How to be a Guaranteed Hacker Legally

Okay..You have heard of them,everybody have heard of them..Hackers are thereceh_logo. With so much coverage media gives to them,you probably have the idea what they can do. Lemme clear it up for you first, Hackers are not bad. Crackers are bad. Hackers are information seekers not malicious destroyers,Crackers are the evil cyber wizards and Hackers are often misunderstood under this whole dilemma. To be a Hacker is a matter of pride,of being skillful enough to counter attack and foil the attacks of network attackers.
Ever wanted to have the knowledge they possess ? Yep,You can be a Hacker,that too LEGALLY.The basic methodology goes as if you want to stop crackers or cyber bandits from invading your network, first you've got to invade their minds.Organizations like ECCOUNCIL and various other universities provide courses and training in ethical hacking. Once you complete the course and pass the exam,you will be an Ethical Hacker. An ethical hacker is a computer and network expert who attacks a security system legally on behalf of its owners, seeking vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit.Ethical hackers are in great demand nowadays,According to the EC-Council, there is a high demand for certified hackers in the corporate sector, particularly in the banking, telecommunications, petrochemical, fast moving consumer goods and manufacturing industries, and also in government agencies like utilities and transportation.
Here is how you can be an Ethical Hacker -
You must have basic knowledge of computers and networks and must have exposure to common programming languages like C/C++/Visual Basic etc.
Then you can seek certifications like CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) by ECCOUNCIL, CISE (Certified Information Security Expert) or CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) offered at prestigious institutes at your country. Also, these certifications are legalized by government and the individual are expected to provide identity proofs.
You can begin your training in these course (usually last from 2 months to 6 months) and then you have to pass an online exam conducted by respective certification authorities. If you get passed,you will be awarded your certification and You will be a certified Ethical Hacker.
You can start and shape up your career as a Computer Security Expert or just go on securing your own networks and gain knowledge.

I m currently pursuing Btech in Computer Science and Engineering and I will be doing CISE from Delhi and the CEH to be on my way of being a Computer Security Expert. Its my calling,Go for yours..

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Using 3D Analyzer to play games without graphic Card

Graphics card must have pixel shader ability of 1.1 or greater for program to run.”I ran Devil May Cry 3 using 3D analyzer


The brand new game you just bought launches,but gives you a black screen and nothing else ? Or maybe you can hear some sounds but no video ?

have this ever happened to You ? Ah Well If Yes,then you are stuck like me (period) ,just like you I too don't have a proper graphics solution (read:onboard graphics) or if you do have,you are having a primitive card. Well,here comes our savior from Tommti systems - The 3D Analyzer Tool. 3D analyzer was created and refined to overcome limitations posed by modern 3D Games and other Applications on several current mainstream 3D Cards.

Using 3D Analyzer Run Next gen games without graphic Card

3D Analyzer sort of "Tricks" your system into thinking it has a Nvidia, or even ATI graphics card! Of course, your games and applications will run in the mode they usually will (with the default graphics and such). If you have an Intel like me, you can now play games like "Devil May Cry 3", “The Witcher”, “Resident Evil 4” and  or any new gen games which earlier demanded of graphics card.I played my Favorites using it and I m thoroughly satisfied with this tool. You can fiddle with various options to mess with it,and get different games to work with.

Re4 running on 3D analyser on my PC

I played “Prince Of Persia-Sands of Time” which earlier never ran on my PC,and thrashed some demons in “Devil may Cry 3”,killed ganados in RE4 and even ran Hitman Blood and money with it. In all forms, I m thoroughly satisfied with it and recommended it to you,If you are low on money like me (sarcasm again..). can download it from here – 3DANALYZER


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XFIRE – Ultimate Gamers Messenger

Are you a gamer ? Do you spend your free time fraggin’ hoards online opponents ? DO YOU USE Xfire ? XFIRE – Ultimate Gamers Messenger

If your answer is No for the last question,then you are lacking the global exposure in gaming..yep,that's true. Xfire is a gamer’s instant messenger,a Game server browser and has various other features which include snapshot and video capture too. Xfire opens the portal of gaming for very gamer out there,allows you to interact with your fellow gamers and provides an interface for social networking.


