King of Fighters 12,an honest review

Lets go back to early 90’s Street Fighter series is churning arcades up there and fans of fighting games have gone berserk with the offering of Capcom,enterKing of Fighters 12,an honest review SNK  King of Fighters is born,and the series originally stood as the top contender against the legendary Street Fighter series.With the launch of King of Fighters 12,I have been enthusiastic enough to give it a try as I m a fighting game maniac,and its time to test if it matches the expectations of fans and critics alike.


SNK's King of Fighters has been touted as the reboot of the series,to restore it to its former glory,this theme emerged from the game’s brand new style of characters and sprites which contribute to the overall visual overhaul of the series in ages,and to do what Street Fighter 4 did to the Street Fighter series.However to my dismay,this game is a disappointment.This 3 on 3, 2D fighter sports a fairly solid fighting engine much like the older KOF’s but everything surrounding that engine is either lackluster or broken. Or both. It's a shame that the one game aimed at the rebirth of a dying franchise has been rushed and lacks developer effort.


As we all know,the characters are the core of the fighting game,after all they provide an identity to the game.KOF sports all the nostalgic and series stars –Terry Bogard,Kim Kaphwan,Iori yagami and more ..however series iconic Mai Shirunai is missing (I miss her hot figure :P). KOF12 provides you with almost all classic characters -

Gameplay,Graphics and presentation

It follows the old school rules of the series,every character has a Light Punch, Heavy Punch, Light Kick and Heavy Kick. These form the basic attacks and you can combine them to execute all orts of complex combos. By Pressing both Light Punch and Light Kick you can evade an attack while you can execute a by hitting both punch buttons.You can block heavy attacks by Hitting both heavy attacks which can knock your opponent away and give your fighter some room to breathe.You can parry an incoming strike by hitting heavies while holding D-Pad which will perform a Guard Attack.

Terry is back,blasts away Ryo at King of fighters 12 -

As with all fighting games,every character has his set of specials and super of new systems KOF introduces is the Critical Counter system. Fill up your gauge during a sparring session and, once filled, counter your opponent's attack with a Heavy Punch or Heavy Kick,which will activate a special combo state where you can release all sorts of combos and chain attacks together.It was a real blast (I like real damage).

Iori rulez!!! at King of fighters 12 -

When it comes to selecting stages,I was disappointed with the fact that there are only six stages to choose from, two of which are just day/night variations of each other. And there is just one soundtrack for the whole game !!!! Cant they tune it all together ?

KOF12 vs BlazBlue -

The core battle system in KOFXII is faithful to the series however it feels bland when compared to Street Fighter 4,BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series.The new character animation are praiseworthy,but there are resolution issues,as they seem to be pixilated when the combat starts.


KOFXII can be quite fun when you mash it out with your friend locally,but it has got some serious issues on both the PS3 and 360. No unlockables,just 2 modes –arcade and multiplayer,no story and survival modes..well,WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!! The game navigation system is broken, For example, you can't back out of the character selection screen once you dive in, the game loads at odd points during menu navigation and the training mode lacks a "reset" button.


LAG LAG LAG..that's what I can describe the KOF12 multiplayer as of now,the online multiplayer is unplayable.They released patches but they too suffered from horrendous lags,and in short,it ruins the multiplayer experience as most player nowadays match their skills online. Also the patch they made me (forcefully and I M SERIOUS !!!) to install was an odd 700+ MB file that installs and updates game data which you would normally install from the disc. one more act of dev-foolishness..

EpilogueKing of Fighters 12

King of Fighters XII is fun to play when you're fighting a buddy locally, but everything else about the game is seriously lacking. This is not rebirth you have been  waiting for and SNK was hoping for, as just smoothly animated sprites can't make a lackluster game with broken online support a topdog.I would rather recommend you to get your hands on Blazblue,play Street Fighter 4 and wait for Tekken 6 if you are a hardcore fighting fan.

Final Score27/40



Now preparing for my Certification..CEH,I m coming..

