Hi Guys,as I already said that I will be posting less due to my final exams,some new changes have taken place in my life as well,and boy they are for good. I will be moving into a new room at a better place for my rig to be placed,as well as I will be moving from HFCL connect – my previous ISP to BSNL unlimited (the best ISP India can get till date :P ).which means,after exams there will be a lot of happening at PROHACK..Mean while,the results of my previous semester has come and I secured 78% marks which are satisfactory keeping in mind the time I spend on my PC rather on my books (virtually nothing). Also I have moved all the images of my blog and template to Google sites from Google pages which is recommended as Google pages will be shutdown soon. I have noticed this has made my site take longer loading times,and I intend to move on to Wordpress with dedicated hosting but will take time as I will have to rebuild my traffic and brand name then. But with dedicated readers like you,I have less tension about it :)

In the meantime i met my friends Prateek and Nishant who maintain Gohi-Tech which is a well maintained technology blogs. these guys are with me since nursery class and it was pleasure meeting them after 2 years. We al may have gone to separate paths but still,the technoblogger inside us keeps on rocking,constantly innovating.

More will continue after exams..till then,browse through my blog and keep learning friends.



10 Must Read Articles at Prohack

It has been a long time since I have been writing articles at ProHack and your appreciating comments and emails fuel me to do so continuously. I thought to compile and handpick 10 must read articles of my blog which will help you gain  something (if not anything :P) . These articles are the most well received by the readers and I personally like them the most.So here are the 10 must read articles at ProHack -10 Must Read Articles at Prohack - You gotta read 'em mate
Create a Folder Lock Without using any Software
Learn how to create a folderlock without using any software and lock your files with it using this nifty easy to pick up hack.

Create a Zip Bomb of Death
Nuke your enemies using this zip bomb,created just using notepad,this bomb packs a lot of punch :P

Top 10 most anticipated games of 2009
For all gamers out there,2009 is going to be a very special year,and the list highlights the top 10 most anticipated games to be released this year.

Hack Mozilla Firefox – FireFox Speed Hacks
In the end,its the old trusty Firefox which helps you surf internet,blazingly and securely. Now hack it to become the ultimate speed behemoth.

Hack Administrator From Guest Account
Old age tricks of hacking admin accounts have failed,so hack the administrator account from a guest account using this cool new hack.

Top 10 Software I cant Live without
Overall (and afterall) I m a human :P and these are software without whom I cant live without (literally) .These essential piece of codes form the digital lifeline for the inner geek inside me :)

Detect Fake/Chinese Pendrives
With the flooding of market with fake and duplicate pendrives/USB/Flash drives,you must be double wary of the fake stuff being sold as original. Read my story to find out how to detect Fake and Chinese pendrives.

Finding IP address in Gmail/Yahoo and Hotmail
Track spammers back at their dens by learning how to find IP address and email headers in Gmail,Yahoo and hotmail.

Surf Blocked Websites using software
Ah..the old school problem of surfing net anonymously at schools and institutes or workplaces. Get the best software which help you do that :)

Create Windows XP CD using NLITE
Make your own Windows XP Geek Edition ( :P ) using NLITE,a versatile software which can be used to create custom automated windows XP installations without hassles.

I hope you like them :) Do give them a read.
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Track USB drive users

I got an interesting email from my blog reader Reynold who asked me that how he can track users who used his USB Track USB drive usersdrive after he has given it to someone. He wanted to get the usernames of the accounts where the pendrive was used. I thought for a while and told him that he can achieve this feat either by using Trojans or a combination of Batch and Autorun files. However,you must advise users to not to format the pendrive in order for this to work.The second option of Batch files was easy and less suspicious.So Here is how I made it possible to get the usernames when the pendrive was plugged into the PC -

Create an autorun.inf file on the root of your flash drive/Pendrive with the following contents:

action=Open folder to view files

Now, create a batch file called username.bat with the following contents:

@echo off
echo %username%>>users.dat
date /t>>users.dat
time /t>>users.dat
start "Explorer" %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe

 Create username.bat and autorun.inf in the root of your pendrive

NOTE : The Last Line of the code is optional which will open the explorer in a new window.

