)
  • Once you have everything the way you want it, just save the file to C:\ and close Resource hacker. Now, copy the modified logonui.exe to C:\windows\system32 and replace it with original one.
  • Reboot to see Ur logon screen
I think that was Easy..Aint it ?
Stay Tuned for more guys..

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Prank Codes and Programming in VB

Prank Codes and Programming in VB
I was bored, so I decided to write a VB code that would prevent you from shutting down a VB app. It has worked in most of my tests, but has failed sometimes. It involves shelling the app once it has been closed down:

  • Create a new Standard EXE in vb (I'm using vb6 professional edition) .
  • Copy this and paste it into the form that you want to keep open (i.e Form1) you can change this to suit your needs
Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Shell app.path & "\" & app.exename
End Sub
You can also use:
Private Sub Form_Unload
to initialize the code when you shutdown.
  • Add in the rest of your code and create an exe
  • Run the program and press CTRL+ALT+DEL Close the program and watch as it springs back into life!! There are ways around it, but computer idiots will not be able to close it...
Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
shell "nameoftheprogram.exe"
End Sub
That is one of the most stupidest thing if ever seen. It closes the program and reopens it. This will use a lot of memory:
If you would use:
Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
End Sub
this would not close the program at all!
I also discovered a way to make the keyboard go sick. Simply add the line: SendKeys "{Enter}" to a timer The code should look like this:
Private Sub Timer1_Timer
SendKeys "{Enter}"
End sub
Make sure that the timer's interval is set to 1 or higher and the timer is enabled. Make the EXE and run it. Try and type something in Notepad and watch as line after line of ENTERS appear. Replace {Enter} with a string of your choice (RDHACKER ROCKZ!!!!) and watch as the text is typed onto the screen.

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FTP for lots of APPS

FTP for lots of APPS
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network such as the Internet. FTP is a file transfer protocol for exchanging and manipulating files over a TCP computer network. A FTP client may connect to a FTP server to manipulate files on that server. As there are many FTP client and server programs available for different operating systems, FTP is a popular choice for exchanging files independent of the operating systems involved.I m posting here links of ftp with LOTS of applications.just click on the required directory and your browser will open it for you.Or you can directly open the link in your ftp client
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Emulator Pack for Windows

Emulator Pack for Windows

Are you an emulator fan ? wee this time I m posting the Emulator Pack which consists of one of best emulators for running Old school games on PC .Enjoy then :)

Here is a full list of the emulated systems included in this collection:

  • Bios
  • NES
  • SNES
  • Gameboy/Gameboy color
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Gamecube
  • xbox
  • playstation1
  • playstation2
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo DS
  • Super Nintendo
  • SegaMegaDrive

Download Emulator Pack


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Simplest Way to show Adsense Ads after each Blog Post

Simplest Way to show Adsense Ads after each Blog Post

Yes, showing Adsense Ads after each blog post was never simple like this! As this is one of the most awaited feature which Google integrated into Blogger! Also this means blogger won’t be needing our one of the most famous hack to Show ads after each post to earn more from your blogger beta blog!

Here is 5-step Guide to do it for your blogger blog…

  • Log into your Blogger account at .
  • Visit your blog’s Template tab and click on the Page Elements link.

Blogger Template

  • Click Edit in the Blog Posts section.
  • Check the box next to Show Ads Between Posts. You can then select how often you’d like your ads to appear, such as once after every post or once after every other post.

 Insert inline ads in blogger  

  • Customize the ads and click on Save Changes when you’re done.


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VLC media player 0.92

VLC media player VLC media player (initially VideoLAN Client) is a media player from the VideoLAN project. It supports many audio and video codecs and file formats as well as DVDs, VCDs and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network. It employs the libavcodec codec library from the FFmpeg project to handle many of the formats it supports, and uses the libdvdcss DVD decryption library to handle playback of encrypted DVDs. VLC also has the ability to convert many formats of media from one type to another.

VLC is also known for its relatively unique ability to play video files from uncompressed WinRAR archives saving the need to unpack (extract) the files from the rars. Also, it has the ability to let the user view the video content of incomplete, unfinished video downloads before they've been fully downloaded to the hard drive.

VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.
It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.
It doesn't need any external codec or program to work.

OS : Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

Size: 13.81 MB

Download VLC Media Player - Official Site OR

Download VLC Media Player - Easy Share  OR

Download VLC Media Player - Rapidshare


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Google Celebrates Its 10th Birthday !!!

Google Celebrates Its 10th Birthday !!! Google is Turning 10 !!! Well our beloved Google Search Engine will soon become 10 years old.Time passes with speeds unrelated to the real world in Internet and we can see how Google started out small and in a blink,It was a leading industry giant.

I used to use yahoo when i was new to Internet,at that time,for people email meant yahoo mail and search meant But  one day i stumbled upon Google and got hooked to it,the simple interface and the fast searches,no popup's and uncluttered..i got what i always wanted...I still feel it’s just a few years back when I started using Google Search as my 1st page to start surfing on Internet,and Google has always surprised me with his little pranks and surprising tactics.This time I m sure too that our Google boy has some pretty nice things to celebrate his 10th Birthday.

