Analyze your packets using xtractr

xtractr is a hybrid cloud application for indexing, searching, reporting, extracting and collaborating on pcaps. Analyze your packets using xtractr - theprohack.comThis enables you to rapidly identify field issues and perform network forensics and troubleshooting with just a few clicks. The lite version of xtractr can index up to 10 million packets or 1 Gbyte of pcaps.

While xtractr can be used as a standalone application, it works best with Mu Studio to convert the problematic conversation into a stateful test case. The indices stays local to you on your network & you only access the application through the cloud. The analytics, searching, reporting and content slicing all happen between your browser and your xtractr instance. It also has a built-in web server, & supports more than one person analyzing the cloud at a time .You can have your team collaborate on it, label interesting flows, search, extract and report concurrently. You can even analyze different sets of packets on different ports on different tabs in browser.

Analyze your packets using xtractr -

You can check out the application here


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