Friends,my stay at the capital of India is now coming to an end,I m having my certification exam on Friday and if I pass this,I will be a Certified Information Now preparing to become a certified hacker Security Expert. I will then go for CEH and will be a Certified Ethical Hacker :) As many readers have asked me the question that how I m preparing for the exam,well,as for as time goes,I m devoting much time to hone my skills and dedicate at least 10 hours in front of my PC for the research involved. however,when it comes to preparation,I have selected 2 books which allow me to do my best out there.These books serve as the ultimate guide to the CEH and other security certification exams.
Sybex CEH official GuideSYbeX can help you to be a H4X0R
The EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker has emerged as one of today’s most sought-after certifications.This is the only official review guide to the test, covering all CEH exam objectives, from ethics and testing to securing wired and wireless networks.Written industry expert Kimberly Graves, this concise, focused guide is ideal for people who have taken CEH classes and need a last-minute review. I found this book quite to the point and its question and objective level fairly competitive.This concise book covers all of the exam objectives and includes a CD with a host of additional study tools.
  • Easy-to-use book is organized by exam objectives for quick review
  • Flexible review guide goes hand-in-hand with any learning tool on the market
  • Book includes over 300 review questions and practice tools
My ReccoGet it if you are serious for CEH and other tests.
This book is a great supplement to the Sybex and icludes all the most current CEH content, the book also contains the elements that make Exam Preps such strong study aides: comprehensive coverage of exam topics, end-of-chapter review, practice questions, Exam Alerts, Fast Facts, plus an entire practice exam to test your understanding of the material. The book also features MeasureUp's innovative testing software, to help you drill and practice your way to higher scores.
My ReccoExam prep will add  the extra touch to your preparation
  Me at India Gate..Love You Delhi :)
After I get my certification, I will be off to my room at Rajpura,and be back to my college life.Trust me I have learnt a lot from Delhi and it has been one of the best experiences of life.
Wish me luck,Love you Delhi..

[PS: The Lazy and the poor can email me and get the links,unofficially]


Run Resident Evil 4 on PC perfectly

Resident Evil 4 is a legendary game, and that’s not an overestimation. Recently I got the Asian edition of the game and I was violated to see the over the top RE4 PC - crappy port of an excellent game crappy graphics, bad controls with no mouse support and worse no dynamic lighting. It was a crappy port of an excellent game. Ubisoft ported Capcom's prized baby on PC and I thought they made it like something only monkey's can play.

Ubisoft got the "rave" comments about their port and handled the above issues by releasing a patch which addressed some of the issues posed by the original conversion. However here too they messed it up again by releasing the patch only for European version to my knowledge (please correct me if I m wrong) so most of the diehard fans and gamers (like me) were devoid of the playable port of RE4 even if we had original DVD’s. Also the official patch caused some machines to crash and some saved games to get erased. Overall it showed the carelessness of Capcom and Ubisoft, 2 industry giants who has given us quality games from over a decade.

See the changes after you mod the game

However, this was not something that cannot be handled by the loyal and large fanbase RE4 commands. Fans of the series modded the game to their likingness and have made their mods available for everyone out their. I played RE using both 3D analyzer and using conventional method, however I would like to share how I did that, how I made it run..its a long run, and be prepared for making some good backups.

You will need-

  1. Official RE4 Patch European edition
  2. Asian to European Patch
  3. Mouse Patch version 2
  4. Keyboard patch
  5. Lots of time

How to do that -

  1. First recognize the version of RE you are using, if it says Resident Evil 4 on main screen then you are lucky, you have the European version of the game, skip to the step 5 then, and if in the other case if it says Biohazard 4,then get ready for some hardships though.
  2. Install the game as usual.
  3. Download the unofficial Asian to European patch and install it, make sure to backup your main game EXE files first.
  4. open registry editor and navigate to -
    • HKEY_Local_Machine/software/CAPCOM/Biohazard 4
    • And rename it to -
    • HKEY_Local_Machine/software/CAPCOM/Resident Evil 4
  5. Now Download the official European patch from Ubisoft and install it.
  6. Now download the Mouse patch version 2.0 and Keyboard patch and extract all the files to the install directory. Double click the patch files and restart your PC.
  7. You are now good to go..Heed my advice, play the game like its meant to be, get a good controller, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the game.



