Top 10 most anticipated games of 2009

2008 blazed us with AAA releases like Metal gear Solid 4,GTA4 and increased our expectations for the games to come. This Top 10 most anticipated games of 2009year,the developers wants to keep the roller coaster ride of top releases keep going with extremely hyped games by the   top dogs of gaming. The list is compiled on the factors on how much is known about the game,how incredible it looks the current user reviews,and the following big boys made it on the top 10 most anticipated games of 2009.

(10) Bioshock 2 : Sea of Dreams  The Original Bioshock was a runaway success,jaw dropping visuals,never before seen water effects mingled with excellent gameplay and that 60’s dystopian feeling..It was everything that left us wanting for more and 2K games mean it. Thankfully Bioshock 2 Sea of dreams is destined to launch this year.

Bioshock 2 – Sea of Dreams

(9) Street Fighter 4 – Capcom proved its focal point in gaming by launching this highly awaited game. SF4 won accolades for its tight controls,great visuals and easy to pickup but uncanny gameplay.Capcom’s celebrated brawler is back in the business after 10 long years and its back with a blast..

Street Fighter 4

(8) StarCraft 2 : Wings of Liberty It has been almost a decade when StarCraft was released. The original is still one of the most loved RTS games,with massive campaigns. We aere sure that StarCraft will be released this year in 2009,but what we were not expecting was that Blizzard entertainment will be releasing it in Episodes like that of Half Life..*sigh

StarCraft 2 : Wings of Liberty

(7) Madworld – Madworld is a gorefest in black and white,for Nintendo WII. The game has raised quite a lot of brows due to its violence (read fun factor) and this has put this game in the must play category. Platinum Games and Sega are tuning up its play factor and trust me,its over the top in every conceivable way. This game is a must buy for WII gamers .


(6) Heavy Rain : The Origami Killer – From the impressive visuals,complex emotive sequences to the outstanding gaming engine,Heavy rain promises to reinvent the venture genre.Heavy rain by Quantic Dreams promises sports a new control scheme,tense quicktime events and a complex storyline.Heavy Rain : The Origami Killer

(5) Bayonetta – Directed by Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya and developed by Madworld creators Platinum Games,bayonetta promises to blow the doors off the action genre.Bayonetta will tell the story of the eponymous witch, Bayonetta, who has guns on her feet and hands, blowing off the heads of monsters masquerading as angels. Seeing what the teaser made us saw,we do hope to get some kickass action.


(4) Uncharted 2 : Among thieves – Nathan Drake returns in the upcoming sequel to the Uncharted which promises new gameplay mechanics,highly interactive enviornments,more nasty and competitive AI and will be exploring the darker side of the protagonist.This entry will follow the adventures of Nathan as he uncovers the mysteries behind 13th-century explorer, Marco Polo, and the ships that he "lost" while returning home to Italy.With talented developers to helm at Naughty Dog we are sure it will turn a lot of heads.Uncharted 2 : Among thieves (3) Resident Evil 5 – Capcom’s long running survival horror game series needs no introduction..Resident Evil 4 revived the dying series and redefined the survival horror genre. However RE5 returns with Chris Redfield and arch nemesis Wesker to explore the roots of virus. A new character Shaiva Alomar will be aiding Chris in his quest.We have seen so much of Resident Evil 5 that it has dropped in our list,but make no mistake,its a game to die for..period.the game will be released on worldwide on 13 march this year.Resident Evil 5

(2) Call of Duty 5 – We know its gonna be announced this year,we know its going to be awesome,Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4 modern Warfare was one of the best games of 2007,and Infinty Ward will make a comeback with Call of Duty 5 in 2009.Call of Duty 5

(1) God of War 3 – Having asserted his dominion on PS2 and PSP,Kratos returns to conquer PS3 this year.Little is known that how the dethroned God’s will execute their vengeance on Kratos,but no doubt,it will be an experience of mythic proportions. God of War 3 promises colossal enemies,heart stopping action sequences,vicious combat and an epic tale to live with. Sony Santa Monica already have a winner in their hands…God of War 3



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