Little Fighter 2 Rockz

Little Fighter 2 has been quite popular in the gaming circles,with gamers battling each other online to match their skills with the best.Little fighter 2 successfully Little Fighter 2combines the fast gameplay of a fighting game with intuitive controls and has made its place in our hearts since last 10 years.Its a Chibi styled fighting game which combines the retro anime feel and you fight with against computer or a friend,head to head or in a melee.

The controls are simple and customizable to your liking.You can move up, down, left and right; you can attack, defend and jump. That's it. No more, no less, and yet some users claim that Little Fighter can suck them in for hours at time. LF2 is an easy to pickup but hard to master game,and with its almost flat learning curve,it creates great competitive battles. You can invite 4 of your friends to have a brawl on the same keyboard..that's the beauty of this game.There are 10 characters in total but with the code on the character select screen the total becomes 23 fighters. There are 9 backgrounds and there are 10 weapons (if you count the beer and the milk as weapons :P).

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of LF2,it was updated to version 2.0 which improved the gameplay,added recording mode and a survival mode.There is a dedicated fanbase for LF2 and every now and then,a new mod pops up which says “play me !!” and its almost as addictive as the original game. My favorite mod is LF2 1.5 or LF2 Reinforced which gives DBZ styled powers to the characters and makes up for an insane brawling experience.And the best part of this is that LF2 is a freeware !!! Talk about cream of the top..Fighting mayhem in LF2 -

My Recco – Get it,play it with your best friend or your worst enemy,its worth its salt.

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