Xfire automatically detects the installed games on your PC and provides an intuitive interface for managing your games. Fragged an opponent stylishly ? You can take a snapshot or make a video and post it to your Xfire profile on net and show it off to your friends. Xfire supports in game chats (text,voice and even video) and you can get into lengthy discussions with your clan-mates. Xfire allows you to form your own game clan for you favorite game,so you can get your team moving when you get into another game server. All of your game stats are tracked by Xfire and constantly updated using various in-game detection techniques.

My XFIRE stats :)

Xfire allows you to browse through online game servers and allow you to directly join them for your favorite game. All  server stats like ping,latency and no. of players,even player names are displayed.

When you first install Xfire,You are prompted to make an Xfire profile by which you can access Xfire forums,messenger and your Xfire profile. Once inside,you can make friends and like any other messenger,it displays which of your buddies are online and what game are they playing (if they are playing one). It automatically shows which game updates are available for your favorite titles and has a strong fan base and community support.Various online competitions are hosted to encourage gamers to game better.

At the end of the day,Xfire is a must have for every gamer out there..So what are you waiting for ? Get it from here -

Download XFIRE


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Make Free Phone Calls

Okay guys..I m back. My exams are over and I hope I will be getting good grades this time as usual. Last month I talked to  Make Free Phone Callsmy brother who is in Florida,America. And it took good 50 bucks to have a short talk with him. Being a technogeek,I stumbled across various softwares/systems and sites to make free calls to America,and have found pretty good alternative to paid calls.Okay,softwares like Skype do exists,but they drain system resources. I found two browser enabled solutions which will allow you to call your near and dear ones.I hope you too would like to make free calls..

GizmoCallCall free using GizmoCall

The first service is GizmoCall,which lets you make free phone calls right from your Web browser.Tt works right inside your browser-any browser, on any system (Windows, Mac, or Linux).You supply the headset, Gizmo supplies the VoIP. The only catch was that the freebie calls were limited to other GizmoCall users and a smattering of toll-free numbers, other VoIP services, and college campuses. 

As with Skype, if you want to call landlines and cell phones, you'll need to purchase blocks of call-out credit (which start at $10 for 500 minutes). You can also send SMS messages for about 7 cents apiece, great if you're traveling abroad and don't want to pay exorbitant roaming rates.

Hold on a sec,I said that was free…Keep reading folks..

Calling America

Enter CallingAmerica, an ad-heavy but a free alternative to GizmoCall. Like GizmoCall, CallingAmerica requires no software; all you need is your Web browser.

In fact, you don't even need to sign up; Just enter the phone number for anywhere in the U.S. or Canada and click FreeCall Now.Enter the security captcha code and you are good to go. You can make an unlimited number of calls this way, but each one is limited to two minutes. Also,By registering (also free), YOU can call for 15 minutes.Free calls anywhere in America using CallingAmerica

However, here's the rub: In order to register, you have to agree to receive e-mails from CallingAmerica "and its sponsors." Spam alert! . I recommended using your fake Ids..

Also,whether you register or not, you'll have to spend 10 seconds looking at an ad before your call goes through. But see the bright side,there's no advertising on the call itself.

The call quality is excellent and I found that I didn’t mind the 10-second "ad delay" one bit.

Okay..this is a pretty basic calling service,but if you just need to make a quick call, there's no cheaper solution.

I hope it comes soon to India..

Happy-Calling..Happy Calling




Exam Time…

Hi friends
I  having my exams nowadays so I MAY not be able to post articles for some days. However I will be back on my writing and enlightening business :) ASAP. Right now i m messing with operating systems and Assembly programming,Microprocessor basics,networking and advanced protocols (you know the usual stuff they make us study).Once i m finished with this, I will be writing more about upcoming games and latest hacks.Exam time :) Till then,browse through my site,learn something new and discover what you have never discovered before.
Cheers and keep learning