Create 3d Screensavers with Easy 3D Creator

When it comes to screensavers,I practically hate them,and more even if they are shareware.I hate screensavers when they have a petty watermark on I had a pretty love-hate relationship with screensavers..them and  ask me with a nag screen to purchase the full version.But then there were times when I wanted to create my own screensavers,and I did that with Easy 3D Creator.Easy 3D creator is a freeware (which is the best part of it apart from the stunning capabilities it provides) you can create stunning 3D screen savers in a few minutes with no programming. All you just need is a bit of creativity and you have to set some parameters that determine your screen saver's appearance and behavior in step-by-step mode seeing the result immediately. easy3d has an easy interface for designing screensavers

What does Easy 3D Creator do?

(Shamelessly ripped from official website :P)

  1. Create stunning 3D screensavers in a few minutes with no programming!
  2. Wrap the screen saver into installer and generate End-User License Agreement for you automatically!
  3. You can use a built-in wizard to create a screen saver with your logo or photos with a few mouse clicks!
  4. Can generate time-limited shareware screen savers!

What can I do with Easy 3D Creator?

  1. Dramatically increase your site's traffic by publishing free 3D screen savers! (which I will not do :P).
  2. Amaze your friends with your own artistic 3D screen savers (you can use your photos as textures)!
  3. Promote your trade mark!
  4. Enjoy creating animated 3D art!
  5. Get unlimited number of different screen savers for your desktop for free!
  6. Sell shareware screen savers and make some money!
  7. ..
  8. ..
  9. ..
  10. And as a Hacker,I will create a good screensaver,bind it with some good binders and encrypt it in a jpeg file and send it to all my friends (seems n00bish but then I cant stop thinking about that :)

You can download it from here -

Download Easy3D creator

 PS: It WONT work on Vista :) Sorry vista dudes.


5 Hacking Sites for a budding Hacker

Well well well..As I already told you,most of people ask me how to become a hacker,and my usual reply is that I cant make you a hacker,but I can tell you how to Phrack..The ultimate hackers zine be one,and its your interest,your passion,your mindset which will drive you to be one.A hacker evolves from many stages,from the lower level script kiddie to the elite level Guru,one needs to be in constant research to develop their soft and hard skills.I m myself learning a lot,and I would like to share 5 Hacking sites,which you must visit,if you want to be an expert in security.


Phrack is the granddaddy of all the hacking sites out there,and is the world’s oldest hacker ezine,by hackers,for hacker. Described by Gordon Fyodor as "the best, and by far the longest running hacker zine” covers deep articles on Hacking and Cracking.A heaven for willing learners,Its articles are worth in gold.


Hakin9 offers an in-depth look at both attack and defense techniques and concentrates on difficult technical issues.Hakin9's target readers are those responsible for IT system security, programmers, security specialists, professional administrators, as well as people taking up security issues in their free time.


When it comes to getting exploits,few sites are as comprehensive and updated as Milw0rm.Milw0rm provides a one stop platform for almost all security experts along the world to publish their new found exploits on the web so that other can study them for good or worse.

Hack this Site

Wanna test your hacking skills ? Hack This Site puts your skills to an ultimate test as it throws you real life challenges of almost every type,Trust me,If you have it in you,visit and complete its missions and nothing can beat you.


A great collection of articles and podcasts on security,one has to visit 2600 to get a feel what hacking is.


I believe you will get better and learn something..


Keep Learning



Hide files using Alternate Data Streams

Windows has its share of threats which can be manipulated by a creative hacker.Microsoft incorporated  NTFS system which allowed for  greater data  Hide files using Alternate Data Streamscompression and file storage algorithms but a relatively less known compatibility feature of NTFS, Alternate Data Streams (ADS) provides hackers with a method of hiding root kits or hacker tools on a breached system and allows them to be executed without being detected by the computer user.

However,dangerous it sounds,its amazingly easy to create ADS and require almost little or no skill on the part of hacker.ADS works by storing 2 data streams on single memory location,and simple DOS commands like “type” are used to create an ADS. These commands are used in conjunction with a redirect [>] and colon [:] to fork one file into another.

For instance:  the command

type c:\anyfile.exe > c:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe:anyfile.exe

will fork the common windows command program with an ADS “anyfile.exe.”

