Happy New Year 2012

Okay folks :) Its that time of the year again when you can get high (me on red bull) and celebrate like there is no tomorrow (literally..2012 anyone ? ). Happy New Year everyone..I have taken a lot of resolutions for 2012, and I will make them true .. that's one more resolution for me.
Happy New year 2012 from Prohack
As a roundup of 2011, I got hired at Tulip Telecom and now oversee the good, the bad and the nerdy side of security there along with network operations,ranted about the current security scene,wrote about Top Indian Hackers,  I got my HTC wildfire (rooted and still kicking ass), got myself a new laptop , got interested into networking, hacked routers and did a lot of research on exotic fields if you have been following the Prohack FB page lately. I am sorry for absence of posts though, which can be attributed to  me getting busy on a lot of side projects and on my Job. One of resolutions for 2012 includes giving more time to Prohack and I will see it through Winking smile .
Nevertheless, stay awesome ! and Have a safe, sane and awesome 2012 .

-Rishabh Dangwal


  1. Same to you bhai aur kya kahoon yaar.

    Best Of Luck for your Future. :)

  2. Happy New Year brother.


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