Google have collected its past history and presenting in nice timeline format when you open Google Tenth birthday home page you will see some random past facts of Google and on clicking on links you can read what does that mean on Google Timeline page.

Google Time Line -
Google has come up with Project 10 to the 100th, a place to encourage users to help other people, Google Thinks, after certain level of material health only thing which we can increase is individual happiness by helping other people.

Project 10100 is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.In Order to Join You need to submit your idea before October 20, out all entries, 100 idea will be made available for public for voting purpose and 20will be selected in semifinal. A jury of advisory board will select Top 5 from these 20 ideas, Google will fund $10 million to implement these projects.

So..what are you waiting for ? Get googling :)

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KGB Archiver

KGB Archiver is a free, open source and cross-platform file archiver and data compression utility developed by Tomasz Pawlak based on the PAQ6 compression Algorithm.KGB achieves unbelievably high compression rate. Unfortunately, in spite of its powerful compression rate, it has high hardware requirements (I recommend processor with 1,5GHz clock and 256MB of RAM as an essential minimum). One of the advantages of KGB Archiver is also AES-256 encryption which is used to encrypt the archives. This is one of the strongest encryptions known for man.





  • Supports .kgb and .zip files
  • AES-256 encryption
  • It is able to create self-extracting archives
  • Unicode support (both user interface and filename)
  • Explorer shell extension
  • Multilanguage support: Arabic, German, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian - download language pack here
  • Up to 8% faster compression/decompression
  • Now SFX archives run on any Windows or under WINE on
  • Linux


        Download KGB ARCHIVER


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                      Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition

                      Professional Edition was engineered to support development projects that target the Web (including ASP.NET AJAX), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, The 2007 Microsoft Office system, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Mobile devices. The number of platforms that developers must target to meet business needs is increasing rapidly. Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition provides the integrated toolset for addressing all of these needs by providing a superset of the functionality available in Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition -

                      Today’s developers face the challenge of targeting a broad range of platforms and crafting applications that quickly deliver value to the business. Integrated designers and language features in Visual Studio allow developers to build the connected applications demanded by today’s businesses while taking advantage of the .NET Framework 3.5 to reduce development time.  Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition -

                      • Deliver high-performance applications
                        Connect to the data you need, regardless of its location, and build data driven applications using Language Integrated Query (LINQ).
                      • Build great client applications
                        Develop compelling solutions that leverage the user experience and capabilities of the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista®.
                      • Build powerful Web applications
                        Build rich, interactive applications using the ASP.NET AJAX interactive Web interfaces.


                      You will have :

                      Visual C# 2008
                      Visual C++ 2008
                      Visual Basic 2008
                      Visual Web Developer 2008

                      In addition :

                      Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
                      Microsoft Crystal Report Basic For Visual Studio 2008
                      Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

                      Requirments :

                      Requirements vary for different combinations of components within Visual Studio 2008 Professional Editions. To install Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, you need:

                      • Computer with a 1.6 GHz or faster processor
                      • Visual Studio 2008 can be installed on the following operating systems:
                      • Windows Vista™ (x86 & x64) - all editions except Starter Edition
                      • Windows XP™ (x86 & x64) with Service Pack 2 or later - all editions except Starter Edition
                      • Windows Server® 2003 (x86 & x64) with Service Pack 1 or later (all editions)
                      • Windows Server 2003 R2 (x86 and x64) or later (all editions)
                      • 384 MB of RAM or more (768 MB of RAM or more for Windows Vista)
                      • 2.2 GB of available hard-disk space
                      • 5400 RPM hard drive
                      • 1024 x 768 or higher-resolution display
                      • DVD-ROM Drive
                      • Additional features may require Internet access. Fees may apply.

                      Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

                      Download MSDN Library 2008

                      Download SERIAL 

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                      Dark Mailer

                      Dark Mailer

                      Dark Mailer is a super fast bulk email software that sends out at speeds greater than 50,000 emails per hour on a dedicated mailing server. Dark Mailer has the capability to use Proxies and Relays and also to send directly. Some of the features include:

                      • Anonymous Mailing using Proxies
                      • Message Randomization to bypass Spam Filters
                      • Speeds over 500K emails per hour on Turbo Mode
                      • Up to 1000 Threads

                      The software taps into a network of zombie computers and is able to send 50,000 e-mail messages per hour from a regular cable modem connection. It affords near-total anonymity because of the networking and is often used by spammers. It currently does not have an official website for downloading.

                      Robert Soloway, one of Internet's biggest spammers, used it. On July 23, 2008, the 29-year-old Solway was sentenced to nearly four years in prison and ordered to forfeit more than $708,000 in income. Prosecutors had asked for a 9-year sentence. He has also lost civil suits for spamming, and owes civil penalties totaling more than US $17 million.

