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Unite Hackers is a security campaign ran by media conglomerate NBC India to Unite all the computer security experts & Unite Hackers - hackers of India, in order to prevent cybercrime & attacks from foreign nations on our web servers. The campaign aims at projecting a positive image of hackers as heroes of computer revolution & not as a criminal, which I believe is a good thing for a country like India where hacking is still in a stage of infancy. The venture spans across internet using signature campaigns & print media using Hacker5 magazine. Unite Hackers is now a government recognized venture & the first of its own kind. In their own words -
"I request you all to support this campaign to unite all hackers of India under one roof to protect our country and make it cyber crime free. All hackers are not Criminals, they are the Heroes of the Computer Revolution. Let us make this country cyber protected with this young think tank, 73% hackers of India are in the age group of 12 to 19, they don't have direction. Let us unite these think tanks and spread awareness.”
The campaign is in its full swing, but as usual, there are people whose ideals differ from the above stated & they tried to defame Unite Hackers.

In Indian scene, there are prominent groups like Indian Cyber Army (ICA,the real one), Indishell , Indian Cyber Warriors/Andhra Hackers, HMG who are quite active.  What I believe, success of project lies in the willpower to turn something into successful. Unite Hackers is a novel concept in India where hackers leave their field either due to career problems or due to lack of teams. The success of project will guarantee motivated folks who will be able to pursue their passion in computer security. Fellow bloggers Parul Khanna, Rahul Tyagi, Prateek Singla, Raghu SharmaAmarjeet Singh are a part of this project.
If you want to support the project, leave your comments here.

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