Things I like

A list of People & Organizations who inspire me, corporations I would like to work for, programs I love, or simply the list of things I like. 

Mostly, heroes, sweethearts and missions.

Its an assorted one, arranged in no particular order & will be updated randomly whenever I get time.

My Dad

  1. Cory Doctorow
  2. Aaron Swartz
  3. Thomas Dullien / halvar flake
  4. Kyle Cooper / Imaginary Forces
  5. The Indian Army 
  6. Phrack
  7. Pugachev's Cobra
  8. Linus Torvalds
  9. Richard Stallman
  10. Richard Feynmann
  11. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  12. V.P. Menon : Unsung hero of India
  13. Don Knuth
  14. Satoru Iwata
  15. Alan Cox
  16. Snow Crash / Neal Stephenson - The Single most important book which should have been made a part of curricula of engineering students long time ago..
  17. AT&T - Despite all the hate it gets, I am really inspired by how it has been the home for one of the most talented people who changed the world forever. Plus I really liked how it  embraced Juniper in its backbone plus all the innovations, cutting edge technology it has.
  18. Jim Morrison / The Doors
  19. KPMG - Finally made it here : ]   Ketan,Param, Seemant, NamrataKanishk, Kedar, Sony Anthony, and Urmi.
  20. The Odessa File / Frederick Forsyth - I read this book from my cousin's collection, and I was instantly hooked. Highly detailed factual military data coupled with neat fiction, It was a classic that still holds dear to me.
  21. Fyodor
  22. Enrico Perla - B.Sc. Computer Science University of Torino, M.Sc. Computer Science Trinity College Dublin
  23. Creedance Clear Water Revival
  24. France Telecom / Orange - Having one of the oldest networks in the world, still going strong.
  25. El Semi - One word - Nebula & CPS3emu. Okay thats 2 but they are worth it.
  26. Harry Markopolos
  27. Waterparks with low chlorine
  28. Hideo Kojima / Metal Gear Solid - The game that changed it all
  29. fx / Phenoelit / Recurity Labs
  30. Bruce Schneier
  31. djb
  32. APJ Abdul Kalaam
  33. Akira Toriyama
  34. LKML - Believe me guys,this is the new usenet for the technically inclined.
  35. Steve Yegge
  36. ROP
  37. sgrakkyu
  38. Ghost in the shell
  39. Cowboy Bebop
  40. 4chan
  41. Dragon Ball Z
  42. Che
  43. Zed Shaw - Famous dev & artist became immortal in Rails is a Ghetto, his learn X the hard way series is awesome. The Industry needs more catalysts like Yegge & Shaw.
  44. conemu maximus
  45. Rurouni Kenshin
  46. Offensive Security - Might be an OSCP some day.. (fingers crossed) Cleared OSCP : ]
  47. The Sage of Omaha
  48. Michael Abrash
  49. John Yudkin
  50. Resident Evil 4 - Gamecube edition - The true classic
  51. Jerry Harvey / JhAudio
  52. Hacker News
  53. Anna Hazare
  54. Nir Zuk
  55. Naruto
  56. Moxie Marlinspike
  57. Satoshi Nakamoto
  58. Lee Holloway, Cloudflare
  59. Pieter Hintjens - Hero
  60. Peter Norman - Personal Hero, Black Power Salute
  61. Debian
  62. Antifork
  63. CTFs
  64. Chrono Trigger - The greatest RPG ever made
  65. God of War Series (Except Ascension, it sucked) - Hack n Slash redefined in this re-imagining of violent greek panorama
  66. JPAX - my freelance security venture with a lot of potential Not anymore, I learnt a lot till it lasted. 
  67. John Williams
  68. Dan Luu - Personal Hero, hacker and hardware engineer extraordinaire
  69. Yuri Gagarin - First human to fly into space, with an infectious smile
  70. Ken Kutaragi - Passionate engineer, creator of Playstation & "Gutenberg of Video Games" and the former group CEO of SCE. 


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