Windows 7 will be offered in 6 flavors – An Overview

Despite great user feedback to Microsoft to craft one version of Windows 7, Microsoft is continuing down the path it followed with XP and Vista by releasing multiple versions of Windows 7. As Windows General Manager Mike Ybarra has said "We have over 1 billion customers. It's hard to satisfy all of them [with a single version] " He added "There are vocal customers who want every feature, and more regular consumers who say 'I want a version that can grow with me.' "
windows 7
Windows 7 will be released in 6 flavors,to be precise.But as most users only need to decide between two versions,Microsoft commented that 80 percent of users will be deploying Windows 7 Home Premium (consumers) or Windows 7 Professional (small businesses, remote workers) which is where Microsoft will put most of its marketing power.
Here is an overview of Windows 7 versions -
Windows 7 Starter
This is the bare-bones, 32-bit only version of Windows 7 intended for users in developing countries.It is designed for  lightweight, portable netbooks,to serve the most basic computing needs.It will be devoid of the Aero Glass GUI that is included in all other versions of Windows 7 (except Windows 7 Home Basic) and can only run three applications at a time. It will include a revamped taskbar,jump lists, Windows Media Player, the file-sharing feature Home Group and other basic features such as Action Center and Backup and Restore.Windows 7 starter and Home Basic are aimed at Netbooks due to their low system requirements
Starter will not be available in retail stores, and will only be offered pre-installed on new PCs by Microsoft OEMs.
Windows 7 Home Basic
Home Basic lies somewhere between Starter and Home Premium. It has all the features of Windows 7 Starter and will also only be available through OEM partners in developing countries. Also like Starter, it will not include the Aero Glass GUI.
However it has some new features over Starter : more than 3 applications can be run at once; a 64-bit version; thumbnail previews from the taskbar; and Mobility Center, which allows you to manage the various networks that you connect to with your laptop. This version shares the same features as Windows 7 Home Premium except there are no Aero Glass GUI features and other UI tweaks such as Aero Snap, Aero Peek and multi-touch.Also, This version will not will not legally be available for sale in the United States.
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Home Premium has all the features of Starter and Home Basic and then some. This is the mainstream retail version that nearly all consumers will be using. Windows 7 Home Premium will be available worldwide to Microsoft OEMs and sold in retail stores loaded on new PCs.
Windows 7 Home Premium
A step up from Windows Home Basic, Home Premium includes the Aero Glass GUI and new Windows navigation features such as Aero Glass, Aero Background, Windows Touch, Home Group creation, Media Center, DVD playback and creation, premium games and Mobility Center.
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Professional combines features of Home Premium with added networking and data protection features for small businesses and those who frequently work at home. Microsoft will be marketing Professional features such as Domain Join to connect to business networks, Encrypting File System for data protection and Location Aware Printing to better connect to printers at work and home.
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Professional will not include the more buzzed-about business features such as DirectAccess and BranchCache. They show up in the next version up the food chain, Windows 7 Enterprise.
Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows 7 Enterprise is only available to businesses through volume licensing and will include all the features of Windows 7 Professional plus more security and networking features.
Windows 7 Enterprise
Businesses covered by Microsoft's Software Assurance will get Windows 7 Enterprise at no additional charge. Added features include : BitLocker (encrypts data on internal and external drives); DirectAccess (connectivity to a corporate network without VPN); AppLocker (prevents unauthorized software from running); and BranchCache (speeds up the accessing of large remote files at branch offices).
Windows 7 Enterprise is designed for the corporate world and will only be used by large businesses. It will not be available at retail or by OEMs for pre-installation on a new PC.
Windows 7 Ultimate
Ultimate is the supersize version of Windows, includes all the features of all the other versions. Think of it as Windows 7 Enterprise for consumers. its the most expensive and expansive version of Windows 7 and will be targeted at Superusers who want every possible feature.
Windows 7 Ultimate
Microsoft has said that OEMs will be able to pre-install Windows 7 Ultimate on new machines and that there will be limited availability in retail. Most probably Alienware and gaming PC’s will be preloaded with Windows 7  .
Lets hope that Microsoft’s latest offering will be more appealing than the disastrous Vista.


Create a simple folder lock without using any software

Want to hide your ‘really’ private data ? but reluctant to use professional softwares ? I can understand you situation..likeCreate a simple folder lock without using any software  me,you dont have a penny in your pocket (and just in case you have,you don't want to spend a dime) or you are bitten by the knowledge bug and wanna learn on how to do it the raw way. You have 2 viable options,either go for warez,or continue reading this tutorial on how to hide your data by creating a near inaccessible folder.

Here is how to do that -

Create a new folder,rename it to a simple name like xero.
Now go to its properties,and choose a sprite less icon,which is next to a Yellow lock icon in third row.choose a sprite less iconChoose it,click OK and now folder will have no icon,literally invisible.Now to make it almost inaccessible,we must use some Batch renaming technique.

