Google Celebrates Its 10th Birthday !!!

Google Celebrates Its 10th Birthday !!! Google is Turning 10 !!! Well our beloved Google Search Engine will soon become 10 years old.Time passes with speeds unrelated to the real world in Internet and we can see how Google started out small and in a blink,It was a leading industry giant.

I used to use yahoo when i was new to Internet,at that time,for people email meant yahoo mail and search meant But  one day i stumbled upon Google and got hooked to it,the simple interface and the fast searches,no popup's and uncluttered..i got what i always wanted...I still feel it’s just a few years back when I started using Google Search as my 1st page to start surfing on Internet,and Google has always surprised me with his little pranks and surprising tactics.This time I m sure too that our Google boy has some pretty nice things to celebrate his 10th Birthday.

Google have collected its past history and presenting in nice timeline format when you open Google Tenth birthday home page you will see some random past facts of Google and on clicking on links you can read what does that mean on Google Timeline page.

Google Time Line -
Google has come up with Project 10 to the 100th, a place to encourage users to help other people, Google Thinks, after certain level of material health only thing which we can increase is individual happiness by helping other people.

Project 10100 is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.In Order to Join You need to submit your idea before October 20, out all entries, 100 idea will be made available for public for voting purpose and 20will be selected in semifinal. A jury of advisory board will select Top 5 from these 20 ideas, Google will fund $10 million to implement these projects.

So..what are you waiting for ? Get googling :)

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