                      Note: Some Antivirus classified this as hack.tool or Mass.flooder

                      Download Dark Mailer

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                      Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion

                      Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion
                      Tekken 6 Bloodline RebellionAn upgraded version of the newest game in the Tekken series (which didn't yet hit the consoles) was announced, and will officially be exposed in the upcoming Amusement Show in Tokyo, Japan from September 18th to 20th! It's called Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion.

                      Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion has been announced! It will be officially shown at the upcoming Amusement Show from September 18 - 20 in Tokyo, Japan! It will be an upgraded version of the existing Tekken 6 game and is slated for an arcade release in December! Apparently, arcade operators in Japan have gotten the heads up about this new version of Tekken 6, so if you haven’t heard about it yet, you will soon!

                      The goods come straight from Tokyo’s Amusement Machine Show, which opened today. Apparently, Tekken 6 BR is running on several kiosks at the show, and is in playable form. The upgrade features quite a few new elements which make it a pretty considerable change from the original arcade version.

                      New Characters! As reported earlier, two new faces enter the roster.

                      Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion
                      Alisa Bosconovitch, the new babe on the block, is apparently some sort of cyborg or robot- according to the report, she seems to sprout weapons like chainsaws or even mechanical wings during the match. Even crazier, at one point she takes off her head and uses it as a bomb. SHE TAKES OFF HER HEAD, folks. CRAZY! Well, let me say this… I think we called it quite close. WOOHOO!

                      Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion
                      As for Lars Alexandersson, there’s not much known yet about him but he’s described as “a rebel who’s risen to build a new era”. Hmm. Whatever.

                      With the addition of these two challengers, the roster is now at 40- as mentioned in the earlier writeups of T6, the largest lineup in a Tekken game ever. So finally, Namco is fulfilling the stuff they’ve been crowing about. The veteran fighters all get new moves and updated balance (hopefully guys like Bob and Leo will get much-needed tweaks). There were a couple of new stages, as yet unnamed. One was a fiery ruined harbor, while another had a chopper crash into a building.

                      As expected, there will be new costumes for the returning characters- Lili was seen in a slick new costume wtih thigh-high boots; Marduk in a masked wrestler outfit and Kazuya in hakamas, while Xiaoyu is sporting a new skirted outfit. There will also be new items and customizations. Shown in the video was a gatling gun for Bryan, a magic wand for Ling that shoots out stars and hearts, and apparently one item that summons penguins from the ground (!). Hairstyles for characters will also be much more customizable, allowing players to combine hair elements to their liking.

                      For the whole report and lots of pics from the AM show, check out’s Tekken 6 BR Coverage.

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                      Temporarily Disable "Restart Now" Dialog from XP's Automatic Updates

                      Temporarily Disable "Restart Now" Dialog from XP's Automatic Updates

                      Automatic Updates is a great feature. Your computer stays protected from threats without worrying about it… but if it's 3am and I'm trying to play a video game, the last thing I want is for the automatic updates to pop up and remind me every 5 minutes that I need to reboot, interrupting my game… Drives me crazy!

                      Dear Restart Dialog,

                      I hate you.

                      Temporarily Disable "Restart Now" Dialog from XP's Automatic Updates

                      If you want to temporarily disable this popup message and delay rebooting, you can go about it one of two ways. I'm a command line junkie, so I just type this into a command prompt (make sure you use the quotes)

                          net stop "automatic updates"

                      Or you can open Control Panel \ Administrative Tools \ Services and click Stop on automatic updates.

                      Temporarily Disable "Restart Now" Dialog from XP's Automatic Updates

                      Do not disable the automatic updates service, just stop it. The next time you start up your computer, it will restart.

                      Note: If you open the Automatic Updates icon in Control Panel, it will automatically restart the service, which will make the dialog start popping up again.

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                      Find a Forgotten Password Saved in Firefox

                      Find a Forgotten Password Saved in Firefox

                      Firefox, like many popular browsers, includes a built-in functionality to save your password. Often we'll use the saved password feature so often that we've completely forgotten our password when we need to login to the same website on another computer. Here's how to locate your saved password.
                      In Firefox, navigate to the Tools \ Options menu item. Select the Privacy button, the Passwords tab, and then click on View Saved Passwords. You'll be presented with this screen:Find a Forgotten Password Saved in Firefox

                      Click the Show Passwords button, and navigate down to the website password you are looking for.

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                      Need for Speed: Undercover

                      Need for Speed: Undercover

                      Need for speed UndercoverNeed for Speed: Undercover is the twelfth installment of the popular racing video game series Need for Speed, developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. It is set for release on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Wii, Windows, PlayStation Portable, iPod Touch, iPhone and mobile phone on 18 November 2008.
                      The game will feature international movie star, Maggie Q , as detective Chase Linh, one of the lead characters of the game. The live-action sequences from Carbon and Most Wanted will return in Undercover. Police chases from previous installments will also return, as well a new Highway Battle mode.
                      Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has stated that the previous release in the series, ProStreet, was "an okay game... It's not good." and that Undercover will bring better innovations and gameplay.Riccitiello also stated Undercover is taking inspiration from action films such as The Transporter, with a large embedded narrative.
                      John Doyle (developer at EA Black Box) has hinted Undercover will feature a brand new game mechanic and a "Most Wanted-ish" sandbox style of gameplay.
                      Little is known about the plot. The game's story mode sets the player in the story as a police officer going undercover into the criminal underground of Tri-city, a fictional city where the game is set. The player's only contact to the police is Chase Linh, played by Maggie Q.
                      Little information has been released about Undercover's police system, but it has been confirmed by EA that the police vehicles will include helicopters.

