Nokia N900 Review

The market has been flurried by smartphones recently and Iphone stole the show by merging great looks with some really cool widgets and making it a must have. Losing its dominance over the Smartphone market,the Finnish mobile king Nokia tends to fight back by releasing N900.Earlier Nokia Smartphone came with home grown Symbian OS but this time Nokia has experimented by packing N900 with the stunning Linux distribution Maemo 5 which itself is a slimmed down version of Debian Linux and have added a host of top-end features, including a sizeable 3.5in touch screen, slide-out Qwerty keyboard, 5Mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Wi-Fi , A-GPS, quad-band and much more besides…
 Nokia N900
N900 is a beauty to behold and is chiseled to perfection (keeping in mind the fact that I tend to get sentimental everytime I see a cool gadget) and sports a sleek screen,black minimalistic looks and feels very pocketful.The keypad is quite tactile and responsive despite the small keys it sports.
Maemo 5 looks quite similar to its Symbian predecessor and Nokia has made a promising move by moving on to open source Linux platform (3 cheers to Nokia).The Linux OS is powered by fast ARM Cortex A8 processor and Open GL ES 2.0 graphics and performs well by providing additional usability with a great user interface.
N900 Maemo 5 Interface
Frequent tasks like SMSing and Emailing is easy on N900 and it also supports Facebook widgets and sports a browser based on Firefox which is a good thing as it can handle multiple pages at once and updates them in real time.The camera takes surprisingly good pics owning to its Carl Zeiss optical lens and while it doesn't have a huge arrange of settings, it does offer macro, action and portrait modes, plus a dual LED flash, though there's no smile detection, timer or multi-shot options.
Nokia N900 front
Watching videos is a delight on N900,the 800X480 screen vivdly displays videos in amazing quality.Its supports major video formats and has a TV out option too.The Music player of  N900 is attractive and the phone itself is bundled with above average earphones. There is a basic FM which doesnt supports autotune. Also the phone supports onboard 32 GB memory and supports 16 GB external MicroSD card (just in case you are not satisfied by putting your entire audio collection on it). Call quality is good but the battery is a concern since owing its use of multimedia apps,it barely lasted a day on heavy use.
N900 is bundled with above average earphones
Final Verdict
Nokia N900 is a definitive phone if you have enough moolah to buy one.The Linux OS is solid,the interface intuitive at the end of the day,its a Nokia – the second name of quality (correct me if its wrong). Its a joy to use,a beauty to behold and the ultimate phone to flaunt to your friends.Nothing more..Nothing less.
Price in India – 650 $ , 500 EURO ,INR 34000/- approx

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