Run Resident Evil 4 on PC perfectly

Resident Evil 4 is a legendary game, and that’s not an overestimation. Recently I got the Asian edition of the game and I was violated to see the over the top RE4 PC - crappy port of an excellent game crappy graphics, bad controls with no mouse support and worse no dynamic lighting. It was a crappy port of an excellent game. Ubisoft ported Capcom's prized baby on PC and I thought they made it like something only monkey's can play.

Ubisoft got the "rave" comments about their port and handled the above issues by releasing a patch which addressed some of the issues posed by the original conversion. However here too they messed it up again by releasing the patch only for European version to my knowledge (please correct me if I m wrong) so most of the diehard fans and gamers (like me) were devoid of the playable port of RE4 even if we had original DVD’s. Also the official patch caused some machines to crash and some saved games to get erased. Overall it showed the carelessness of Capcom and Ubisoft, 2 industry giants who has given us quality games from over a decade.

See the changes after you mod the game

However, this was not something that cannot be handled by the loyal and large fanbase RE4 commands. Fans of the series modded the game to their likingness and have made their mods available for everyone out their. I played RE using both 3D analyzer and using conventional method, however I would like to share how I did that, how I made it run..its a long run, and be prepared for making some good backups.

You will need-

  1. Official RE4 Patch European edition
  2. Asian to European Patch
  3. Mouse Patch version 2
  4. Keyboard patch
  5. Lots of time

How to do that -

  1. First recognize the version of RE you are using, if it says Resident Evil 4 on main screen then you are lucky, you have the European version of the game, skip to the step 5 then, and if in the other case if it says Biohazard 4,then get ready for some hardships though.
  2. Install the game as usual.
  3. Download the unofficial Asian to European patch and install it, make sure to backup your main game EXE files first.
  4. open registry editor and navigate to -
    • HKEY_Local_Machine/software/CAPCOM/Biohazard 4
    • And rename it to -
    • HKEY_Local_Machine/software/CAPCOM/Resident Evil 4
  5. Now Download the official European patch from Ubisoft and install it.
  6. Now download the Mouse patch version 2.0 and Keyboard patch and extract all the files to the install directory. Double click the patch files and restart your PC.
  7. You are now good to go..Heed my advice, play the game like its meant to be, get a good controller, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the game.



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  1. Wow, this really worked on my old computer! Thanks alot. Here is something back to you i hope you have not heard of. My lattest Resident Evil purchase was a Replicate ID Card from

    Ive got it customized and its really top notch.


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