                      Watch NFS:Undercover Trailers -

                      Debut teaser      G MAC Trailer      Going Under Trailer


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                      FireFTP- Free Firefox FTP Client

                      FireFTP-Free Firefox FTP Client FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers. When you add FireFTP to Firefox, the add-on puts a FireFTP command on the Tools menu. When selected, this opens a new tab in the browser. The tab contains a full-blown FTP client, with your local files on the left side of the screen and the remote server files on the right side of the screen. FireFTP lets you drag and drop files from one side to the other for easy file transfer. You can also perform other typical functions, such as making new directories, deleting files and folders, renaming files and folders, changing permissions, and more.
                      • It's free!!
                      • Cross-platform: Works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
                      • Secure: SSL/TLS/SFTP support, same encryption used with online banking and shopping
                      • Synchronization: Keep directories in sync while navigating
                      • Directory Comparison: Compare directory content (compares subdirectories too!)
                      • International: Available in over 20 languages
                      • Character Set Support: UTF8 and just about any other character encoding supported
                      • Automatic reconnect and resuming of transfers
                      • Search/Filtering
                      • Integrity Checks of transfers (XMD5, XSHA1)
                      • Export/Import accounts
                      • Remote Editing
                      • File Hashing: Generate hashes of files (MD5, various SHA's)
                      • Drag & Drop
                      • File Compression: Using MODE Z
                      • Timestamp Synchronization
                      • Proxy support
                      • FXP support
                      • Advanced properties (CHMOD, recursive CHMOD, thumbnails)
                      • Tutorials and help files available for support
                      • IPv6 support
                      • Open Source!
                      • Seamless integration with Mozilla Firefox
                       Download FireFTP

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                      BIONIC COMMANDO

                      Bionic Commando is the working title to the seventh generation console installment in Capcom's long-running adventure-platformer series, developed and published by Capcom in collaboration with Swedish developer GRIN (best known for Ballistics and the Microsoft Windows version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series). The game is the direct sequel of the second game and its remake Bionic Commando Rearmed in the series, released in 1988 for the NES and 2008 current gen systems.The development team has gone on record saying they have looked through all the old games including Mercs for connections. The game is run on the homebrewed Grin "Diesel" Engine.
                       Bionic_Commando_by_arcipello Initial speculation pegged the game as a sandbox third person action game, similar to games such as Spider-Man 2 or The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.However, more recent information suggests it will be more linear. The player will be able to swing around Ascension City and other environments such as canyons, which will feature multiple routes that will require players to use various swinging techniques. Spencer is also able to target enemies while hanging upside down, climbing a building or even in mid-swing, while using an implement called the Bionic Arm which can be used to attack enemies at close range. He can also use it to grab and launch objects such as boulders and cars at enemies
                      The events of the game take place ten years after the NES installment.According to Capcom's press release, this iteration follows Nathan Spencer (voiced by Mike Patton, Ex-Faith No More lead singer ), a government operative working in the fictional Ascension City and an Operative for the Tactical Arms and Security Committee or T.A.S.C which specializes in training bionic commandos like Spencer. After he is betrayed by his own government and falsely imprisoned for assignations he had no part of as the great bionic purge begins. Before his execution, an experimental weapon detonates in Ascension City, unleashing an earthquake along with a radioactive shockwave that leaves the city destroyed and wiping out its populace, with the threat of an invasion from a terrorist force.Spencer is now freed to redeem his name along with the T.A.S.C's and is reunited with his bionic arm which he was stripped of.
                      Super Joe, a supporting character from the original NES version, will also appear in the sequel. He will be voiced by Steven Blum.The character is now identified as Joseph Gibson, the Player 1 character from the arcade game Mercs. In the new Bionic Commando, Gibson is the former lead director of the T.A.S.C, who assists Spencer to clear his name and in turn help bionics become legal again
                      Players can also use a code found in Bionic Commando: Rearmed to unlock a skin of "RAD" Spencer from the original game with short hair green blazer and converse like shoes.
                      It was confirmed in the August issue of Game Informer that Bionic Commando will have an option for online multi-play with 16 players. It will feature classic staples such as deathmatch and capture the flag. The grappling hook will still be usable online.
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                      Online Gaming Exploits

                      Online Gaming Exploits
                      In the realm of online games, an exploit is usually a software bug, hack or bot that contributes to the user's prosperity in a manner not intended by the developers.Exploits allow the user to take unfair advantage in the exploitable game if he wishes so.Lets know something more about them.

