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Hello fellas,

I purchased a new HP DM-3210AU machine in October, an amazing piece of hardware and one of the highest rated netbook/sub notebook of all time, and yes, I am quite impressed with its performance and capabilities. I finished my share of Call of Duty 4 on it, prepared GNS3 Topologies over it with ease and the machine chomped away everything like a no brainer. In case, ou have been wondering where I had been, you might like to read about it or want to join the Facebook page where I post more frequently .

Well..continuing to my desktop,here is how it looks : ) .

My Desktop - HP Dm3210 -5 software I cant live without on my laptop - theprohack.com

Well..then out of blue (and I think it was Redbull) I decided to write an article on 5 software I cant live without on my new machine , which allows me to simultaneously multitask on it with ease and efficiency.  Consider it as a follow up of Top 10 software I cant live without on my PC.

Windows Live Mail

Now here is one of the good things Microsoft has invented, the next generation of Outlook express, simple, easy to use, intuitive and FAST. Though you will argue why I don't use Mozilla Thunderbird over it , well..Mozilla thunderbird is almost takes the same amount of memory as its Windows counterpart, but is twice as slow in terms of interface, and speed matters to me much while checking emails, I do hope you will agree with me. Although I do hate the calendar feature of live (which is a pain due to various issues) but still, it does the primary job it was conceived for.

Download it from here.

Windows Live Email rocks -5 software I cant live without on my laptop - theprohack.com

Virtual Wifi Router

Again, an amazing piece of software that frees you from the headaches of Android Adhoc wifi patching and the likes of purchasing buggy paid software like Connectify for creating wifi network with ease. I was fed up of creating adhoc networks on Windows 7 and check that my HTC Wildfire (Cyanogen mod 7, version 2.3.7) was not able to properly detect it, there came Virtual Wifi Router to the rescue and trust me, its the best Wifi Network sharing software you will ever get. Highly recommended !!

Download Virtual Wifi Router

The best wifi sharing software - virtual wifi router -5 software I cant live without on my laptop - theprohack.com

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

Power user friendly yet easy to install , this codec pack will just blow you away, no need to install any other x-y-z player to do the job if your windows media player can play everything (i actually like to keep my laptop clean and use it with minimum software) from the most popular formats to arcane ones..and even allows for great amount of tweaking using its ffdshow interface. link it up with Virtualdub and you have a true gem. Included tools like Gspot, mediainfo and more add the cherry to the already delicious cake . Again, no need of VLC (unless you are into multicast streaming, to confess, i am not much of a VLC fan) and no need of anything else, one codec pack to rule them all : ) .

Download from here


I dont think I need to elaborate upon it, since the time I have joined Tulip Telecom, it has been a part and parcel o my life, simulation of complex network topologies and whacky late night experiments (you know about them if you have been following the facebook page) are all possible because of this open source tool. Be it Cisco or juniper, it handles it with ease and the best part is that its hackable, configurable and programmable till the last drop. I have my custom version running over windows (self compiled :) ), pair it with putty connection manager and you are good to go. Also, you might want to look at sample GNS3 tutorials I posted at Prohack or more at the Facebook page.

Download it from here

GNS3 topology with putty connection manager -5 software I cant live without on my laptop -  theprohack.com

Google Chrome

Now again..love it or hate it, yet I find chrome as indispensible as a browser, I had issues with Mozilla Firefox (old memory bastard) and Internet Explorer 9 (old bastard), Opera is a favourite but again, I had some issues with it again (opera link issues, broken plugins) , so I finally settled on chrome for general browsing and acceptable response times, but when it comes to testing some web based apps, i jump to Opera for the same for its intuitiveness. Trust me, when it comes to choose a browser, i call it as a choice between evils. So go with the lesser one Open-mouthed smile . You might also want to look at Google Chrome Easter eggs Smile

Download it from here

Well..that sums it up Smile I will be back with some more ramblings of mine.

Till then,

Stay Gold..

Rishabh Dangwal


  1. I've 1 query. Suppose i have VMware and install 2 machines Windows Server 2008/R2 on it. and on my Physical machine i run GNS3. Server 2008 has address and R2 has address so is there any way to Connect VMware's machines with GNS3 to Connect both Servers so that they can connect with each other. ?? 

  2. Loopback adapter on vmware + nat/bridge with vmware adapter + add route in windows + add route in r2 + add route in server 2008 . It will work. Instead of vmware , i will go with Virtual box/qemu anyday.

  3. Really this softwares are very good. Thanks for the tips

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  5. You need to put them under the same subnetwork and configure VMware 'network' so that they are using the same VMNET.
    GNS3 is, from my experience, used as a tool for designing network topologies and setting up simulated networks via router configuration. This means, from what i know, that you will not be able to accomplish your desired task.Also, change the IP addresses of the two VirtualMachines as it appears from what you have written you have assigned them both as network addresses which will make them not function.-Frosty-

  6. Agreee. Lakin Stll 1 thing is missing...........:)


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