Hacking the Logon Screen using Resource Hacker

This trick is very easy to do but it needs Resource Hacker and If you don't already have Resource Hacker go download it now . I have tried this on Windows XP..
  • Browse to C:\windows\system32  and copy logonui.exe and paste it to C:\ Now, open C:\logonui.exe with Resource hacker.
  • Click on Action and then on Replace bitmap. If you are good with graphics you can make your own logon screen, you should be able to scroll thru the bitmaps in this file and figure out what's where. If your not great with graphics :/ like myself, you can download already made graphics and use them, or use them as a template.
  • To set the size of Bitmap 100: Go into the \UIFILE\1000\1022\ tree and press CTRL+F Now, find  Change the entire line to read:  Where xxx is put the width e.g. 400rp (the rp @ the end is needed) and where yyy is, put the height e.g. 1000rp. Make sure the image doesn't go over the login names because it slows down to a snails pace (fading etc.)
  • Once you have everything the way you want it, just save the file to C:\ and close Resource hacker. Now, copy the modified logonui.exe to C:\windows\system32 and replace it with original one.
  • Reboot to see Ur logon screen
I think that was Easy..Aint it ?
Stay Tuned for more guys..

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