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Okay guys..I m back. My exams are over and I hope I will be getting good grades this time as usual. Last month I talked to  Make Free Phone Callsmy brother who is in Florida,America. And it took good 50 bucks to have a short talk with him. Being a technogeek,I stumbled across various softwares/systems and sites to make free calls to America,and have found pretty good alternative to paid calls.Okay,softwares like Skype do exists,but they drain system resources. I found two browser enabled solutions which will allow you to call your near and dear ones.I hope you too would like to make free calls..

GizmoCallCall free using GizmoCall

The first service is GizmoCall,which lets you make free phone calls right from your Web browser.Tt works right inside your browser-any browser, on any system (Windows, Mac, or Linux).You supply the headset, Gizmo supplies the VoIP. The only catch was that the freebie calls were limited to other GizmoCall users and a smattering of toll-free numbers, other VoIP services, and college campuses. 

As with Skype, if you want to call landlines and cell phones, you'll need to purchase blocks of call-out credit (which start at $10 for 500 minutes). You can also send SMS messages for about 7 cents apiece, great if you're traveling abroad and don't want to pay exorbitant roaming rates.

Hold on a sec,I said that was free…Keep reading folks..

Calling America

Enter CallingAmerica, an ad-heavy but a free alternative to GizmoCall. Like GizmoCall, CallingAmerica requires no software; all you need is your Web browser.

In fact, you don't even need to sign up; Just enter the phone number for anywhere in the U.S. or Canada and click FreeCall Now.Enter the security captcha code and you are good to go. You can make an unlimited number of calls this way, but each one is limited to two minutes. Also,By registering (also free), YOU can call for 15 minutes.Free calls anywhere in America using CallingAmerica

However, here's the rub: In order to register, you have to agree to receive e-mails from CallingAmerica "and its sponsors." Spam alert! . I recommended using your fake Ids..

Also,whether you register or not, you'll have to spend 10 seconds looking at an ad before your call goes through. But see the bright side,there's no advertising on the call itself.

The call quality is excellent and I found that I didn’t mind the 10-second "ad delay" one bit.

Okay..this is a pretty basic calling service,but if you just need to make a quick call, there's no cheaper solution.

I hope it comes soon to India..

Happy-Calling..Happy Calling





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