XFIRE – Ultimate Gamers Messenger

Are you a gamer ? Do you spend your free time fraggin’ hoards online opponents ? DO YOU USE Xfire ? XFIRE – Ultimate Gamers Messenger

If your answer is No for the last question,then you are lacking the global exposure in gaming..yep,that's true. Xfire is a gamer’s instant messenger,a Game server browser and has various other features which include snapshot and video capture too. Xfire opens the portal of gaming for very gamer out there,allows you to interact with your fellow gamers and provides an interface for social networking.


Xfire automatically detects the installed games on your PC and provides an intuitive interface for managing your games. Fragged an opponent stylishly ? You can take a snapshot or make a video and post it to your Xfire profile on net and show it off to your friends. Xfire supports in game chats (text,voice and even video) and you can get into lengthy discussions with your clan-mates. Xfire allows you to form your own game clan for you favorite game,so you can get your team moving when you get into another game server. All of your game stats are tracked by Xfire and constantly updated using various in-game detection techniques.

My XFIRE stats :)

Xfire allows you to browse through online game servers and allow you to directly join them for your favorite game. All  server stats like ping,latency and no. of players,even player names are displayed.

When you first install Xfire,You are prompted to make an Xfire profile by which you can access Xfire forums,messenger and your Xfire profile. Once inside,you can make friends and like any other messenger,it displays which of your buddies are online and what game are they playing (if they are playing one). It automatically shows which game updates are available for your favorite titles and has a strong fan base and community support.Various online competitions are hosted to encourage gamers to game better.

At the end of the day,Xfire is a must have for every gamer out there..So what are you waiting for ? Get it from here -

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