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Hi friends..last time I wrote about email alerts,it was only for Gmail users,but recently I stumbled across the wild wild Get Email alerts on Your Mobile for FREEweb to find how to get my email alerts on my mobile (an old highly modded LG KG195), and the search was worth my  time. I finally landed to WAY2SMS.COM which allowed me to send free sms all over India and even get email alerts on my mobile for free !!

Way2sms is a sms gateway provider which allows to send free sms across India,the sms are of 140 characters and consists of a 20 character advertisement through which the website covers its costs. Way2sms allows for seamless integration of Gmail, Yahoo accounts and you can chat from right at that site with your friends.

Well,that was a lot about way2sms,now lets learn how we can use to to get free email alerts on mobile -

First register at and login into the site.

Login into way2sms

Now click on Mail tab and create a new way2sms email ID.

create a new way2sms email ID.

After you have created it,login into your Gmail account/Yahoo account or in short Email account :P

Gmail Users

All you have to do is Just link your Gmail account with your Way2SMS account. Here is the way -

  • Logon to your Gmail account
  • click on settings & then click on ‘FORWARDING/POP/IMAP’ option
  • Select “ Forward a copy of incoming mail to “ option & Enter your Way2SMS Email ID there which you just created

Forward Gmail Emails to way2sms

  • Click On Save
  • Finished. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your Gmail id.

Yahoo Users

You only have to link your account with your Way2sms account,here is how you can do that -

  • Logon to your Yahoo mail account
  • click on Options  & then click on “Mail Options
  • Select “ POP&Forwarding “ option & then Click on 'Setup or Edit POP & Forwarding' link.
  • Choose ' Forwarding ' option & Enter your Way2SMS Mail ID

Forward Yahoo Emails to way2sms

  • Click On Save. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your YAHOO.CO.IN Account.

Any Other Email Users

All you have to do is Just forward a copy of your mail to your Way2SMS Mail Id…and you will get free email alerts on your mobile.


The only downside of using this service is that you have to reactivate it every 7 days but that's okay as it only takes the click of a button :P

Reactivation is just a click of a button

I have been enjoying this service and just want to say that its awesome. You can send sms,create groups,send group sms,get email alerts on your mobile on the go..what else do you want? Why wait,just go ahead and get going ..


Keep learning friends





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  2. hello,
    well i m using the m also using the forwarding option for gmail mail but the problem with the way2sms is that they will not allowing the forwarding mail of orkut....i donno why???

    anshul agarwal

  3. please tell clearly how to get sms alerts to all email messages.

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  5. FUCKING India Copy

  6. Hey.. try

    it works fine.. and fast

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