Prohack Wishes You a Very Happy New Year 2010

As 2009 goes by..

As 2009 ends I can only wish that 2010 may prove more productive,rejuvenating and brings all of you infinite reasons to cherish your life..2009 was a rocking year all together,the ups and downs may have seemed quite shaking,but we made through it and that’s why we are the most dominating species on this planet. Cheers up folks,lets make the coming year better than ever,by doing our best and believing in ourselves.Thanks a lot for supporting Prohack,Its your confidence in me that strives me to better every time.

A Very happy new year from Prohack.

Prohack wishes You a Very Happy New Year 2010 !!!

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[ I m having my final exam tomorrow so more or less,I will be busy tonight,but as soon as I get time, I will hangout with my friends,have some beer (fruit beer :P) and have some clan matches on counterstrike and Halo at my lair..I wish you were there :D ]




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