Create a new text file in the same drive next to the folder and type this command statement into it-

ren xero xero.{b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}

type this command statement exactly

Now save this text file as lock.bat. Similarly create another text file and type this command statement into it-

ren xero.{b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5} xero

type this command statement exactly

Save this text file as lock.bat . Lock.bat will be used to make the folder inaccessible and Key.bat will be used to revert it into its original form.

What we have done here,is that we have renamed the folder with a random CLSID,which will change its identity into something else sing DOS. ‘CLSID’ is a unique registry-identifying component that is used to identify an ActiveX control or in simple language,it identifies which file/control will be opened by which program in Windows. I have determined the CLSID by opening registry editor and searching for “CLSID” and choosing any random value like {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5} which I m using here.

Some common CLSID’s are -

  • Recycle bin - 645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E
  • Control panel - 21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D
  • Run - 2559A1F3-21D7-11D4-BDAF-00C04F60B9F0
  • Search - 2559A1F0-21D7-11D4-BDAF-00C04F60B9F0
  • Connect To - 7007ACC7-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E
  • Briefcase - 85BBD920-42A0-1069-A2E4-08002B30309D
  • Help - 2559A1F1-21D7-11D4-BDAF-00C04F60B9F0
  • Fonts - D20EA4E1-3957-11d2-A40B-0C5020524152
  • Cameras and Scanners - E211B736-43FD-11D1-9EFB-0000F8757FCD
  • My Network places - 208D2C60-3AEA-1069-A2D7-08002B30309D

Sorry for a little diversion,but I thought that was necessary. Now you have created the files,just double click the lock.bat file to make the folder inaccessible. Now the folder is invisible and also it cant be accessed by anyone.

But still,it has a name. So,in order to completely hide it, Rename it and enter an ASCII code by pressing ALT+0160  which will enter a null character in place of name and it will have No Name.

Now we have a completely hidden and inaccessible folder.

Congrats..Now you have created an inaccessible folder. To access it,just rename the folder into its original name and then click on key.bat . Now make sure to place the folder in a secure location and place lock.bat and key.bat in different locations . This simple folder lock is very effective as no one has idea that You can create it (sarcasm..again :P) .

Use some creativity and you can make that folder 100% inaccessible by encrypting it. I gave you a hint,find your own way :)



Create a Zip Bomb - Zip of Death

A zip bomb, also known as a Zip of Death, is a malicious archive file designed to crash or render useless the program or Create a Zip Bomb - Zip of Deathsystem reading it. It is often used by virus writers to disable antivirus software, so that a more traditional virus sent afterwards could get into system undetected. A zip bomb is usually a small file (up to a few hundred kilobytes) for ease of transport and to avoid suspicion. However, when the file is unpacked its contents are more than the system can handle.You can make your own zip bomb to annoy your friends or just out of curiosity (or wilderness) to experiment with it. Make sure you don't detonate it on yourself.

Here is how to make your own Zip of Death -

Create a new text file,name it a.txt

Create a new text file

Open and type the null character (alt + 255) in it.

Now press Ctrl + A then Ctrl + V a couple times to make some null bytes.If u have a hex editor,then make the hex 00 for about 50 kilobytes.

Now make several copies of a.txt in the same directory and name them accordingly.

make several copies of a.txt

Open Command prompt and navigate to the folder containing a.txt . Type -

copy /b *.txt b.txt

Open Command prompt and make a super copy

This will write all the contents of a.text and its copies into a new text file called b.txt,hence making every copy is a super copy. Repeat the above steps from the beginning again and again to make a really big text file.

Once u have a nice empty big text file like 1gb or more,then compress it using Winrar or Winzip into a zip file.

You will find that it will be compressed to very small size (about 1MB ). It is because of the simple construction of the file as the text file contains 1gb of null bytes.

Compress the text file and it will be compressed to a very high degree.

For added fun,open the compressed zip file file into a hex editor. You will see a bunch of hex 5555.Just add some more and the file will expand amazingly.

Open zip in hex editor

Make sure that YOU DONT OPEN THIS afterwards.

You can make the same file in Linux by typing -

dd if=/dev/zero bs=1000 count=1000000 | gzip > test.gz

Send it to your friends (or foes) and it will definitely annoy them . Use some creativity and rename the text file into some thing like Angelina Jolie.jpg and compress it and email to your friends. Once they download it,they will never be able to download again (sarcasm..sarcasm).More disastrous combinations can be made by experimenting with it.I get the idea :)

Also,you can check out the one of the most famous zip bombs alive today – (only 42 KB) which will uncompress to about 4 Petabytes (1 Peta byte = 1024 TB and 1 TB = 1024 GB ) of file size. Dangerous huh..?



