Free 90 + minutes of call anywhere in the world

Folks..recently I stumbled across this website that allows you to make 90+ minutes of free calls anywhere in the world. Free 90 + minutes of call anywhere in the world - theprohack.comI have tested it and its working,the catch  is that it allows only one sim per user registration (quite obvious). Guess the outbreak of SIP based connections,easy availability of switchvox and cheap leased line connections have made everyone going to setup their own calling gateways. The one provided below is a better one as compared to others as the setup is easy and calling minutes are quite enough :) If you want to try them out, just read on..

Go to Betterconferencing and Sign up there.

Sign up to get 90+ minutes-

Once you have signed up, you will get a call. Please note down the pin number.

Once you have got the pin number and authenticated your mobile number, you can login at Betterconferencing and start using their service.

Enjoy :)


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