                      Known types of exploits in FPS games
                      • Wall hack- The changing of wall properties in first-person shooters. Most wallhacks are used to make a map's walls at least partially transparent, allowing players to see objects lying behind a wall.
                      • Aimbot- An aimbot, sometimes called "auto-aim", is software that assists the player in aiming at the target. This gives the user an advantage over unaided players.
                      • Cham hacks- or chams for short which generally replace player models with brightly colored skins, often in neon red/yellow and blue/green colors.
                      • Bunny hopping or Strafe-jumping- requires a very specific combination of mouse and keyboard input. The exact technique involved depends on the game itself; however, most games follow a certain pattern of user actions. Not all players consider this as a damaging exploit. Some FPS games have maps made just for this trick.
                      Known types of exploits in real-time strategy games
                      • Maphack- A cheat that enables the player to see more of the map than the game intends them to see. A common feature in multiplayer real-time strategy games is the inability for the player to see outside the visibility range of the individual units and buildings that the player controls.
                      Known types of exploits in MMORPG
                      • Speed Hacking/Teleporting/Subterrain Travel - If character position in an MMORPG is determined by the client side (usually not the case), it is possible for players to send out artificial positional data and be instantly transported to any part of the world or used to speed up traveling speed by increasing positional deltas.
                      • Holes - Some games may contain accidental holes in the map, allowing the player to get under the map. Holes are mostly harmless, although some use them in player vs. player situations to sneak around and get behind their opponent.
                      • Botting - A player who runs a third party program to control their character. The bot will kill monsters, loot money, mine ore, collect herbs or gain levels automatically without the player having to be in front of the computer.
                      • Duping - Duplicating, or replicating items or money.
                      • Game Mechanics Exploits / Bug Exploits - There are also other exploits involving the physics of the game, sometimes in conjunction with items. This includes using wall-walking to get into unfinished areas or abilities to make one's character unattackable by mobs or other players and sometimes are able to attack back.
                      • Data Mining - This is typically most common around the time that a patch is released on the public test realm of World of Warcraft. Players will try to access files not yet in game and then host them on websites to expose content not yet released (usually new zones, items, and graphics).
                      I think the above data is enough for an advanced PC user or a considerably hungry gamer to get started for his research.I will be posting some more articles on cheating in games.Stay tuned till then.
                      Happy Gaming :)

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                      Add Your Gmail To Windows Live Mail

                      Add Your Gmail To Windows Live Mail
                      The cool thing with email these days is you can pretty much use any client you want and still be able to check most of your web based accounts.  Most POP accounts such as hotmail or Gmail are able to be checked with any client.  Here we will take a look at how to get your Gmail into Windows Live Mail. 
                      **  Note:  This is for Windows Live Mail and not Windows Mail which replaced Outlook Express and is included in Vista.  Windows Live Mail is a separate download via Windows Live Services.  
                      For checking a Gmail account with different clients you do need to make sure your Gmail has POP enabled.  Go into your Gmail \ Settings \ Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable POP to for all mail which will transfer the entire inbox or just the mail you get from this point forward.  Also you can choose weather or not to keep a copy on Google’s servers.

                      The first thing you will want to do is log in to your Live account if you haven’t already and click on “Add an e-mail account”.
                      Next enter in the account information for the email address, password and Display Name you want include and click on Next.

                      You then get a message advising you to follow instructions on setting up POP in Gmail.  Just ignore that because we already set it up at the beginning of this article.  You may want to check this account as your default however.

                      After everything is set up you will start getting messages from your Gmail account.  Pretty slick!

                      More will be coming to configure the clients.Stay Tuned for Next time.

                      Posted by XERO.