Save both file and you are good to go. Now whenever a user plugs your pendrive into their PC,it will display an autoplay option indicating that they have to click on the icon to open the drive to view its contents. A small DOS window will flash for a moment and then disappear.Now If you go into the root of the drive, you will find a new file called users.dat which will record the user names of all the users who have accessed your drive by clicking on the icon. You can open the DAT file using notepad and view its contents.

However..This is not a fool proof method as some geeks disable the autoplay option (or disable writing to USB drives) ,or they just bypass it by pressing RISHT SHIFT key when the pendrive is connected and hence their name will not be recorded or they can delete the users.dat file. But that said,it will work fine nevertheless :)

NOTE 2 : Umm..I think the above code is way too easy and harmless,why not to get creative and create a batch file which will even change the password ?(DOS NET commands) or even wipe out system32 of your nemesis (cacls command) ?


Keep Learning friends..I mean it :P



Duke Nukem Creators 3D Realms Shuts Down

The Duke Nukem maker and the publisher of the highly acclaimed “MAX PAYNE,Wolfenstein 3D,Commandeer Keen”,3D 3D Realms Shut down Realms told Shacknews that the company has been shut down. The shutdown will be affecting both 3D realms and the recently resurrected APOGEE.

3D Realms was founded in 1987 by Scott Miller and George Broussard, and was best known for its Duke Nukem series of shooters starring the titular, bubblegum-lacking hero. The studio had infamously been working on Duke Nukem Forever, the next flagship franchise entry, for over 12 years and gave the last big push by releasing a short teaser to Duke in 2007.3D Realms was known for quality in gaming and the easy atmosphere among there employees in gaming.

All the emails to the 3d Realms veterans have gone unanswered and with 3D Realms publishing partner Take-Two and Apogee partner Deep Silver likewise unavailable for comment. 3D Realms webmaster Joe Siegler has remarked by stating: "It's not a marketing thing. It's true. I have nothing further to say at this time." on the shutdown of the company. The root cause was annotated to the discontinued funding of the company on the ongoing projects .The employees have reportedly already been let go and the company is in the process of liquidation. However, luckily, the shutdown of 3D Realms has not affected the development of the upcoming Duke Nukem handheld trilogy, developed at Frontline Games.

Duke Nukem Nuked by shutting of 3D Realms

That makes one thing worse – Duke Nukem forever release gets more unlikely..sheesh..You can watch the Last Duke Nukem Forever trailer here


We loved you 3D realms…



Get Email alerts on Your Mobile for FREE

Hi friends..last time I wrote about email alerts,it was only for Gmail users,but recently I stumbled across the wild wild Get Email alerts on Your Mobile for FREEweb to find how to get my email alerts on my mobile (an old highly modded LG KG195), and the search was worth my  time. I finally landed to WAY2SMS.COM which allowed me to send free sms all over India and even get email alerts on my mobile for free !!

Way2sms is a sms gateway provider which allows to send free sms across India,the sms are of 140 characters and consists of a 20 character advertisement through which the website covers its costs. Way2sms allows for seamless integration of Gmail, Yahoo accounts and you can chat from right at that site with your friends.

Well,that was a lot about way2sms,now lets learn how we can use to to get free email alerts on mobile -

First register at www.way2sms.com and login into the site.

Login into way2sms

Now click on Mail tab and create a new way2sms email ID.

create a new way2sms email ID.

After you have created it,login into your Gmail account/Yahoo account or in short Email account :P

Gmail Users

All you have to do is Just link your Gmail account with your Way2SMS account. Here is the way -

  • Logon to your Gmail account
  • click on settings & then click on ‘FORWARDING/POP/IMAP’ option
  • Select “ Forward a copy of incoming mail to “ option & Enter your Way2SMS Email ID there which you just created

Forward Gmail Emails to way2sms

  • Click On Save
  • Finished. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your Gmail id.

