Play Street Fighter 2 and more games on PC for FREE

Hi friends..with the dazzling releases by Capcom like Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5 in last 2 months, I was filled Street Fighter 2,is a cult classic,the grand daddy of all fighting games.with my fan boy patriotism and decided to play old school arcade games by Capcom for a change. I m an avid emulator fan  and user and I have a huge collection of emulators on my PC. These emulators run zipped game dumps which are called as Roms . These Roms are available for download at many sites,and just in case you are not able to find your favorite arcade game,google is your best friends then :) . My favorite game is Street Fighter 2 – the world warrior,the original one which redefined the fighting game genre.Still today,when it packs a lot of punch in its sprite based gameplay.
Well,now you can play it on your PC at the comfort of your home for free..
Here is how you can do that -
  • First download my emulator pack,which consists of almost all emulators you will ever need to play Capcom arcade games on PC.Download it here.
  • Download Street Fighter 2 from Romhustler or Romnation (under mame roms section). You can download more game roms from there,from CPS1/CPS2 section at Romhustler and Mame section at Romnation.
  • Extract the rar file using Winrar on your harddisk.
  • Place the downloaded zipped rom file in roms folder of the extracted rar file.
  • Now Double click on Winkawaks.exe. Winkawaks is an Capcom playng system (CPS) emulator and it emulates an arcade machine on your PC.
 Winkawaks will be loaded
  • Go to
File –> Load game and click on Rescan all
Winkawaks will scan for all available games and will display it on left pane.
 Winkawaks will scan for available games
  • Double Click on on Street Fighter 2 and the game will load. As Winkawaks emulates an arcade machine on your PC,Insert coins into your Own arcade machine by pressing F3 and start the game by pressing F1.
Play Street Fighter 2
  • You can configure the controls by going to
Game –> Redefine keys
Also you can tweak Winkawaks as per your liking by fiddling with various options.Although I have already optimized Winkawaks and Other emulators as per normal requirements. Other emulators included with the emulator pack include – CPS3 emulator,Nebula and neorage X which will help you play neogeo titles like King of Fighters and Capcom classics like Street Fighter 3 : Third Strike.
I wish you will be having as much as fun as I m having while I m beating the game 221th time as of now and it never lose its charm.


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