                      How to Improve your Skills as a Programmer

                      How to Improve your Skills as a Programmer
                      This will give you a few hints and some help to becoming a better programmer. So read on and enjoy! Programming can be a lot of fun if you follow these simple but efficient rules to make it that way.Otherwise there are lot of programmers out there who are unsatisfied with their programming skills.So lets get started..
                      [1].Gather complete requirements.Think about how what you write will function; try to consider an efficient way of doing it.
                      [2]. Add Comments to your code.Whenever you feel your code needs some explanation, drop some comments in. Each function should be preceded by 1-2 lines describing the arguments and what it returns. (Comments should tell you why more often than what. Remember to update the comments when you update your code!)
                      [3]. Use naming conventions for variables.It will help you keep track of what type the variable is. e.g. for integer variables, intRowCounter; strings: strUserName. It doesn't matter what your naming convention is, but be sure that it is consistent and that your variable names are descriptive. (See Cautions and Warnings below)
                      [4]. Organize your code.Indent after each bracket, try putting spaces between a variable name and an operator such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even the equal sign (myVariable = 2 + 2).
                      [5]. Test.Try to think of anything that might prevent it from working correctly. Debug the errors you find.
                                * Write your tests to always include the following:
                                      o Extremes: zero and max for positive values, empty string, null for every parameter.
                                      o Meaningless values: Jibberish. Even if you don't think someone with half a brain might input that, test your software against it.
                                      o Wrong values: Zero in a parameter that will be used in a division, negative when positive is expected or a square root will be calculated. Something that is not a number when the input type is a string, and it will be parsed for numeric value.
                      [6]. Practice. Practice. Practice.
                      [7]. Create a 'model' of your code that both the customers and the final operators can understand - a blueprint. Present it to them so they understand it and give them a chance to comment
                      [8]. Structure the project as a series of presentations and deployments. Dont plan in too much detail beyond the 1st couple of presesentations. Count on finding out new things about the brief every time you present or deploy. Count on the customers and operators changing their minds every time. Be ready for it. Use it. It will make the project actually worth completing.
                      [9]. Build a simple program then after you get the program the way you want it to be, then start adding new features to it. An example of this would be to build a number guessing program where the program will generate a random number every time you load the program then you have to guess the number. Then you can add to this by having the program be able to have a new random number with the press of a button, having you not being able to guess after a certain number of failed guesses, etc. This will not only help you with upgrading a program, this will also help you determine if there are any problems with the program prior to the upgrade.
                      Tips n Tricks

                      • Start small, aim for things that you most likely will be able to achieve, and work your way up.
                      • It is very important that you use TAB spacing to differentiate lines of code that are encapsulated (if, for, while, etc...) to make it easier to determine if you are still inside the encapsulation. This makes it much easier to read.
                      • Tutorial sites are an excellent resource as well.
                      • Reading the work of others (source code) is an excellent means of improving ones skills.
                      • Use syntax-highlighting in your editor, it really helps.
                      • People can often be a good resource for information, particularly when starting out.
                      • Keep your past work, it is a good point of reference.
                      • Change one thing at a time when debugging and then test your corrections before moving on the next item.
                      • After each bigger segment of work, take a break doing something else, then review what you have written with a fresh mind; rethink and rewrite it, making it more effective and elegant by using less code. Repeat until perfect.
                      • A program such as Visual Basic .Net can cost a lot of money. If you MUST use visual basic, go out and download Visual Studio Express Beta 2 2005 from or you may buy the student or learning editions.
                        Remember programming languages like Java and Python, available at no cost.
                      • Have fellow programmers read your code. If you don't know any send your code to professionals. You would be surprised what they know that you may have never thought of before! Can't find a professional? There are plenty of forums on where most of the users are good hearted programmers that offer constructive criticism.
                      • Double check spelling. A slight mistake can cause a lot of stress.
                      • Use version control management. Tools like CVS or SVN make it even easier to track code changes and bugs. Once you get used to it you wont look back.
                      • Use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
                      • Customers and bosses aren't nearly concerned with how your program works nearly so much as they are with how well it works. Think bottom line. Clients are intelligent, but busy. They won't care what kind of data structures you're using, but they will care if it speeds up performance by 10%.
                      CAUTION and WARNINGS !!!
                      • In step three, this Hungarian notation (indicating a variable's type with its name) is widely avoided by many programmers. It can easily lead to inconsistency when edited or ported, and can become quite confusing. Try to avoid this as much as possible
                      • Copying and pasting others' code is a bad habit, especially if you weren't supposed to see the source. But all things considered, taking small portions from an open source program could be a learning experience. Just don't completely copy a program and attempt to take credit for it.
                      • Save your work frequently as you go along or you risk losing hours and hours of work to a computer crash or lock-up.
                      • Always test your code
                      • Don't copy code from another program unless you have permission or the license permits it, like Open Source licenses.
                      Things You Will DEFINITELY Need
                      • Ideas
                      • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
                      • Computer
                      • Reference books or web tutorials

                      Posted by XERO . Excerpts from Wikihow

                      Ulitmate Bit Torrent Guide (Links and pics)

                      Ulitmate Bit Torrent Guide (Links and pics)
                      Tired of Slow torrent speeds ? here is the ultimate torrent guide for Newbie’s and Experts alike.
                      Hope you like and enjoy this guide, Heres the contents :-
                      Choosing your client
                      1. The best sites I have come across
                      2. Opening your ports
                      3. Checking to see if the ports are open
                      4. Spyware + Adware Section
                      5. Antivirus section
                      6. Connecting to your tracker
                      7. Common Tracker Errors
                      8. Opening the downloaded torrent
                      9. Firefox Plugins
                      10. Messages to Torrent Newbies
                      11. lvlord patch
                      12. Locating your I.P Address
                      13. My success!!!

