3 excellent sites for hackers – perl , reversing & searching

Sometimes I marvel at the internet, even more than usenet somehow. 3 excellent sites for hackers – perl , reversing & searchingThe sheer amount of information it holds for us &  almost everything is waiting to be discovered. I have blogged about some of the best resources for security enthusiastic at my own website before at

Here I come again with 3 more hacking websites or security websites which you didn't know about :) Before I go, let me repeat my words again, don't ask me

“ how to be a hacker ? “ or “how to hack” or “how to hack someone”

Nobody can make you a hacker, its your passion, attitude & dedication that can make you one. These are sites which satiate my security lust & constitute a major part of my web surfing & have excellent resource on reverse engineering, shellcode, linux , exploits & underground scene.


Okidan’s Perl Paradise

A very good site of yester years on cryptography, perl & hacking maintained by Okidan, the site has not been updated since a long time, but its worth every shred of info you can get here.



Again, a very good site which has a good collection of articles on shell code, reverse engineering, papers & mirrors of Phrack , Blackhatbloc & Fravia’s Searchlores. A must visit..



Fravia was a legend in reversing scene, his techniques & style are renowned & he has been hailed as the greatest reversers of all time under the alias of the Old Red Cracker (ORC) . His website has meticulously collected pdfs on security, his favoritism of opera & searching techniques (basic, intermediate & advanced) .



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