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Ahh..Linux..The superior OS for the superior beings (no kidding here..),it scares the newbie with the hard to decrypt interface and the hoaxes of less user Puppy Linux friendliness by the guys at Microsoft. But everybody knows that our beloved Tux is far more secure and capable then its Windows sibling.I am moving on to Linux and the version I have chosen is Puppy Linux.Hard core Linux geeks will say that I had better choices like Ubuntu and Fedora but its compactness,features and interface is something that got me.And right now I m posting this post through it. Puppy Linux is a Live CD Linux distribution that is ultra compact and focuses on ease of use. Its small (approx 100MB) comes loaded with some cool applications such as SeaMonkey, AbiWord, Gnumeric, and Gxine/xine and can literally boot from any possible media.Puppy Linux Desktop..-

However,don't underestimate Puppy Linux for its sheer size (something I did..and I m glad I was proven wrong) cuz its a full fledged operating system bundled with application suites covering a wide variety of tasks which can be used productively by general users. Creative users can use it as a rescue system,a demo system or for reviving old (dinosaur :P) computers.Also it features built-in tools which can be used to create bootable USB disks, create new Puppy CDs, or remaster a new live CD with different packages

Overall I found Puppy Linux to be VERY user friendly and a good Linux flavor to migrate from Windows to Linux,and trust me,its worth it.At the end of the day,its free..Long live open source.

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