Yahoo Users

You only have to link your yahoo.co.in account with your Way2sms account,here is how you can do that -

  • Logon to your Yahoo mail account
  • click on Options  & then click on “Mail Options
  • Select “ POP&Forwarding “ option & then Click on 'Setup or Edit POP & Forwarding' link.
  • Choose ' Forwarding ' option & Enter your Way2SMS Mail ID

Forward Yahoo Emails to way2sms

  • Click On Save. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your YAHOO.CO.IN Account.

Any Other Email Users

All you have to do is Just forward a copy of your mail to your Way2SMS Mail Id…and you will get free email alerts on your mobile.


The only downside of using this service is that you have to reactivate it every 7 days but that's okay as it only takes the click of a button :P

Reactivation is just a click of a button

I have been enjoying this service and just want to say that its awesome. You can send sms,create groups,send group sms,get email alerts on your mobile on the go..what else do you want? Why wait,just go ahead and get going ..


Keep learning friends




Secure Your Passwords Using Double Password

Well…long time ago,folks like me used to have strong passwords,which were rather a cryptic combination of Secure Your Passwords Using Double Password words,numbers,symbols and logic like – “ h4x0rsrul35!! ” and more..and trust me,until you are a 1337speaker (in my case) these passwords are incredibly hard to remember..forgot these,even people tend to forget the simple passwords of their email IDS or that of user accounts,which may be hijacked or keylogged using keyloggers and other malicious software. Imagine having your personal data at stake and gone public due to weak passwords..

If you are a real data enthusiastic,the only logical solution was to buy a secure token,but unfortunately,its expensive and needs a software that has built-in support for this method of authentication.And if you are a geek with no money (like me) then here comes Double Password to the rescue.

Double Password turns any USB flash drive into a secure token! No need to purchase an additional expensive device. All you need is about 2 megabytes of free space on your flash drive or other USB gadget, such as an MP3 player, PDA or even a USB-pluggable mobile handset.Double Password, installs onto your flash drive. When you type a password, the program intercepts it and converts it into a super-strong password string on-the-fly. You can use simple, easy-to-remember Double password changes ur weak password to strong onepasswords without the risk of being cracked.

Another benefit of using Double Password is that nobody can steal your passwords. Spy programs are useless. Even if someone gets the "weak" password that you type on the keyboard, it means nothing. This password will only work when your USB flash is inserted.

While typical hardware locks will work only with software that supports secure tokens, Double Password works with any software. It simply substitutes your weak password with a strong one.

Double Password can be effectively used to securely lock your Windows account, to protect your laptop and to bring a new level of security to all software that uses password authentication.

Download Double Password


( PS: Need cracks? google them or email me :P )


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Enable Windows Vista Hidden Boot Screen

The Windows Vista BootScreen is pointless,dull and in short – BORING. The guys at Redmond,Microsoft (?) decided to Windows Vista Tips and Hacks™ :Phide a more visually appealing boot screen of Windows Vista for that blank piece of art (?). However,the hidden boot  screen can be easily enabled in Windows Vista in full glory and with very little trouble. I'm not sure why they didn't make the boot screen better but I think they wanted to give Windows users a surprise what Vista be hiding underneath (which failed miserably). Seriously,If you really want a better boot screen, you can check out my article on creating a custom boot logo which is easy to pick and good to go :) here 

For the time being,here is how you can enable the hidden boot screen in Windows Vista -

Now..Here's the default boot screen:

The Original Windows Vista Boot Screen..dull,and pointless

And here's the hidden one, called "Aurora" (Nice name..)

The Hidden Aurora Boot screen,much more appealing then the original

For enabling it,all you have to do is type msconfig into the start menu search box, and hit enter.

Type msconfig in search box

Now navigate to boot tab,and then check the "No GUI boot" checkbox.

check the "No GUI boot" checkbox.

Hit OK and reboot the computer. You should see the new boot screen immediately on restart.

Note: You may get a Windows Defender error on the next startup. You can enable the system config utility using the tray icon and this error will go away.


Keep Learning :)