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Prohack, your favorite technology blog has expanded a lot in quite a short span of time and is celebrating in unison its ascent with you guys :)  Prohack - your technology navigatorProhack is all ears to advertising of relevant technology websites and has slashed its advertising rates to give you a bigger scoop of benefits. Currently, Prohack supports advertising in following formats and all prices are negotiable in nature -

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SideBar slot

  • Text Links on sidebar - 20$ per month (Nofollow),23$ for dofollow, 150$ per year (less than 13$ per month). Dofollow link Prices 160$ per year (less than 14$ per month) .
  • Twitter tweets - 10$ for 3 tweets in 1 month.Bonus : add Facebook rants for 20$ per month for 3 twitter tweets and 3 facebook rants !!
  • Article Text links - Text link " Dofollow "Ads will be included in the starting,mid or bottom of a relevant article,as the article will not be deleted except in exceptional circumstances,those links will be yours forever and will improve your Google rankings. Only one ad per article is allowed and costs 20$ per article with few words to define your self. For eg -
    Build your links with the best on the web. Visit XYZ.COM
  • Article advertising - I will be writing an 800-1000 word article about your website/company/enterprise which will include exclusive advertising.The featured article will be for visible for a period of 2 weeks to 1 month on the website front page providing ample view for readers to feed out on your offerings. The gives your review maximum exposure to PROHACK readers. I will be permitting 1 image for a logo and at max 2 images for your agenda. You have to provide me the main theme and the do's and dont's for your firm/enterprise/company/website. 50$ per article is the standard price.

Payments must be done Via PAYPAL in advance, plus, if you have competitors, as an added extra bonus on subscribing the yearly scheme of advertising, we will remove 2 of your competitor websites from our Google Adsense and block them off, so you can enjoy full attention of our followers :)
You are free to choose your advertising scheme and negotiate accordingly.

So ?!! What are you waiting for ? Speak to your audience :) you can contact me at admin[at]


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A simple tutorial on Remote File Inclusion (RFI)

RFI stands for Remote File Inclusion, and it allows the attacker to upload a custom coded/malicious file on a website or server using a script. A simple tutorial to Remote File Inclusion (RFI) - theprohack.comThe vulnerability  exploit the poor validation checks in websites and can eventually lead to code execution on server or code execution on website (XSS attack using javascript). This time, I will be writing a simple tutorial on Remote File Inclusion and by the end of tutorial, i suppose you will know what it is all about and may be able to deploy an attack or two.

RFI is a common vulnerability, and trust me all website hacking is not exactly about SQL injection. Using RFI you can literally deface the websites, get access to the server and do almost anything (including gagging them out or beg..well that's an exaggeration but I guess you get the idea :P ) . What makes it more dangerous is that you only need to have your common sense and basic knowledge of PHP to execute this one, some BASH might come handy as most of servers today are hosted on Linux..

Okay..Lets start..The first step is to find vulnerable can easily find them using Google dorks..If you don't have any idea, you might want to read about advanced password hacking using Google dorks or to use automated tool to apply Google dorks using Google. Now lets assume we have found a vulnerable website

As you can see, this website pulls documents stored in text format from server and renders them as web pages. We can find ways around it as it uses PHP include function to pull them out..check it out.

I have included a custom script “eveilscript” in text format from my website, which contains some code..Now..if its a vulnerable website, then 3 cases happen -

  • Case 1 - You might have noticed that the url consisted of “”page=home” had no extension, but I have included an extension in my url,hence the site may give an error like “failure to include evilscript.txt.txt”, this might happen as the site may be automatically adding the .txt extension to the pages stored in server.
  • Case 2 - In case, it automatically appends something in the lines of .php then we have to use a null byte “%00” in order to avoid error.
  • Case 3 – successfull execution :)

Now once you have battled around this one, you might want to learn what to code inside the script. You may get a custom coded infamous C99 script (too bloaty but highly effective once deployed) or you might code yourself a new one. For this knowledge of PHP might come in handy. Here we go


echo "<script>alert(U 4r3 0wn3d !!);</script>";
echo "Run command: ".htmlspecialchars($_GET['cmd']);



The above code allows you to exploit include function and tests if the site if RFI (XSS) vulnerable by running the alert box code and if successful, you can send custom commands to the linux server in bash. So…If you are in luck and if it worked, lets try our hands on some Linux commands. For example to find the current working directory of server and then to list files, we will be using “pwd” and “ls” commands.