Play Street Fighter 2 and more games on PC for FREE

Hi friends..with the dazzling releases by Capcom like Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5 in last 2 months, I was filled Street Fighter 2,is a cult classic,the grand daddy of all fighting games.with my fan boy patriotism and decided to play old school arcade games by Capcom for a change. I m an avid emulator fan  and user and I have a huge collection of emulators on my PC. These emulators run zipped game dumps which are called as Roms . These Roms are available for download at many sites,and just in case you are not able to find your favorite arcade game,google is your best friends then :) . My favorite game is Street Fighter 2 – the world warrior,the original one which redefined the fighting game genre.Still today,when it packs a lot of punch in its sprite based gameplay.
Well,now you can play it on your PC at the comfort of your home for free..
Here is how you can do that -
  • First download my emulator pack,which consists of almost all emulators you will ever need to play Capcom arcade games on PC.Download it here.
  • Download Street Fighter 2 from Romhustler or Romnation (under mame roms section). You can download more game roms from there,from CPS1/CPS2 section at Romhustler and Mame section at Romnation.
  • Extract the rar file using Winrar on your harddisk.
  • Place the downloaded zipped rom file in roms folder of the extracted rar file.
  • Now Double click on Winkawaks.exe. Winkawaks is an Capcom playng system (CPS) emulator and it emulates an arcade machine on your PC.
 Winkawaks will be loaded
  • Go to
File –> Load game and click on Rescan all
Winkawaks will scan for all available games and will display it on left pane.
 Winkawaks will scan for available games
  • Double Click on on Street Fighter 2 and the game will load. As Winkawaks emulates an arcade machine on your PC,Insert coins into your Own arcade machine by pressing F3 and start the game by pressing F1.
Play Street Fighter 2
  • You can configure the controls by going to
Game –> Redefine keys
Also you can tweak Winkawaks as per your liking by fiddling with various options.Although I have already optimized Winkawaks and Other emulators as per normal requirements. Other emulators included with the emulator pack include – CPS3 emulator,Nebula and neorage X which will help you play neogeo titles like King of Fighters and Capcom classics like Street Fighter 3 : Third Strike.
I wish you will be having as much as fun as I m having while I m beating the game 221th time as of now and it never lose its charm.


Resident Evil 5 – An Honest Review

Resident Evil 5 is one of the most hyped games of this generation and was prominently featured in various Top 10 Lists. The incredible amount of hype it generated was contributed to the long development period,the over the top gorgeous looking trailers,gory in game footage and just the plain curiosity,whether it will be able to surpass its legendary predecessor or not. is 13 March 2009 and the wait is Over…Resident Evil 5 debuted worldwide today and I m providing you an honest review here to share if it lives upto its hype or not..

Graphics (9.5/10)

This is one of the most stunning games I have played till date. I played it on XBOX 360 and PS3 (courtesy of a game parlor) and it was an awe inspiring experience for me. Capcom has left no stone unturned to make it a visual landmark in the history of Resident Evil series.Ultra high resolution graphics are painstakingly detailed, and successfully paint a vivid image of a real world setting. The cut-scenes give you a thoroughly cinematic experience as they play like movies, beefing up the already laudable visual fidelity of the game. The only gripe is sometime,you do feel that there are similar kind of zombies but thats passable.

Resident Evil 5 is a damn gorgeous looking game 

Audio (9.5/10)

The audio beautifully complements the tense atmosphere of the game and blends seamlessly with the cutscenes and situations faced by the protagonists. The game features orchestral music recorded at Hollywood and the usual electronic stuff. The in game voice acting is impeccable though you seem to feel Sheva’s English accent beats those of Lara croft.I especially liked the voice of Albert Wesker ,his smooth style and charisma.

Story (6.8/10)

Whereas Resident Evil 4 stylishly shifted the series storyline with a defining new chapter, Resident Evil 5 distinctly fails to have the same impact. You are put in the shoes of Chris Redfield who now is working with BSAA and is on a mission to investigate the origins of Virus outbreak in an African country.He is aided by Sheva Alomar who is the African operative of BSAA.The plot is slow in a classic RE manner,and is devoid of twists upon which the series relies on but it still carries on the story which will lead to the making of a 6th RE.The promise of Chris Redfield's return largely surrounds the seemingly endless battle with Wesker, and his flashbacks provide the main source of interest but they fail to cause any amnesiac revelations.

