Prohack Wishes You a Very Happy New Year 2010

As 2009 goes by..

As 2009 ends I can only wish that 2010 may prove more productive,rejuvenating and brings all of you infinite reasons to cherish your life..2009 was a rocking year all together,the ups and downs may have seemed quite shaking,but we made through it and that’s why we are the most dominating species on this planet. Cheers up folks,lets make the coming year better than ever,by doing our best and believing in ourselves.Thanks a lot for supporting Prohack,Its your confidence in me that strives me to better every time.

A Very happy new year from Prohack.

Prohack wishes You a Very Happy New Year 2010 !!!

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TOP 7 Must Read Articles at PROHACK – 2009 Reviewed

As 2009 goes away, its time to review what I did on PROHACK..and share the best of stuff with you folks again. I believeProhack - Your technology Navigator  these articles are a must read if you have been a regular here,and double if you are not. Prohack has gotten better with you guys and it was not possible without you..SO..Here are the Top 7 Must read articles at PROHACK -
Create a Zip Bomb of Deathuntitleddsa[13]
A zip bomb is usually a small file (up to a few hundred kilobytes) for ease of transport and to avoid suspicion. However, when the file is unpacked its contents are more than the system can handle.You can make your own zip bomb to annoy your friends or just out of curiosity (or wilderness) to experiment with it. Make sure you don't detonate it on yourself.
How to Hack Administrator from Guest Account Hack admin account from guest account
Ever wanted to hack your college pc with guest account/student account so that you can download with full speed there ? or just wanted to hack your friend’s pc to make him gawk when you tell your success story of hacking ? well,there is a great way of hacking an administrator account from a guest account by which you can reset the  administrator password and getting all the privileges an administrator enjoys on windows..Interested ?
Hack PHP 4.4 websites in 20 seconds Hack PHP 4.4 sites in 20 seconds
Actually sites with PHP 4.4 have a SQL injection vulnerability in them which makes their Admin control panel easily accessible,and I mean in one big shot,you will be admin of that site.
Top 10 Tips to optimize your website Top 10 web seo tips
Making a website is easy,but making it survive through the Wild Wild Web is quite a formidable task. I have seen many potential websites crumble and vanish through the web in a short span of time,and today I will be sharing my knowledge with you. I have followed the 10 simple rules which have allowed me to get the love of my readers in such a short time and have made ProHack more than a name in the web..Read them and follow them.
Top 10 Anticipated games of 2009Top 10 anticipated games of 2009
2009 proved to be a great year for gaming and the developers wants to keep the roller coaster ride of top releases keep going with extremely hyped games by the top dogs of gaming. The list is compiled on the factors on how much is known about the game,how incredible it looks the current user reviews,and the following big boys made it on the top 10 most anticipated games of 2009.
Hack LG KG195 for Increased Feature Hack LG KG 195
I used to have an LG KG195,an average mobile by LG electronics. A modest mobile with modest features,it has got Bluetooth, a basic media player and a VGA camera. However I soon got bored of this set and decided to tweak it to make it a more desirable device.Learn how to hack LG devices..
Top 10 LINUX speed hacksTop 10 Linux Speed hacks
As an extremely reliable Operating system, Linux  rarely needs to be rebooted. But when it does, it’s often slow to boot.Loads of Matrix style lines scrolling down the screen are sure to drive nuts added with boot time of GUI  initialization.. Fortunately, there are ways to speed things up. Some of these methods are not terribly difficult. (although some, unfortunately, are). Let’s take a look at Top 10 Speed hacks of Linux and let your linux box reincarnate with speed. 
Bonus -
Resident Evil 5 – An Honest ReviewRE5 - an Honest Review
Resident Evil 5 was one of the most hyped games of this generation and was prominently featured in various Top 10  Lists. The incredible amount of hype it generated was contributed to the long development period,the over the top gorgeous looking trailers,gory in game footage and just the plain curiosity,whether it will be able to surpass its legendary predecessor or not..
5 Type Of Virus Writers 5 Type of virus writers
Whilst stumbling on the net,I found this humorous description of 5 types of virus writers written by an actual hacker.I really loved the overall tone of the article and thought its worthy to share it with you guys..Enjoy.

Happy new year..

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How to Hack Nokia Phones – Remote DDOS Attack using SMS

Yep,One can hack Nokia phones by just sending a SMS,seems devilish isn't it? Although this vulnerability was found more than an year ago, I recently tried it and found it working in many sets. The Nokia S60 hacked -  rdhacker.blogspot.comvulnerability dubbed as “Curse of Silence” affects all Nokia Symbian 60/Series 60 devices and allows for remote SMS/MMS Denial of Service.One can send a specially crafted sms to lockup/crash any Series 60 device.

