Crazy Cabbie, Crazy Taxi score hack – learn how to hack crazy cabbie game score

Facebook & Orkut have a lot of flash games nowadays, and you might have played games there & Crazy Cabbie, Crazy Taxi score hack – learn how to hack crazy cabbie game scoremight have wished if  you can create a highscore in any game. Videogame hacking is easy, flash game hacking is easier. You only need a right set of tools & some time to do that. Today I will be writing a tutorial on how to hack crazy cabbie game or how to hack crazy taxi game on facebook or orkut or on any prominent social networking website. You will need -

  • Internet Explorer – yep..this is quite vulnerable to memory injections..thats why. Comes packed with windows.
  • Cheat Engine – quite prominent tool to hack flash applications & games. Download it here
  • Time – thats upto you.

Open Internet explorer & login into facebook.

 login into facebook using IE -

Go to crazy Taxi / Crazy cabbie page , & open application.

Open crazy taxi -

Now open cheat engine.

open cheat engine - 

On the menu bar, click on computer button to select a process, click on iexplore.exe (Internet explorer process) & click on open.

selct process -

Cheat engine now will be attached to the Internet explorer.

process is selected -

Now in the browser, play the game

play the game & lose -

and intentionally lose.

lost -

Now open cheat engine, click on  “Enable speed hack “ & give a value of 100 to 400 in the input, & click on apply.

enable speed hack - 

Now make sure as you do it you “KEEP PRESSING UP ARROW KEY”, click on the play again link & voila..

muahahaha -

easy huh ?

Hacked :) -


This hack is applicable on Crazy cabbie, crazy taxi and their clones & more racing facebook games . You can make as much score as you want. This was a simple tutorial on hacking crazy taxi / hacking crazy cabbie games.

stay tuned for more :)

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