Gameplay (8/10)

While I got my hands dirty on RE5,I was seriously thinking when it would scare the hell out of me. Okay,the atmosphere is tense,but not in terms of Horror,but like you have been playing an Action-Horror game in which you have to blast zombies minus the scare.Puzzles are very less and it makes RE5 more of a shooter rather than vanilla RE.The controls are tweaked and sometimes you really want that you can move and shoot at the same time,but then,It would not be a resident evil game then…You are aided by Sheva,your partner in crime (or survival for the time being) who never seems to be a burden on you. She can help herself on blasting the way through zombies,gets you items and even saved my ass off in some tight situations. Her AI is good but the fact is that you cant strategize with her well to take your new foes down.

Sheva can take care of herself,seriously..Enemy AI is varying,some areas have easy grunts who dont mind you shooting bullets and making noises and some areas have near impossible inevitable foes with whom you are gonna have a duel with.Specific enemies can flank you and even take cover.You will be on the edge of your seats due to interactive cut scenes and QuickTime events which will create some of the game's most memorable moments.

Enemies react in varying degree The weapon set constitutes of usual knives,shotguns,handguns,pistols,snipers,automatics and rocket launchers and some times embedded turrets. You will be blasting enemies by shooting drums,transformers and various other aiding baits. The environments are interactive but not to the mark of new games with destructible scenarios like FEAR2 Project Origin and games powered with HAVOC physics and other engines. I hope RE6 on MT framework 3.98765 will be a blast :) The game has a surprisingly short playtime of 6-7 hours. I do feel,RE5 is RE4 with co-op enabled and beefed up graphics..

Last WordsResident Evil 5

Resident Evil 4 was a legend,which set the parameters for its successor to unfairly high levels.Resident Evil 5 on the other hand is an action packed spectacular game with terrific production values and painstaking amount of detail and is an excellent co-op game.Resident Evil 5 is worthwhile if you're a fan of the series, enjoy shooters or just like pretty graphics The sheer emphasis on action, coupled with the dated gameplay mechanics and inability to show any advance beyond the Resident Evil 4 blueprint is possible to overlook if you're happy with state-of-the-art visuals and zombie laying. I repeat myself again, Resident Evil 5 is more of a shooter and the tagline “Fear you cant forget” seems shallow..

Final Score – 34/40

Systems Reviewed – XBOX 360,PS3




Celebrating Holi – Festival of Colors and Jovialness

Hi Folks..sorry I wasn't not able to post for a couple of days as I was gone to my home (which I had previously mentioned that is in caverns of Himalaya,so no internet access there..Sometimes I feel like I m a Frozen Geek at my Home) and celebrated the festival of colors there with my friends,college mates and family. Holi is an annual festival which is celebrated with vigor and joy in India. We Indians are very enthusiastic for Holi as it symbolizes friendship,joy and colors of life for us.

Here are some of my snaps -

Celebrating Holi with my college Friends - Me in center

Celebrating Holi with my Friends

Barely recognizable..huh ?

Barely recognizable..huh ?

These guys are all good hackers and system security experts,now with me In center are Holi fanatic hackers :)

Holi fanatic hackers.. I m back after a short vacation,I shall be resuming on my job of enlightening the world with the knowledge of Advanced computers and Hacking ( Am I sounding corny ? I m dead serious friends :)  ). I wish you guys have the same fun in learning things as much as I do.





WireShark – Ultimate network Sniffer

Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer, and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many wireshark logoindustries and educational institutions. It is used for network troubleshooting, analysis, software and communications,protocol development, and education. You can interactively browse the capture data and view summary and detail information for each packet. Wireshark has several powerful features, including a rich display filter language and the ability to view the reconstructed stream of a TCP session.

Wireshark was written by networking experts around the world, and is an example of the power of open source. It runs on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and other platforms. Wireshark running on Win XP in VMWARE Wireshark can read live data from Ethernet, Token-Ring, FDDI, serial (PPP and SLIP) (if the OS on which it's running allows Wireshark to do so), 802.11 wireless LAN (if the OS on which it's running allows Wireshark to do so) and ATM connections (if the OS on which it's running allows Wireshark to do so).