What is Required ?

  • MSISDN of the target.
  • A Mobile phone service provider which allows sending of SMS messages (Airtel in my case)
  • (Almost) any Nokia phone (or some other means of sending SMS messages with TP-PID set to "Internet Electronic Mail" )

Risk Levels

Although the vulnerability is spread across many versions of S60 platform,the Risk level is quite high for (for S60 2.6 and 3.0 devices)as upon attack,the target will not be able to receive any SMS or MMS messages until the device is Factory Resetted and Medium for S60 2.8 and 3.1 devices as upon Ddos attack,the target will not be able to receive any SMS or MMS messages while the attack is ongoing. After that, only very limited message receiving is possible until the device is Factory Resetted.

 The Series 60 N Series, E Series and some more phones can Be hacked -

The Attack

One can send an email using an sms by setting the messages Protocol Identifier to "Internet Electronic Mail" and formatting the message like this:

<email-address><space><message body>

The simplest attack will be -


If such messages contain an <email-address> with more than 32 characters, S60 2.6, 2.8, 3.0 and 3.1 devices fail to display the message or give any indication on the user interface that such a message has been received. They do,however, signal to the SMS Career that they have received the message.Nokia Series 60 3.0 Prominent phones -

Devices running S60 2.6 or 3.0 will not be able to receive any other SMS message after that. The user interface does not give any indication of this situation. The only action to remedy this situation seems to be a Factory Reset of the device (by entering "*#7370#" ) or using a Vulcan Death Grip.  Nokia Series 60 3.1 Prominent phones -

Devices running S60 2.8 or 3.1 react a little different: They do not lock up until they received at least 11 SMS-email messages with an email address that is longer than 32 characters after that the device will not be able to receive any other SMS message and the phone will just display a warning that there is not enough memory to receive further messages and that data should be deleted first. This message is even displayed on an otherwise completely "empty" device.  Nokia Series 60 2.8 Prominent phones -

After switching the phone off and on again, it has limited capability for receiving SMS messages again: If it receives a SMS message that is split up into several parts it is only able to receive the first part and will display the "not enough memory" warning again. After powercycling the device again, it can then receive the second part. If there is a third part, it has to be powercycled again, and so on.

Also, an attacker now just needs to send one more "Curse Of Silence" message to lock the phone up again. By always sending yet another one as soon as the status report for delivery of the previous message is received, the attacker could completely prevent a target from receiving any other SMS/MMS messages.

Only Factory Resetting the device will restore its full message receiving capabilities. Note that, if a backup is made using Nokia PC-Suite *after* being attacked, the blocking messages are also backuped and will be sent to the device again when restoring the backup after the Factory Reset.

Detailed List of affected phones

Tested on several S60 2.6, 3.0 and 3.1 devices. Since the vulnerable component is a S60 base functionality, it seems safe to assume that all devices with these OS versions are affected. I short if you own one of these,you are rounded unless u have a firmware upgrade/fix release by Nokia which fixes this attack.

S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 (S60 3.1)

  • Nokia E90 Communicator Series 60 Affected Devices -
  • Nokia E71
  • Nokia E66
  • Nokia E51
  • Nokia N95 8GB
  • Nokia N95
  • Nokia N82
  • Nokia N81 8GB
  • Nokia N81
  • Nokia N76
  • Nokia 6290
  • Nokia 6124 classic
  • Nokia 6121 classic
  • Nokia 6120 classic
  • Nokia 6110 Navigator
  • Nokia 5700 Xpress Music

S60 3rd Edition, initial release (S60 3.0)

  • Nokia E70
  • Nokia E65
  • Nokia E62
  • Nokia E61i
  • Nokia E61
  • Nokia E60
  • Nokia E50
  • Nokia N93i
  • Nokia N93
  • Nokia N92
  • Nokia N91 8GB
  • Nokia N91   
  • Nokia N80
  • Nokia N77
  • Nokia N73
  • Nokia N71
  • Nokia 5500
  • Nokia 3250

S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 3 (S60 2.8)

  • Nokia N90
  • Nokia N72
  • Nokia N70

S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2 (S60 2.6)

  • Nokia 6682
  • Nokia 6681
  • Nokia 6680
  • Nokia 6630



Tobias Engel – The Original Vulnerability Founder

Tested and implemented on Airtel carrier using Nokia 3120 classic and N70/N73/E51 by XERO





