RE4 Goes Mobile

Yep..My favorite survival horror game of all time (which might be your favorite too..) Resident Evil 4 has been confirmed for Apple iPhone.With 1.5 billion appsRE4 Goes mobile -   sold through the App Store, Apple iPhone is becoming a new platform for gaming and traditional game developers are beginning to see its potential in a big untapped market. And porting titles like RE4 and MGS4 on iPhone proves it. Resident Evil 4 is one of the most successful and intricately detailed games of all time which pushed a struggling franchise to the pinnacle of its genre.We might be seeing Resident Evil 5 on our mobiles in future.Capcom (The Makers of RE series) announced today through their Twitter feed that Resident Evil 4 is coming to the iPhone at the end of July in Japan to be followed “shortly thereafter” in the rest of the world.


Resident Evil 4 Moblie -

Looks good..period - -


According to Joystiq, Re4 for the iPhone was apparently put up on the App Store by mistake (?!!) on Monday, then quickly pulled; but not before Japanese iPhone site AppBank was able to get their hands on it.From there,it spread like wildfire and now I m desperately waiting for it to come. No..I dont have an iphone,but I would like to see how it rakes up against its console counterparts.

For the time being,you can judge the game by looking at the video below -


Keep gaming



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