WiFi Protected Standard vulnerability – Cracked, Bruteforced and Documented

A new critical flaw in Wi-Fi Protected Standard (WPS) has recently been uncovered by Security researcher Stefan Viehböck that leaves wireless routers open to attack. Wifi Protected Setup crackedThe inherent vulnerability lies in the design protocol that splits the 8 digit PIN in two halves which reduces its complexity and henceforth the time required to crack it. Simple permutations and combinations deduce that an 8 digit pin will create 100 million possible combinations and during his testing Stefan found it takes 2 seconds to test each combination, so bruteforcing was not a feasible option.

Unfortunately, after entering the first 4 digits of a pin, the protocol used by WPS confirms if they are correct or not, which means the pairs can be attacked separately. Also, the remaining 4 digits is just a checksum, so if an attacker has the first 4 digits, he just have to try ~1000 combinations to crack it open , which brings it to a total of 11000 different combinations to the correct pin which reduces the attack time into a matter of hours. You can find the documented PDF here and read the awesomeness.

I guess router manufacturers are up for a software fix, till then , I guess we all have to go back to MAC address .

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