                      [1].CHOOSING YOUR CLIENT
                      I have been through alot of different clients. The best I've found is Bitlord v1.1 thats were i hit all my 100KB/s+ torrents,
                      You can find this at
                      The second best one in my opinion is Azureus, this is very user friendly, especially with all the plugins. Located at
                      Another useful client is Bittornado, Latest version is 0.3.12 and its homepage is
                      I've also tried G3 Torrent, and I have to say i liked its interface.Can be found at i believe the newest version is 1.01
                      ABC (Yet Another Bittorrent Client), ABC is an improved client for the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file transfering, It can be downloaded from 2.6.1 is the newest available version i think.
                      Bitcomet is used by alot of people here at AD, It's homepage is
                      DVDBack23 has produced a guide for this client
                      The penultimate one I will mention is Artic torrent, as this is what i would reccommend if your computer is quite low end, because it doesn't use alot of your CPU up. this one is at
                      Exeem is a brand new Peer To Peer program, SPYWARE and ADWARE free which is good news,
                      Can be downlaoded at lastest release 0.27

                      [2].THE BEST SITES I HAVE COME ACROSS
             - you have to register but it's still free
             - Very nice torrent Search Engine
             - Great Search Engine
                      and some more can be found here
                      The best Public sites i have found to date are with descriptions
             - Excellent torrent Search.
             - Excellent search engine for torrents, incredible variety
             - Well Organized, maintained Large Selection
             Large Selection of torrents, updated daily.
             - Good site
             - Good allrounder offering games, movies...
             - Decent Search enginge for Torrents
             - Another good site
                      All rounder sites
                      More sites that aren't bad
             Tv, movies, games, music, apps, anime, dvdr, more
             Tv ..............
                      Torrent Valley Tv ..............
                      Potuk(Pirates of the UK)
                      Torrent Addiction
                      AND the new
                      Anime Sites
                      I know of a few decent anime sites, i don't really like anime but someone might benefit from these sites
             - Alot of anime
                      AnimeIndex - More anime
             - It's fairly good from what i can see
                      BoxTorrents - Packed with Anime

                      Give it a try aswell as some of the other sites :P

                      HOW TO OPEN YOUR PORTS
             - Print off all the instructions that gives you.
                      For e.g I have a Netgear router so i type into my broswer(Mozilla FireFox). Then type in 'admin' and 'password' in the two available spaces. I followed the intrustion on default portforwarding for the Netgear DG834, and followed them instructions using my listening port 65535.
                      Also on Port Forwarding if anyones struggling if you need to access your router config..
             (Asus, Draytek, Linksys, Zyxel, Cisco,WooWeb-Pro)
             (Belkin,SMC (some browsers need :88 added))
             (DLink, NetGear,Nexland)
                      And then visit Portforward. this is a great site for instructions with pictures: Also, most manufacturers post their manuals online.
                      You need to forward your ports if you have NAT in order to get optimal speeds. This is one of the most common issues, people fail to configure when they use BitTorrent.
                      BitTorrent default ports are ports in the range of 6881-6999.
                      When opening ports here are some commmon ports that may want to open, if you want to get optimal speeds
                      Client Port
                      TCP, UDP
                      Azureus: 6881
                      BitComet: 12242
                      BitTornado: 10000-10004, 10000-10004
                      BitTorrent: 6881-6889
                      ABC: 6881-6999
                      Shareaza: 6346, 6346
                      Bitlord: RANDOM PORTS
                      I'll also add some general P2P Ports,Bear in mind these have nothing to do with Bittorrent just Filesharing
                      Limewire: 6346 6346
                      Gnutella: 6346 6346
                      eMule: 4662-4711, 4672
                      eDonkey: 4662, 5737
                      BearShare: 6346
                      Only open the ports you need to open!
                      Also your ISP may not allow opening some of these ports so you have to choose a random one instead bear in mind this cannot be done with all file sharing apps
                      Ports for Bitlord -
                      I use 65535, To use that port go to Options > Prefrences > Then type in 65535 in the listening port. Then set your global max upload rate to 20KB/s rather than No Limit. You have to configure your router to open the ports go onto your routers site (192.168....) I have a list off all of them above. Then go to, And choose the default guide for your router

                      [4].CHECKING TO SEE IF THE PORTS ARE OPEN
                      When opening ports and you need to know if they were open,
                      So run a few tests ..............
                      1) go to Shields Up!!
                      2)Then click proceed
                      4)Hopefully you will see this

                      Next you could run a NAT check
                      Type in your port number 65535 in my case
                      And hash of the torrent you need that, you can get it from the torrent site you get it from e.g go back to place you got the link from.
                      Hopefully you will get pass! If everthing is as i have told you have forwarded your ports correctly

                      [5].ADWARE + SPYWARE SECTION
                      when downloading Torrents you need to be careful, so I'll post a list of good Spyware/Adware Removers out there the majority of files are geuine but some are Viruses, Trogans, Keylogging Tools.....etc
                      I'll begin with one of the best, Ad-Aware SE Personal, it's a very nice tool
                      Description at
                      Download at

                      Next is my favourite Spybot S&D, IMO it's the best and it's free!
                      Description at
                      Download at

                      Microsoft Windows Antispyware (Beta version) this will help protect your comp from spyware
                      Description at
                      Download at
                      (You must have a genuine copy of Windows to get this)

                      Another good one is SpywareBlaster v3.4, It's freeware!!
                      Description at
                      Download at