What it does is that it sends the command as cmd we put in our script, and begins print the working directory and list the documents..Even can almost make the page proclaim that you hacked it by using the “echo” command..

cmd=echo U r pwn3d by xero> index.php

It will then re-write the index.php and render it..In case,its a primitive website which stores pages with .txt extension, you might want to put it with along the .txt expected..We are now the alpha and the omega of the website :) we can download, remove, rename, anything! Want to download stuff ? try the “wget” function (cmd=wget.. get the idea..)..Want to move it out ? “mv”..

I leave the rest on your creativity..


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M S Dhoni Website hacked – Mahi’s site Vulnerable to SQL injections seems as Mr Dhoni prepares himself for his wedding, in the mean time, his website is found to be quite vulnerable to SQL injections.Mahi ? you too ? - The website created   in Microsoft .net is an easy bait to compromise when it comes to sql injections. I earlier blogged about hackable government and educational websites and emphasized on how computer security is virtually nil from Indian web scenario. And the thing keeps on going.I tried to contact the website creators, but their own website was down at the moment. sheesh..

Disclaimer -



Here you go

Main Page -

I opened up Ms Dhoni’s Website

Login panel - 

Got into the login panel

Debugging enabled... -

inserted a sample SQL query to check if .NET debugging was enabled or not, and by God it was enabled. What in the God’s name were they thinking ?

And I am In -

Inserted a simple SQL string and was logged in as “tushar31128” . Easy as pie.. and I didnt even probed for more than 3 minutes. sheesh..

I tried to contact the devs -

I later tried to contact the devs to solve the vulnerability but..

The Devs were down too -

It seems..they are down too…

What I want to prove here is not that its easily hackable..I want to prove that Any person with far better capabilities than mine can trash the website. I didnt even gained access to admin panel (never tried for it) but I guess I m able to prove my point. I guess Mr Dhoni will go for an overhaul of the website once he is back. I m an eager fan of the renowned cricketer anyways.


See you next mission.

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Project Blackout v2.5 – Botnets Anyone ?

As defined by wikipedia,a botnet is a jargon term for a collection of software agents, or robots, that run autonomously and automatically,in laymans’ term,Project Blackout v2.5 – Botnets Anyone ? - its like  a zombie master controlling all other zombies for his whims and fancies. Since their inception, botnets are the prime threat to the consumer security scene due to their anonymity, easy to use and readily available software to create them and if needed, anonymous hosting services are available at low prices.

On the flip side, if ever you wanted to create your botnet, Project Blackout V2.5 is the tool to go (I would recommend you to code your own tools and botnet spreaders if you are serious, but in case you are that proficient..or you are a plain lazy bastard, blackout is the way to go.. ) made to spread your botnet, but it works on every .exe on the internet. Some sample features -

  • Keyloggers, RATS, Crypted, binded files and much,much, more!
  • Add to startup - Now working in XP, Vista and 7 32-bit and 64-bit! also supports automatic download and execution of your bot on startup or application run.
  • Mass Email Spread (This is why gmail username and password is required)
  • can infects all HTML documents
  • Antiviruses -New antiviruses, improved antiviruses are supported.Secure your server from all the newest antiviruses and sniffers,also victims will no longer be able to update their antivirus once ran
  • Email,Skype,MSN Spread - Sends message to all online contacts getting them to download and run your virus
  • LAN Spread – Pretty obvious and amazing :)
  • Encryption - Secure your server and the entered info using encryption
  • P2P Spread - Limewire, eDonkey and much, much more. When you have over 100+ bots all hosting your virus on limewire you will be getting a truckload of zombies
  • USB Spread - Its your basic, everyday, 100% working and stable USB auto-spread.
  • Unique mutex - This way your bot is unique, and other bots do not copy over yours

PS: if it says the version expired on 18.5.2010, then set your system date back and it will run easily.

 Disclaimer – I am not responsible for anykind of misuse of this software, just get it straight!

You can download it from here

Download Project Blackout


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Free 90 + minutes of call anywhere in the world

Folks..recently I stumbled across this website that allows you to make 90+ minutes of free calls anywhere in the world. Free 90 + minutes of call anywhere in the world - theprohack.comI have tested it and its working,the catch  is that it allows only one sim per user registration (quite obvious). Guess the outbreak of SIP based connections,easy availability of switchvox and cheap leased line connections have made everyone going to setup their own calling gateways. The one provided below is a better one as compared to others as the setup is easy and calling minutes are quite enough :) If you want to try them out, just read on..

Go to Betterconferencing and Sign up there.

Sign up to get 90+ minutes-

Once you have signed up, you will get a call. Please note down the pin number.

Once you have got the pin number and authenticated your mobile number, you can login at Betterconferencing and start using their service.