Once can hide his/her files using this method and they are almost impossible to detect.



The Null Byte Hack

Many web forums have mushroomed on internet and they are setup in a jiffy,so they wont pay much attention to security. An older exploit I m discussing here is  The Null Byte HackNull Byte exploit.Almost all forums include a picture and avatar uploading system where you can upload your user signatures and avatars.At first look it looks like a normal uploading system,but its a way to upload our own files into forum,or to get into admin area and literally “OWN” the forum. However as this hack is outdated as of now,most have deployed some form of input sanitation to prevent such an attack. Nevertheless,thousands of vulnerable forums do exists even now with even some bigger names crossed here.

How to do exploit it?

In order to exploit this vulnerability,you must input “% 00” (with or without space as the case arises).Now a lot of you are probably asking what the heck it is? Ah well..its the encrypted version of NULL .Its just like the same as we used to exploit the null session in Windows systems.

Now,whenever you will upload a file,you will be asked to specify the directory where the file is located.Now as each file has a particular extension,to signify the kind of file it is.Now what if we can input the “% 00”  at the end of the file ?

The way most forums keep bad files in control and out of forum is by restricting certain extensions such as .exe . php etc. But if we can modify the file and trick the server into thinking that its something else the..

For Example:

C:\webroot\c99.php% 00.jpg

Now when we do this,The operating system will read the file to be uploaded as a PHP file,but the forum server will read it as a .jpg(image) file.And when this happens,you will exploit it to get and upload your files on server,and if you are a bit creative,can access the admin area too.


Cheers and Keep Learning



Google Chrome OS FAQ

Google has made quite an impact by announcing the Chrome OS and its indeed sending waves though the tech world with some saying the OS signals the Google Chrome OSbeginning of the end for the reign of Microsoft and there are others who say that Google will fall flat on its face and fail. Without more specifics only time will say for sure how big of a splash the OS will really make. Google pledges to release more information regarding the OS later this summer.

This leaves us with lots of questions and few answers. Until Google decides to share more, we'll try to make the best of what we've got in this FAQ.

What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system developed by Google which promises to focus on Web applications while integrating a fast and simple interface, based off Google's existing Chrome browser.

Who will use it?

Chrome OS is initially targeted at the netbook market, but Google plans to offer the OS for computers all the way up to full-size desktops. Chrome supports both x86 and ARM architectures, which means that most computers and possibly some mobile devices will be able to run Chrome OS.

What will it look like?

As Google says Chrome OS will run a heavily modified version of Chrome browser so it may resemble chrome with a dock full of apps.

What will become of my computer's desktop?

Nothing..period. When it releases,dual boot it :P The Linux kernel is flexible, so anything's possible.

How will my computer stay secure?

Google claims that it will design Chrome OS's security infrastructure so users "don't have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates." It may or may not be possible since protection measures are itself built into Chrome OS itself.But still flaws are always there.

No computer is truly virus-proof. What will happen if mine gets one?

Good question. Its a common perception that Linux doesn't gets viruses but its only because its a low profile OS and its not targeted as much as Windows,but Chrome will make it an attractive target for virus makers. It's not known what security measures will be in place to save a compromised computer. Probably Linux based Anti-viruses will surface from AV giants like Norton and Kaspersky exclusive to Chrome.

Should I be worried about privacy when entrusting my OS to Google?

This issue has already raised eyebrows by some privacy advocates. Earlier, the company took heat for the way it collected data from Chrome users, and had to make concessions. Until Google can explain how an entire operating system won't be any more intrusive than its existing data-collection practices on the Web, privacy is a valid concern.

Will Chrome OS computers resemble Macs or Windows-based PCs at all?

As Google truly intends for Chrome OS to be a Web-centric OS and their official statement states that Google is "working with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market next year." We could see a new line of computers built exclusively for Chrome OS.

Will we see applications exclusive to Chrome OS? the operating system stresses Web apps above all (think it like addons for Mozilla Firefox). Furthermore, Google itself says Web apps "will run not only on Google Chrome OS, but on any standards-based browser on Windows, Mac and Linux thereby giving developers the largest user base of any platform."

