Download Kinect Virtual Dressing Room - Weekend project

It was getting hot at Doha, Qatar and I was thoroughly bored. And tired.

Out of blue a creative request came by one of my seniors that if I have ever worked on Unity 3D. Though I have some experience with game engines and modeling tools, i though it would be worth a try. As an absolute beginner, I tried my hands on Unity 3D and was able to compile Virtual Dressing Room for Kinect (code courtesy Anthony heckmann - Github). I updated some code and calls (for instance  gettrianglestrip and settrianglesstrip to gettriangles and settriangles) for compatibility with latest release of Unity. As of now, have not tested it with a real Kinect although the executable works fine. Thanks to this project, I also got my hands on

You can download the executable from here . As usual, expect no support if you experience bugs as :

  1. Its my weekend project
  2. I have not tested it with a real Kinect.
  3. I have too much on my plate right now.
Password is Prohack

An Introduction to SwiftNET - An overview you always wanted

An Introduction to SwiftNET - An overview you always wanted
Due to recent onslaught of attacks on SWIFT network, I thought why not to release a small introduction on the same. Here it is then gentlemen -An Introduction to SwiftNET you always wanted. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible whilst ensuring the information is complete and relevant. Hope you will find it userful.

As usual, comments, questions and critique are welcome.

Fortigate SSH Backdoor Password Calculator

Recently Fortinet confirmed there was a backdoor in their firewalls which impacted FortiGate OS Version 4.x -  5.0.7. An exploit was released in the wild but it took some efforts to work with (I am looking at you : paramiko/termios/msvcrt). So I ported the code to create a quick and dirty password calculator that will help in pwning Fortinet firewalls with vulnerable versions.

Tested it on test firewalls and it works like a charm : )

My time with Cisco EX90

My time with Cisco EX90
Got my hands on Cisco EX90 (that was malfunctioning) & here is my impression of it - sucks balls.

The box has poor support for rs232 , has a special cable provided separately (USB to serial) without which it won't jack up on console at all. Yes I tried everything & the damn thing needs a specific ft232r driver to make it work. Speed settings are 38400 with no flow control & parity, post which the sucker boots up in admin mode with xConfig disabled. Now vendor nowadays have a very pragmatic approach to make CLI as difficult for the folks they intended to create. They tackle this problem by creating pseudo-shells (with limited capabilities,generally have limited to no debug facility, sometimes you really feel lucky if you are able to read proper logs ) which miserably fail to provide full view of what the heck is wrong with the device/service. The Result? After pulling hairs and cursing the box, you eventually dial 1-800-100-1364 to share your plight, resulting in more revenue for Cisco & you end up drinking more beer than you usually do in a bad manner. After all, a frustrated tinkerer is a good customer.

Coming to the point, Cisco has xConfig running over standard bash, which is more or less a limited configuration mode so that you can recover the device. But heck, since it was booting without it, I configured "rootsettings on Cisc0" , logged out and logged in as root with Cisc0 as password & jumped into a bash shell over Linux 3.4. Some more exploring and found  the environment was pretty loaded on factory defaults ; (as compared to trimmed, hardened network devices I have seen), heck, its having Python 2.6 :)

Not wasting anytime I configured the box with a static IP & tried upgrading it with 7.x code, which as expected failed. Upgrade gave unable to create squashfs on dmesg, at that moment I pretty much sighed & handed over things to Cisco Collab guy. I was already unimpressed with its poor recovery capabilities & time would not permit any more r&d on a production device.

Note to self: need to get my hands dirty once its dismounted.