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It has been a long time since I have been writing articles at ProHack and your appreciating comments and emails fuel me to do so continuously. I thought to compile and handpick 10 must read articles of my blog which will help you gain  something (if not anything :P) . These articles are the most well received by the readers and I personally like them the most.So here are the 10 must read articles at ProHack -10 Must Read Articles at Prohack - You gotta read 'em mate
Create a Folder Lock Without using any Software
Learn how to create a folderlock without using any software and lock your files with it using this nifty easy to pick up hack.

Create a Zip Bomb of Death
Nuke your enemies using this zip bomb,created just using notepad,this bomb packs a lot of punch :P

Top 10 most anticipated games of 2009
For all gamers out there,2009 is going to be a very special year,and the list highlights the top 10 most anticipated games to be released this year.

Hack Mozilla Firefox – FireFox Speed Hacks
In the end,its the old trusty Firefox which helps you surf internet,blazingly and securely. Now hack it to become the ultimate speed behemoth.

Hack Administrator From Guest Account
Old age tricks of hacking admin accounts have failed,so hack the administrator account from a guest account using this cool new hack.

Top 10 Software I cant Live without
Overall (and afterall) I m a human :P and these are software without whom I cant live without (literally) .These essential piece of codes form the digital lifeline for the inner geek inside me :)

Detect Fake/Chinese Pendrives
With the flooding of market with fake and duplicate pendrives/USB/Flash drives,you must be double wary of the fake stuff being sold as original. Read my story to find out how to detect Fake and Chinese pendrives.

Finding IP address in Gmail/Yahoo and Hotmail
Track spammers back at their dens by learning how to find IP address and email headers in Gmail,Yahoo and hotmail.

Surf Blocked Websites using software
Ah..the old school problem of surfing net anonymously at schools and institutes or workplaces. Get the best software which help you do that :)

Create Windows XP CD using NLITE
Make your own Windows XP Geek Edition ( :P ) using NLITE,a versatile software which can be used to create custom automated windows XP installations without hassles.

I hope you like them :) Do give them a read.
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  1. You said that NOD 32 is one of the best available today and you included in your top 10 softwares but I think better antivirus are available than this and we can get the cracked version of these antivirus like Kaspersky or Norton 2009, then why use NOD 32?
    Norton 2009 is also very light and easily available in cracked version.Inspite of this many IT players I have seen use NOD32!????


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