Will we see applications that won't run on Chrome OS?

Without a doubt. If Chrome OS could perform every task, it'd be another Windows or OS X, and that's not what Google is trying to do. Don't expect to run Crysis, or Minesweeper.

Will "Favorite Application X" run on Chrome OS?

Depends upon the software dev if it supports the OS or if Google is interested in the program.It's conceivable (till date) that Microsoft won't support a Chrome OS-compatible Office suite, but Google could make things going by building out its Docs suite to match.

When will Chrome OS be released?

It will become available later this year, first for outside programmers to begin tinkering. It'll reach the netbook market in the second half of 2010, according to sources quoted in The New York Times.


I m keeping my fingers crossed..Period




RE4 Goes Mobile

Yep..My favorite survival horror game of all time (which might be your favorite too..) Resident Evil 4 has been confirmed for Apple iPhone.With 1.5 billion appsRE4 Goes mobile -   sold through the App Store, Apple iPhone is becoming a new platform for gaming and traditional game developers are beginning to see its potential in a big untapped market. And porting titles like RE4 and MGS4 on iPhone proves it. Resident Evil 4 is one of the most successful and intricately detailed games of all time which pushed a struggling franchise to the pinnacle of its genre.We might be seeing Resident Evil 5 on our mobiles in future.Capcom (The Makers of RE series) announced today through their Twitter feed that Resident Evil 4 is coming to the iPhone at the end of July in Japan to be followed “shortly thereafter” in the rest of the world.


Resident Evil 4 Moblie -

Looks good..period - -


According to Joystiq, Re4 for the iPhone was apparently put up on the App Store by mistake (?!!) on Monday, then quickly pulled; but not before Japanese iPhone site AppBank was able to get their hands on it.From there,it spread like wildfire and now I m desperately waiting for it to come. No..I dont have an iphone,but I would like to see how it rakes up against its console counterparts.

For the time being,you can judge the game by looking at the video below -


Keep gaming


Little Fighter 2 Rockz

Little Fighter 2 has been quite popular in the gaming circles,with gamers battling each other online to match their skills with the best.Little fighter 2 successfully Little Fighter 2combines the fast gameplay of a fighting game with intuitive controls and has made its place in our hearts since last 10 years.Its a Chibi styled fighting game which combines the retro anime feel and you fight with against computer or a friend,head to head or in a melee.

The controls are simple and customizable to your liking.You can move up, down, left and right; you can attack, defend and jump. That's it. No more, no less, and yet some users claim that Little Fighter can suck them in for hours at time. LF2 is an easy to pickup but hard to master game,and with its almost flat learning curve,it creates great competitive battles. You can invite 4 of your friends to have a brawl on the same keyboard..that's the beauty of this game.There are 10 characters in total but with the code on the character select screen the total becomes 23 fighters. There are 9 backgrounds and there are 10 weapons (if you count the beer and the milk as weapons :P).

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of LF2,it was updated to version 2.0 which improved the gameplay,added recording mode and a survival mode.There is a dedicated fanbase for LF2 and every now and then,a new mod pops up which says “play me !!” and its almost as addictive as the original game. My favorite mod is LF2 1.5 or LF2 Reinforced which gives DBZ styled powers to the characters and makes up for an insane brawling experience.And the best part of this is that LF2 is a freeware !!! Talk about cream of the top..Fighting mayhem in LF2 -

My Recco – Get it,play it with your best friend or your worst enemy,its worth its salt.

Download Little Fighter 2

Download Little Fighter 2 Reinforced Mod


Keep Brawling



Hacking PHP 4.4 sites in 20 seconds

Now here is  a real hacking tutorial in which I am going to hack a real website,and that too in less than 20 seconds.and I am not kidding. Actually sites with PHP Hacking PHP 4.4 sites in 20 seconds - 4.4 have a SQL injection vulnerability in them which makes their Admin control panel easily accessible,and I mean in one big shot,you will be admin of that site.