Enjoy :)


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Advanced password hacking using Google – easy to learn, easy to apply

Google is your best friend when it comes to hacking. The search engine giant has crawled loads of data which was intended to be protected by webmasters, butAdvanced password hacking using Google – easy to learn, prompt to deploy - is being exploited and mined by smart users using Google dorks. Today I will be discussing some practical dorks which will help you gain passwords, databases and vulnerable directories. The basic methodology remains the same, query Google using specialized dorks with precise parameters and you are good to go. I assume you have basic working knowledge of google dorks.

Lets start, shall we ?

FTP passwords

ws_ftp.ini is a configuration file for a popular win32 FTP client that stores usernames, (weakly) encoded passwords, sites and directories that the user can store for later reference.

intitle:index.of ws_ftp.ini

You can also this dork which uses "parent directory" to avoid results other than directory listings

filetype:ini ws_ftp pwd


"index of/" "ws_ftp.ini" "parent directory"

even if the site or file has been taken offlline, you can still search the contents in the Google cache using the following dork


where is the site you want to check the dork for.

The ws_ftp password uses quite weak encryption algorithm, hence once you get the password, you can break it using the decryptor provided here or from here.

PHP Hacking

Sites made in PHP have a file known as “config.php” which stores configuration and the username and password for the sql database the site is hosting. This password is required only once per transaction (i.e when ever admin logins or a transaction is committed at administrator level) and hence will be specified by the ‘require_once’ parameter in the config file or in index file.

intitle:index.of config.php

to view php file contents

intitle:"Index of" phpinfo.php

you can also try the directory traversal attack in php using the following dork


if you are lucky, substitute the filename with ‘index.php’, download it, read it and get the password (hint:if you are not able to find it, try looking for globals.php).

Since most websites today deny this trick, but you may get lucky with some :) You might also want to have a look at Hacking PHP 4.4 websites in 20 seconds

SQL Dumps

We will be hunting for SQL password dumps saved in database, here ext:sql specifies the type of password dump, e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e is the md5 hash for 123456; one of the most common password people keep..and intext dork will allows to search inside the dump.

ext:sql intext:e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e

ext:sql intext:"INSERT INTO" intext:password

Remember kids

  1. Use different email providers, substitute gmail/yahoomail instead of somemail ,or try custom domain mail providers.
  2. Use different file extensions.
  3. Use different type of hashes, some older ones might be using md4 and some others might be using other prominent encryption algorithms.
  4. just mix everything up and try different combinations :)


Its not over..Yet

A very flexible query can be used to hunt for WS_FTP.log which in turn can disclose valuable information about the server.

+htpasswd +WS_FTP.LOG filetype:log

You can substitute "+htpasswd" for "+FILENAME" & you may get several results not mentioned before using the normal search. You can further explore filenames by using keywords like

phpinfo, admin, MySQL, password, htdocs, root, Cisco, Oracle, IIS, resume, inc, sql, users, mdb, frontpage, CMS, backend, https, editor, intranet

The list goes on and on.. Also you cam try this dork to data mine information about the uploader

"allinurl: "" WS_FTP.LOG filetype:log"

which tells you more about who's uploading files to a specific site, quite handy for some passive reconnaissance.


Also..if you are one hell of a lazy b**tard ,you can do it using some software like Google Hacks..but remember, manual way is the way to go. I may have included some software specific password mining, but that would cripple your imagination. My recco ? go postal by using your imagination and developing your own dorks and queries.

I guess that was enough for this time, will be coming with more tuts with time.


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Detect Wifi Hotspots using NetStumbler

NetStumbler (also known as Network Stumbler) is a tool for Windows that allows detection of Wifi hotspots using the 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g WLAN  netstumbler_logo[16]standards. It runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. A trimmed-down version called MiniStumbler is available for the handheld Windows CE operating system. Its one of the preferred tool for wardriving, which as explained by Jeff Duntemann is

Wardriving is the gathering of statistics about wireless networks in a given area by listening for their publicly available broadcast beacons.

NetStumbler is a small and effective solution for Wifi hotspot detection and completes the network audit toolkit for any expert.

The program is commonly used for:

  • Wardriving
  • Verifying network configurations
  • Finding locations with poor coverage in a WLAN
  • Detecting causes of wireless interference
  • Detecting unauthorized ("rogue") access points
  • Aiming directional antennas for long-haul WLAN links

You can download NetStumbler from here

A more preferred tool for tracking down Wifi hotspots and abuser is the Moocherhunter, but the fact its Linux based separates it from windows users.


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