Wireshark was previously known as Ethereal. The name might be new, but the software is the same. Wireshark's powerful features make it the tool of choice for network troubleshooting, protocol development, and education worldwide.

Download Wireshark

Download WireShark – Ultimate network Sniffer


Top 10 most anticipated games of 2009

2008 blazed us with AAA releases like Metal gear Solid 4,GTA4 and increased our expectations for the games to come. This Top 10 most anticipated games of 2009year,the developers wants to keep the roller coaster ride of top releases keep going with extremely hyped games by the   top dogs of gaming. The list is compiled on the factors on how much is known about the game,how incredible it looks the current user reviews,and the following big boys made it on the top 10 most anticipated games of 2009.

(10) Bioshock 2 : Sea of Dreams  The Original Bioshock was a runaway success,jaw dropping visuals,never before seen water effects mingled with excellent gameplay and that 60’s dystopian feeling..It was everything that left us wanting for more and 2K games mean it. Thankfully Bioshock 2 Sea of dreams is destined to launch this year.

Bioshock 2 – Sea of Dreams

(9) Street Fighter 4 – Capcom proved its focal point in gaming by launching this highly awaited game. SF4 won accolades for its tight controls,great visuals and easy to pickup but uncanny gameplay.Capcom’s celebrated brawler is back in the business after 10 long years and its back with a blast..

Street Fighter 4

(8) StarCraft 2 : Wings of Liberty It has been almost a decade when StarCraft was released. The original is still one of the most loved RTS games,with massive campaigns. We aere sure that StarCraft will be released this year in 2009,but what we were not expecting was that Blizzard entertainment will be releasing it in Episodes like that of Half Life..*sigh

StarCraft 2 : Wings of Liberty

(7) Madworld – Madworld is a gorefest in black and white,for Nintendo WII. The game has raised quite a lot of brows due to its violence (read fun factor) and this has put this game in the must play category. Platinum Games and Sega are tuning up its play factor and trust me,its over the top in every conceivable way. This game is a must buy for WII gamers .


(6) Heavy Rain : The Origami Killer – From the impressive visuals,complex emotive sequences to the outstanding gaming engine,Heavy rain promises to reinvent the venture genre.Heavy rain by Quantic Dreams promises sports a new control scheme,tense quicktime events and a complex storyline.Heavy Rain : The Origami Killer

(5) Bayonetta – Directed by Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya and developed by Madworld creators Platinum Games,bayonetta promises to blow the doors off the action genre.Bayonetta will tell the story of the eponymous witch, Bayonetta, who has guns on her feet and hands, blowing off the heads of monsters masquerading as angels. Seeing what the teaser made us saw,we do hope to get some kickass action.


(4) Uncharted 2 : Among thieves – Nathan Drake returns in the upcoming sequel to the Uncharted which promises new gameplay mechanics,highly interactive enviornments,more nasty and competitive AI and will be exploring the darker side of the protagonist.This entry will follow the adventures of Nathan as he uncovers the mysteries behind 13th-century explorer, Marco Polo, and the ships that he "lost" while returning home to Italy.With talented developers to helm at Naughty Dog we are sure it will turn a lot of heads.Uncharted 2 : Among thieves (3) Resident Evil 5 – Capcom’s long running survival horror game series needs no introduction..Resident Evil 4 revived the dying series and redefined the survival horror genre. However RE5 returns with Chris Redfield and arch nemesis Wesker to explore the roots of virus. A new character Shaiva Alomar will be aiding Chris in his quest.We have seen so much of Resident Evil 5 that it has dropped in our list,but make no mistake,its a game to die for..period.the game will be released on worldwide on 13 march this year.Resident Evil 5

(2) Call of Duty 5 – We know its gonna be announced this year,we know its going to be awesome,Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4 modern Warfare was one of the best games of 2007,and Infinty Ward will make a comeback with Call of Duty 5 in 2009.Call of Duty 5

(1) God of War 3 – Having asserted his dominion on PS2 and PSP,Kratos returns to conquer PS3 this year.Little is known that how the dethroned God’s will execute their vengeance on Kratos,but no doubt,it will be an experience of mythic proportions. God of War 3 promises colossal enemies,heart stopping action sequences,vicious combat and an epic tale to live with. Sony Santa Monica already have a winner in their hands…God of War 3



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