Remember,this tutorial is applicable on PHP4.4 machines with Apache running in parallel with them.Also,since I will be hacking REAL websites,I will not be displaying their URL’s or else I will be gunned down (by law of course :P).It will be partial in nature,that is I WILL not be teaching each and everything to you,I assume you know basics of SQL injection/PHP injection/Google searching,and if you don't then read these articles first -

Google Search Tips for Hacking

Google Secrets – Some Cool Google Dorks

Basics of SQL Injection

SQL injection by example

Simple Nmap Scanning


In the mean time,here is how you can start -

Step 1 – Search for them

Yep,make a Google dork to find sites running Apache and PHP 4.4 . Its quite easy.

Step 2 – Scan them

Start by scanning them using Nmap,Do and intense scan and find the open ports. If you find port 2000 open,then you have almost got it. most websites running PHP4.4 have this port for admin login.

Now just login using port 2000 ie -

and you will be comfortably login into admin page like this -

You will login with port 2000 into website -

Step 3 – Hack them

Now in the fields,you have to type -

username – admin

password – a’ or 1=1 or ‘b

domain - a’ or 1=1 or ‘b

Inject the fields qith these values -

and press go,you will login into admin

and you have hacked into admin - have hacked into admin. Actually sites based on PHP 4.4 have the vulnerability in them that they are vulnerable to SQL injection.It will literally take 20 seconds.

I hope that was informative :P go learn something.




My Linux,Puppy Linux

Ahh..Linux..The superior OS for the superior beings (no kidding here..),it scares the newbie with the hard to decrypt interface and the hoaxes of less user Puppy Linux friendliness by the guys at Microsoft. But everybody knows that our beloved Tux is far more secure and capable then its Windows sibling.I am moving on to Linux and the version I have chosen is Puppy Linux.Hard core Linux geeks will say that I had better choices like Ubuntu and Fedora but its compactness,features and interface is something that got me.And right now I m posting this post through it. Puppy Linux is a Live CD Linux distribution that is ultra compact and focuses on ease of use. Its small (approx 100MB) comes loaded with some cool applications such as SeaMonkey, AbiWord, Gnumeric, and Gxine/xine and can literally boot from any possible media.Puppy Linux Desktop..-

However,don't underestimate Puppy Linux for its sheer size (something I did..and I m glad I was proven wrong) cuz its a full fledged operating system bundled with application suites covering a wide variety of tasks which can be used productively by general users. Creative users can use it as a rescue system,a demo system or for reviving old (dinosaur :P) computers.Also it features built-in tools which can be used to create bootable USB disks, create new Puppy CDs, or remaster a new live CD with different packages

Overall I found Puppy Linux to be VERY user friendly and a good Linux flavor to migrate from Windows to Linux,and trust me,its worth it.At the end of the day,its free..Long live open source.

Download Your flavor of Puppy Linux


Cheers and Keep Learning



Recover Email Password using SMS

First of all..I would like to say that Gmail is out of Beta..yep..After a long time when they have integrated the best of world in their email system,Recover Password Using SMS - rdhacker.blogspot.comit was the right  time to rip off the tag,and they did it.Further,with the world going mobile,they took some of the steps to better  enhance the security even a notch above than other email services. It helps to know that even the best of us forget our passwords from time to time and In fact,the sheer amount of people visit Gmail help center everyday just to recover their passwords. To help with these situations, Google went a step ahead by adding the ability to recover your password via text message.
Gmail password SMS recover -
In order to access this feature,sign in to your account and select ' Change Password Recovery Options ' enter your cell phone number and click ' Save '
The Next time you forget your password, enter your username on the password-assistance page, and Google will text you a recovery code. No need to check another email account or even leave the page.
In general, it's a good idea to add as many password recovery options to your Google Account as possible, like a secondary email address and security question. And don't forget to keep them up-to-date.
Afterall,we all make mistakes :P

Cheers and Keep Learning

POSTED BY XERO .ALL RIGHTS RESERVED .Source – Official Gmail Blog – Page1,Page 2 .

Getting Max Internet Speed using ARP Poisoning

Ever thought of stealing bandwidth of internet in a local Lan ? well..I usually do it when I am surfing net at night and need more speed for downloading games and I do it using Linux movies..and you can do that too. Well its done using ARP Poisoning..Sounds geeky but its the technical name of network sniffing.Basically,sniffing is used to get passwords – encrypted or unencrypted in a network. But it can also be used to choke the network bandwidth and getting maximum bandwidth in a single system. For those who don't know how it happens,lemme give you a little insight on how it happens.

