Update on Indian Scene while on vacation

Hi Friends..Sorry for long inactivity, I was busy in my personal projects & the mess which is called college life (i mean the good old exam time) :P . In the mean time a lot has happened in the security scene, which I believe you guys will be aware of if you are following My friends at Facebook, If not, I will be providing a brief review of latest happenings. First of all, November edition of Hacker5 is out & you can subscribe the wonderful magazine from here.

hacker5 - theprohack.com

Secondly, NBC has proudly launched its venture of hacking which will be taught by some really good folks, No bullshit of basics, this is hard core. Coming down to the best news, Indishell is back :) . As signed by

[SiLeNtp0is0n], stRaNgEr , inX_rOot , NEO H4cK3R , DarkL00k , G00g!3 W@rr!0r , str1k3r, co0Lt04d , ATUL DWIVEDI , Jackh4xor , Th3 RDX & Lucky ;

Indishell aims to provide an intellectually stimulating environment where members can learn, communicate ideas and represent their concerns while supporting the advancement of the internet, technology and freedom.

I will be updating my blog as I get time, right now, I m kind of quite busy (writing an operating system :P as my final year project) , will catch you guys as soon as possible.


Keep learning.

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