Project Blackout v2.5 – Botnets Anyone ?

As defined by wikipedia,a botnet is a jargon term for a collection of software agents, or robots, that run autonomously and automatically,in laymans’ term,Project Blackout v2.5 – Botnets Anyone ? - its like  a zombie master controlling all other zombies for his whims and fancies. Since their inception, botnets are the prime threat to the consumer security scene due to their anonymity, easy to use and readily available software to create them and if needed, anonymous hosting services are available at low prices.

On the flip side, if ever you wanted to create your botnet, Project Blackout V2.5 is the tool to go (I would recommend you to code your own tools and botnet spreaders if you are serious, but in case you are that proficient..or you are a plain lazy bastard, blackout is the way to go.. ) made to spread your botnet, but it works on every .exe on the internet. Some sample features -

  • Keyloggers, RATS, Crypted, binded files and much,much, more!
  • Add to startup - Now working in XP, Vista and 7 32-bit and 64-bit! also supports automatic download and execution of your bot on startup or application run.
  • Mass Email Spread (This is why gmail username and password is required)
  • can infects all HTML documents
  • Antiviruses -New antiviruses, improved antiviruses are supported.Secure your server from all the newest antiviruses and sniffers,also victims will no longer be able to update their antivirus once ran
  • Email,Skype,MSN Spread - Sends message to all online contacts getting them to download and run your virus
  • LAN Spread – Pretty obvious and amazing :)
  • Encryption - Secure your server and the entered info using encryption
  • P2P Spread - Limewire, eDonkey and much, much more. When you have over 100+ bots all hosting your virus on limewire you will be getting a truckload of zombies
  • USB Spread - Its your basic, everyday, 100% working and stable USB auto-spread.
  • Unique mutex - This way your bot is unique, and other bots do not copy over yours

PS: if it says the version expired on 18.5.2010, then set your system date back and it will run easily.

 Disclaimer – I am not responsible for anykind of misuse of this software, just get it straight!

You can download it from here

Download Project Blackout


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