Below is an example of a normal network.Now as we can see,that we are working on a laptop and we have to sniff out a target computer .All the systems are getting data via a switch which is itself connected to a router.The Router has a MAC address which is in this case is not binded to a particular IP. All the data is routed to a switch which is catered to systems using a switch.

Normal Network -

The systems connect to router through the MAC address of router.Technically,we have to spoof the MAC address of router so all the data is sent through our system (the laptop in this case) and we are able to see and analyze each packet of data.In simple words this process of spoofing is known as ARP poisoning.Also,in normal condition,data sent through LAN is unencrypted in nature.

Poisoned Network-

As we can see in the above diagram,we have now spoofed the MAC address and the data is sent through our system and we can view passwords and data.

But hey wait..I said that I will tell you how to get maximum speeds ain’t it ? well..its easy. When you poison a network,and spoof the address,but if you have not yet started sniffing,then all the systems will look for data to your system and will not be able to access net.And you will be playing with full bandwidth !!!

Getting Max speeds using ARP poisoning- To do this, Download Ettercap and poison the network (shift + U then control + S some homework and get the idea) but DONT START SNIFFING.Once you have poisoned it,you will be able to surf internet at maximum bandwidth whereas others wont.I used to do it in my net connection at night so nobody was able to complaint and stop it as soon as my downloads finished so I was way away from the hands of Law.BTW Ettercap is one of the best available tool for sniffing any network out there. I love it..


PS : If you wanna check if your network is sniffed or not, go to -

Start Menu –> Run –> type CMD and press Enter.

The type without quotes “ARP –a”

If you network is being sniffed,then all the MAC address will be the same.


I hope it was informative.

Keep Learning



Browse WAP Sites in Firefox

It suddenly happened to me whilst visiting a mobile site that I was not able to browse it using my vanilla Firefox at my college PC.A quick look at the wild wild  FireFoxweb got me an acceptable solution,and I got WMLBROWSER extension for Firefox.This addon simulates WAP browsing by viewing WML (Wireless Markup Language) pages.Its a must for guys like me who are not happy with the WAP emulators.Although Firefox allows for minimalistic WAP browsing,but some stubborn pages need special addons like WMLBROWSER for proper WAP display.

Firefox Extension to browse WAP sites -




Top 5 Graphic Cards for Serious Gaming

When it comes to gaming,gaming does has its share of some serious people who can afford all the luxuries of of ultimate gaming by throwing up moolah like  The Way its meant to be played - rdhacker.blogspot.comanything.Well,this time I will be briskly shedding some light on the Top 5 Power graphic cards money can buy (for the time being) for serious gamers (and not so serious gamers) out there. Couple these monsters with monster CPU from Intel,ferocious board from Nvidia/ATi/Intel,hook them up with a superb cooling solution,upgrade your power supply and you are set to game like anything. Trust me..
Asus EAH2900XTAsus EAH2900XT - balanced monster -
Chip Set: ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT, Bus: PCI Express, TV Tuner: TV Tuner:No, Installed RAM (MB): 512, Performance Word Score: Very Good,
Bottom Line: The EAH2900XT balances performance and price, includes HDMI output, and has an excellent software pack.
Price : 419$ when reviewed

Gigabyte Radeon HD2900XTGigabyte Radeon HD2900XT - Well priced sibling of HD series -
Chip Set:
ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT, Bus: PCI Express, TV Tuner: TV Tuner:No, Installed RAM (MB): 512, Performance Word Score: Very Good,
Bottom Line: This well-priced card has HDMI output, 5.1 channel sound and a coupon for a copy of Valve's Half-Life: Black Box Collection.
Price : 429$ when reviewed

XFX GeForce 8800Ultra XXXXFX GeForce 8800Ultra XXX - hurts and hits hard with the price but proves neverthless
Chip Set: nVidia GeForce 8800 Ultra, Bus: PCI Express, TV Tuner: TV Tuner:No, Installed RAM (MB): 768, Performance Word Score: Superior,
Bottom Line: XFX GeForce 8800Ultra XXX hurts and hits hard with the price but proves itself nevertheless.The High price tag hurt the ranking of this superior performing board, which ships with the game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.
Price : 740$ when reviewed