                      Webroot offers a good range, In particular SpySweeper although it costs theres a free trial

                      Anotherone I found is Spyware Doctor™ 3.2, seems to be ok(an award winning spyware remover)
                      Description at
                      Download at

                      eTrust PestPatrol is another great tool, it's one of the best I've found
                      Description/Download free trial at

                      *****Trend Micro Free online virus scan*****
                      Also on the trend micro note try their free trial
                      Download at

                      Last one now BPS AntiSpyware remover, heard good things about it
                      Description at
                      Download at
                      Antispyware software is very important as some people upload fake torrents which are essentially viruses, It will also stop hackers

                      [6].ANTIVIRUS SECTION
                      Also get some form of antivirus software -
                      The best IMO Norton Antivirus or Internet security 2005 - Description at

                      [7].CONNECTING TO YOUR TRACKER
                      Also a reason for bad speeds is because your not connecting to your tracker properly heres a diagram i made, Please note: this is only for bitlord v1.1 it may be different on your client.

                      [8].COMMON TRACKER ERRORS
                      Some of common errors people get from the Trackers
                      error 10061 problem connecting to tracker - This means that you cannot for whatever reason establish a connection to the tracker needed to download a file. This is commonly caused by routers, trackers being too busy, or your net connection going down.
                      My download just sits at the “connecting to peers" status
                      This means there are no peers to connect to, or your firewall/router is preventing a connection.
                      error 10060 Connection timed out - this means that you sent a request to a peer or tracker, and there was no response. Again this error generally sorts itself out given time, and can be caused by a busy tracker. If it doesn't carry on after a bit double check the torrent is seeded and the tracker is working
                      Problem connecting to tracker - <urlopen error (111, 'Connection refused')> - Just let the torrent run in your client and the client will keep checking the tracker and should resume eventually.
                      I got stuck at 99% with several seeders - Try stopping the torrent and restarting from tracker :) that should work

                      9.)OPENING THE DOWNLOADED TORRENT
                      Mainly i download files that are .rar so i open and extract them using WinRAR, that supports RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ files.
                      If you download a .ISO .cue .pdi .ccd or .mds file use Alcohol 120%( ) or Daemon Tools to mount it or burn them using Nero. (If it is a DVD ISO you could use DVD Decrypter)
                      Familyguy.rar - You open with WinRAR, Use this to extract then you might get any video format, .avi or .vobs or something like them
                      Familyguy.iso - You can check the quality by using VLC Media Player by VideoLAN Team, Then if your happy with the quality burn with Decyrpter it ISO Write mode

                      [10].FIREFOX PLUGINS
                      Another handy thing i would like to add is Mozilla FireFox plugins, I have the Torrentspy, BiteNova and the Torrenttyphoon Plugin. Excellent 'lazy' feature that saves alot of typing although i don't use public trackers as much i ust to their still very handy when my U/D ratio is getting abit out of control or if it's a torrent i don't mind waiting for.
                      If you dont have firefox get it here It's the perfect browser for torrents especially with all the plugins and Bookmarked torrent sites.
                      All those intending to get Firefox look at Geestars pipelining thread OMG that increases the speed of loading pages considerably, which is handy when browsing while downloading Torrents

                      [11].MESSAGES TO TORRENT NEWBIES
                      **I would reccomend changing your max upload to 20 when downloading!!**
                      at the start i couldn't get out of the 20s I have now improved things by 100KB/s.
                      Try to download your torrents one at a time. DO NOT RUSH
                      always download torrents when their at their healthiest
                      Don't expect miracles when the torrent has few seeders.
                      Once youve opened your ports,
                      Speed is ultimately down to the number of seeders and peers
                      Then its down to your internet connection (dial up,1mb,2mb....)
                      Don't be discouraged when your in high 20s low 30s and have 10 seeders or less thats normal! its very rare that I get above 50KB/s with less than 10 seeders.

                      [12].LVLORD PATCH
                      Once youve opened your ports, Speed is ultimately down to the number of seeders and peers
                      Then its down to your internet connection (dial up,1mb,2mb....)
                      Don't be discouraged when your in high 20s low 30s and have 10 seeders or less thats normal! its very rare that I get above 50KB/s with less than 10 seeders.
                      what does it do
                      SP2 limits the number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts. The Lvlord patch fixes that and then you can make as many as you want it usually works best for P2P apps like Limewire and IM-L Peanuts, but I've found it works on Torrent clients aswell

                      [13].LOCATING YOUR I.P ADDRESS
                      If you need to locate your I.P Address for whatever reason heres how

                      [14].MY SUCCESS

                      I did some research into the speeds 1mb Broadband should give....
                      Limewire Pro 4.9.23

                      IM-L 5

                      So on almost every client i was downloading at about 110KB/s-115KB/s,
                      Until recently i couldn't top 115KB/s until a couple of days ago when I maxed out at 132KB/s on a single Download, It can be done

                      A Guide By J-Kwon . posted by XERO