Enable Windows Vista Hidden Boot Screen

The Windows Vista BootScreen is pointless,dull and in short – BORING. The guys at Redmond,Microsoft (?) decided to Windows Vista Tips and Hacks™ :Phide a more visually appealing boot screen of Windows Vista for that blank piece of art (?). However,the hidden boot  screen can be easily enabled in Windows Vista in full glory and with very little trouble. I'm not sure why they didn't make the boot screen better but I think they wanted to give Windows users a surprise what Vista be hiding underneath (which failed miserably). Seriously,If you really want a better boot screen, you can check out my article on creating a custom boot logo which is easy to pick and good to go :) here 

For the time being,here is how you can enable the hidden boot screen in Windows Vista -

Now..Here's the default boot screen:

The Original Windows Vista Boot Screen..dull,and pointless

And here's the hidden one, called "Aurora" (Nice name..)

The Hidden Aurora Boot screen,much more appealing then the original

For enabling it,all you have to do is type msconfig into the start menu search box, and hit enter.

Type msconfig in search box

Now navigate to boot tab,and then check the "No GUI boot" checkbox.

check the "No GUI boot" checkbox.

Hit OK and reboot the computer. You should see the new boot screen immediately on restart.

Note: You may get a Windows Defender error on the next startup. You can enable the system config utility using the tray icon and this error will go away.


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