XFX Geforce 8800GTS 640mb XXXXFX Geforce 8800GTS 640mb XXX - overhauls with extra memory -
Chip Set: nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS, Bus: PCI Express, TV Tuner: TV Tuner:No, Installed RAM (MB): 640, Performance Word Score: Superior,
Bottom Line: Gamers who enjoy playing at high-resolutions will like the extra memory provided by this 640MB version of XFX's 8800GTS card.
Price : 420$ when reviewed

XFX GeForce 8800GTS 320MB XXXXFX GeForce 8800GTS 320MB XXX - the younger sibling of 640 does well -
Chip Set: nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS, Bus: PCI Express, TV Tuner: TV Tuner:No, Installed RAM (MB): 320, Performance Word Score: Superior,
Bottom Line: This 320MB version of XFX's 8800GTS line does well against the pricier 640MB model, and includes the DX10 game: Lost Planet.
Price : 309$ when reviewed

My recco – GO for them if you can,will keep you well in the long run :P

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Bluetooth Security – The Tools,the Rules and stuff..

Everybody is having a Bluetooth phone nowadays,and we are merely concerned about the safety of these vulnerable and penetrable devices. BE it Nokia,Sony or Bluetooth Security - The Tools,the Rules and stuff.. any other brand,the technology remains same and provides whackers (wireless malicious hackers) new playground for their experiments.In this article,I will be listing some Bluetooth tools for security – both breaking and making.


It is a security and Bluetooth penetration testing suite and implements attacks like BlueSnarf,BlueSnarf++ and BlueSmack.Bluediving running on Linux - It features Bluetooth address spoofing,socket shells like AT and RFCOMM and also implements tools like L2CAP packet generator and connection resetter and RSCOMM scanner which are a must for any Bluetooth security enthusiastic.

Download BlueDiving


Blooover (and Blooover 2) is a tool that is intended to run on J2ME enabled cell phones that appear to be comparably seamless.It serves as an audit tool that people use to check if their phones and phones of friends :P are vulnerable or not.

Bloover running on S40 - Bloover running on S40 -

Also there is also a tool “Super Bluetooth Hack” which is quite popular nowadays to hack into Bluetooth devices.

Download Blooover

Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner

This program can analyze and scan your Bluetooth network, giving detailed information about local and remote devices found. You can also browse supported services of each device in a clear and straightforward user-interface. If you have a Bluetooth dongle installed on your PC, download "Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner" now, it's totally free of charge and very handy!

Bluetooth Network Scanner running on Win Vista - Bluetooth Network Scanner running on Win Vista - It can deep scan all services of your Bluetooth device using this software.

Download Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner

These software are free to use and quite handy to audit.However you,you ought to follow some basic rules of Bluetooth security for maximum protection-

  • Switch off Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Purchase only devices having long PIN codes.
  • Refrain from entering the PIN into Bluetooth device for pairing.
  • Limit the electric power itself to keep range of network within physical area (for Bluetooth enabled routers and devices other than cell phones).
  • Always generate initialization keys when 2 Bluetooth devices meet for the first time.
  • Never allow auto connection (Big loophole in Cell phone devices,easily exploited by a bit of social engineering).


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HTML 5 – The World Recons

The world and the devs are waiting eagerly for the HTML5.HTML 5 is the next major revision of the core markup language of the World Wide Web, HTML  HTML 5(hypertext markup language) and promises never before seen features and integrates multimedia applications and security more tighter than ever.HTML 5 specifies two variants of the same language, a "classic" HTML (text/html) variant known as HTML5 and an XHTML variant known as XHTML5. This is the first time that HTML and XHTML have been developed in parallel. HTML 5 is said to become a game-changer in Web application development, one that might even make obsolete such plug-in-based rich Internet application (RIA) technologies as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun JavaFX.

You can watch the HTML5 demo below and I was amazed to see the realtime 3D graphics in my browser.

HTML 5 will change the world or internet browsing,and lets pray it does.

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