Online Gaming Exploits

In the realm of online games, an exploit is usually a software bug, hack or bot that contributes to the user's prosperity in a manner not intended by the developers.Exploits allow the user to take unfair advantage in the exploitable game if he wishes so.Lets know something more about them.

Known types of exploits in FPS games
  • Wall hack- The changing of wall properties in first-person shooters. Most wallhacks are used to make a map's walls at least partially transparent, allowing players to see objects lying behind a wall.
  • Aimbot- An aimbot, sometimes called "auto-aim", is software that assists the player in aiming at the target. This gives the user an advantage over unaided players.
  • Cham hacks- or chams for short which generally replace player models with brightly colored skins, often in neon red/yellow and blue/green colors.
  • Bunny hopping or Strafe-jumping- requires a very specific combination of mouse and keyboard input. The exact technique involved depends on the game itself; however, most games follow a certain pattern of user actions. Not all players consider this as a damaging exploit. Some FPS games have maps made just for this trick.
Known types of exploits in real-time strategy games
  • Maphack- A cheat that enables the player to see more of the map than the game intends them to see. A common feature in multiplayer real-time strategy games is the inability for the player to see outside the visibility range of the individual units and buildings that the player controls.
Known types of exploits in MMORPG
  • Speed Hacking/Teleporting/Subterrain Travel - If character position in an MMORPG is determined by the client side (usually not the case), it is possible for players to send out artificial positional data and be instantly transported to any part of the world or used to speed up traveling speed by increasing positional deltas.
  • Holes - Some games may contain accidental holes in the map, allowing the player to get under the map. Holes are mostly harmless, although some use them in player vs. player situations to sneak around and get behind their opponent.
  • Botting - A player who runs a third party program to control their character. The bot will kill monsters, loot money, mine ore, collect herbs or gain levels automatically without the player having to be in front of the computer.
  • Duping - Duplicating, or replicating items or money.
  • Game Mechanics Exploits / Bug Exploits - There are also other exploits involving the physics of the game, sometimes in conjunction with items. This includes using wall-walking to get into unfinished areas or abilities to make one's character unattackable by mobs or other players and sometimes are able to attack back.
  • Data Mining - This is typically most common around the time that a patch is released on the public test realm of World of Warcraft. Players will try to access files not yet in game and then host them on websites to expose content not yet released (usually new zones, items, and graphics).
I think the above data is enough for an advanced PC user or a considerably hungry gamer to get started for his research.I will be posting some more articles on cheating in games.Stay tuned till then.
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Posted by XERO . Excerpts from Wikipedia and Various sources.


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