Celebrating Holi – Festival of Colors and Jovialness

Hi Folks..sorry I wasn't not able to post for a couple of days as I was gone to my home (which I had previously mentioned that is in caverns of Himalaya,so no internet access there..Sometimes I feel like I m a Frozen Geek at my Home) and celebrated the festival of colors there with my friends,college mates and family. Holi is an annual festival which is celebrated with vigor and joy in India. We Indians are very enthusiastic for Holi as it symbolizes friendship,joy and colors of life for us.

Here are some of my snaps -

Celebrating Holi with my college Friends - Me in center

Celebrating Holi with my Friends

Barely recognizable..huh ?

Barely recognizable..huh ?

These guys are all good hackers and system security experts,now with me In center are Holi fanatic hackers :)

Holi fanatic hackers..

Well..as I m back after a short vacation,I shall be resuming on my job of enlightening the world with the knowledge of Advanced computers and Hacking ( Am I sounding corny ? I m dead serious friends :)  ). I wish you guys have the same fun in learning things as much as I do.






  1. Even im from india man and i love your blog....im from chennai ...where r u from ?


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