Nokia N900 Review

The market has been flurried by smartphones recently and Iphone stole the show by merging great looks with some really cool widgets and making it a must have. Losing its dominance over the Smartphone market,the Finnish mobile king Nokia tends to fight back by releasing N900.Earlier Nokia Smartphone came with home grown Symbian OS but this time Nokia has experimented by packing N900 with the stunning Linux distribution Maemo 5 which itself is a slimmed down version of Debian Linux and have added a host of top-end features, including a sizeable 3.5in touch screen, slide-out Qwerty keyboard, 5Mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Wi-Fi , A-GPS, quad-band and much more besides…
 Nokia N900
N900 is a beauty to behold and is chiseled to perfection (keeping in mind the fact that I tend to get sentimental everytime I see a cool gadget) and sports a sleek screen,black minimalistic looks and feels very pocketful.The keypad is quite tactile and responsive despite the small keys it sports.
Maemo 5 looks quite similar to its Symbian predecessor and Nokia has made a promising move by moving on to open source Linux platform (3 cheers to Nokia).The Linux OS is powered by fast ARM Cortex A8 processor and Open GL ES 2.0 graphics and performs well by providing additional usability with a great user interface.
N900 Maemo 5 Interface
Frequent tasks like SMSing and Emailing is easy on N900 and it also supports Facebook widgets and sports a browser based on Firefox which is a good thing as it can handle multiple pages at once and updates them in real time.The camera takes surprisingly good pics owning to its Carl Zeiss optical lens and while it doesn't have a huge arrange of settings, it does offer macro, action and portrait modes, plus a dual LED flash, though there's no smile detection, timer or multi-shot options.
Nokia N900 front
Watching videos is a delight on N900,the 800X480 screen vivdly displays videos in amazing quality.Its supports major video formats and has a TV out option too.The Music player of  N900 is attractive and the phone itself is bundled with above average earphones. There is a basic FM which doesnt supports autotune. Also the phone supports onboard 32 GB memory and supports 16 GB external MicroSD card (just in case you are not satisfied by putting your entire audio collection on it). Call quality is good but the battery is a concern since owing its use of multimedia apps,it barely lasted a day on heavy use.
N900 is bundled with above average earphones
Final Verdict
Nokia N900 is a definitive phone if you have enough moolah to buy one.The Linux OS is solid,the interface intuitive at the end of the day,its a Nokia – the second name of quality (correct me if its wrong). Its a joy to use,a beauty to behold and the ultimate phone to flaunt to your friends.Nothing more..Nothing less.
Price in India – 650 $ , 500 EURO ,INR 34000/- approx

You can also read N96 Review

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IIS service vulnerability leaves users to attack

Another critical vulnerability have been found in the Microsoft IIS web service which allows malicious users to upload IIS service vulnerability leaves users to attackmalicious files by appending innocent filename extensions like “jpg” to malicious files. The problem arises from by the way Microsoft IIS parses file names with colons or semicolons in them which can allow attackers to bypass filters and potentially trick server into running a malware.

Soroush Dalili,the security researcher who found the flaw commented “ Impact of this vulnerability is absolutely high as an attacker can bypass file extension protections by using a semicolon after an executable extension such as '.asp,' '.cer,' '.asa' and so on," he continued "Many web applications are vulnerable against file uploading attacks because of this weakness of IIS."

Secunia,a Danish computer security service provider,confirmed the bug on a machine running a fully patched version of Windows 2003 R2 SP2 with Microsoft IIS version 6.

A Microsoft spokeswoman said company researchers are investigating the report. They are not aware of attacks targeting the reported vulnerability, she said.


Via The Registrar



Exams Over..Well Almost and I am Back :)

First of all a Very Merry Christmas friends..Sorry for a late update but I was having my final exams and was quite busy with them. Today they have been partially completed ( I mean I have just 2 exams left with ample time of 16 days to get hold of things in between ) and hence I m back with my techno-security babble. In the mean time I messed with my new cellphone ( A Nokia 3120 classic ),played Halo and decided to pursue RHCE and hanged out with girls :)

Ah well...Finally its over :)

Well I will be getting more time now with my blog and that’s a good thing,both for you loyal followers of PROHACK and for me :) cuz I have learnt much from this blog more than anything else.


Thanks for Being a Pro :)




Sorry Folks..Exams..No Computer and more

Its been a loooooong time since I have duked out something out of my mind,partly I don't have a motherboard and although my generous room mates allow me to surf net and play games, I just don't get into mood of posting out unless I m sitting on my machine. Further more,my end sems are there and I will be preparing for them. So, in short I will be back in late December or early January with a  new year full of more technobabble from yours only – Me :P

Awww...get me a new motherboard XD !

Till then..Have a nice time and keep your eyes open for more on Prohack.