Hack Linux and Windows 7 Passwords using KON BOOT

Tired of trying breaking into that Linux box which pesks you with its password screen ? Well,your day is saved when  Kon Boot comes to rescue . Apart from the stupid logo,Kon-Boot is an fantastic prototype software which can change contents of a Linux kernel and Windows kernel while booting.It will you to log into a Linux system as “root” user without even typing the correct password or to elevate privileges from current user to root. For Windows systems it allows to enter any password protected profile without any knowledge of the password.Entire Kon-Boot was written in pure x86 assembly in TASM 4.0.

Yeah..you read it right..it works !

Kon boot was mainly created for Ubuntu,but now it supports more Linux distributions. Kon Boot can crack an array of Windows and Linux operating systems ranging from Windows XP to even Windows 7,which makes it one of the first tools to break Windows 7 passwords.On the Linux from it supports Gentoo,Ubuntu,Debian and Fedora flavors.

Here is how you can Hack Linux Passwords using Kon-Boot-

  1. Boot with Kon-boot CD or Floppy
  2. When Linux is fully booted go to the console mode
  3. Type 'kon-usr' as login, if it works you should be now in the system
  4. Remember to restore the system when you are leaving, you can do this by typing 'kon-fix' as login again.

Here is a Sample Console output of what it will look like -

Ubuntu 8.04 torpeda tty1
torpeda login: kon-usr
# id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
# whoami

Here is how you can Hack Windows Passwords using Kon-Boot-

No special usage instructions are required for Windows users, just boot from Kon-Boot CD/Floppy, select your profile and put any password you want. You lost your password? Now it doesn't matter at all :P

You can Download Kon-Boot from here -Thats the stupid Kon-Boot logo :P

Floppy Image – FD0-konboot-v1.1-2in1.zip
CD ISO Image – CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1.zip




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[ PS:Finally my workshop at SVIET is over and I am a bit free as of now..]




Webmasters Rejoice - View your website in different resolutions

Optimizing your website for ads ? Popular advertisement services like Chitika have ads which only show to people browsing using specific resolution of screen. So in any case if you ever wonder that how your website appears to a visitor who might be having a different screen resolution then you,in that case,Viewlike us comes to rescue..

viewlike check ur website against multiple resolutions - rdhacker.blogspot.com

Viewlike us is a free online service which allows you to check that how your website looks in the most popular resolution formats,and it even supports console browser of WII,and even rake up your site against IPHONE browser.

Just type your URL in the box and get started. I hope the webmasters can now better adjust their ads according to their whims..

visit Viewlike


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In the given light of the current events that govern the industry standards today, I wish to hold a Boot-Camp based lecture and seminar on Ethical hacking and Security, which are one of the hottest topics of the Computer and Software Industry. Hacking has been an insanely lucrative topic about which very less actual data and information exists today, we wish to share the knowledge with the fellow students as every engineer should know about the threats and countermeasures about the software platforms and industry standards. It will be a highly motivating experience for all of us and we appreciate your co-operation on the given matter.

I am currently holding the boot camp at SVIET Banur, and on request I can hold it on your institutions.


  1. The lecture content which will cover most of the core details of Hacking and Security.
  2. Exclusive content (the tools and notes) distributed on request and if the faculty permits.
  3. Online resources and real-time demos.

The Scope

The course will be attended by a batch of 40-50 students at a time so as to provide maximum attention.

Topics Covered
Neutral topics, from which the lecture will be given and the test will be conducted -

  1. Hacking and Introduction.
  2. Hacking Ethics, and Hacking as a career, future.
  3. Social Engineering.
  4. Footprinting and Scanning.
  5. Basic tools and sites.

Advanced topics to be discussed with selected students -

  1. Use of Virtual Machines/boxes and Why?
  2. System hacking
  3. Trojans, viruses and prank codes
  4. ADS vulnerability, effect in windows and countermeasures
  5. DOS/DDOS (methodology, the tools, demos and ways to prevent)
  6. Buffer overflow attacks (backtrack 3 and metasploit used in this)
  7. How not to go to jail (common mistakes made by hackers,noobs,kiddies and experts alike)
  8. Website Audit tools (Acunetix WVS6,blackwidow etc )
  9. Some excellent resources and websites.
  10. And more topics if possible.


The duration of course will be of 4 days with lectures and workshops combined of 50 minutes each day.Every student will be eligible for Duty Leave.

Fee Structure

The course has a fee of 200/- only for the students of the SVIET campus,more interested can contact me.


You can contact me on my email ID for the registration,only first 50 students will be selected for the event.

Put subject in email:SVIET BOOT CAMP

(Else you mail might go into spam)

Email: luckyelites@gmail.com



My Business Card

Hi folks,Sorry I am a bit busy nowadays,but I am busy for cause,and I have been trying to make name for myself as of now.I wish to start my own penetration testing company,and I am working upon it nowadays.Also;here is your chance to personally meet me,I will be giving lectures and organizing workshops on Hacking and Security at various institutions..As I am getting much busier then ever,I will be updating list of my schedule but at the earliest,I will be available at -
SVIET on 24 Aug 2009
Also,I have designed my business card in photoshop and I would like to get your comment over it.
front of My Visiting Card
back of My Visiting Card
Will get back to you asap,will then
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My Experience with Reliance NetConnect

Speaking of Reliance Netconnect,this data card service promises (just promises,but breaks every one) download speedsReliance Netconnect is a bigger abonimation than you can think of up to 144Kbps,uninterrupted high speed great connectivity,4 times speeds more than dialup and many more.. 

Its all fake.

Out of wilderness I got this cool looking data card from my friend,and here is my personal experience.

I plugged it,the software installs automatically and the connection started.Until here it went all right,then the real trouble began.I surfed using this son of #$%^@ on my powerhouse PC,using Firefox 3.5 ,Windows XP SP3 and later tested it on Linux.To be honest,the Google homepage my PC Firefox sported opened in 64 seconds,yeah I timed it. I tried opening my gmail ID and you bet I started reading Mario Puzos The Sicilian in the mean time. I later navigated to game-trailers and tried opening pages,but it simply was not able to load multimedia content.

Reliance netconnect delivers Speeds ? Ah well.. - rdhacker.blogspot.com 

Speaking of 4 Times more speed then dialup,as dialup offers max speeds of 56.6 Kbps,theoretically they shall offer speeds of 224 Kbps of more,but they advertise speeds of 144 Kbps.Its like folks at Reliance are Bad at math.I checked the speed and it was about 5 Kbps - 12 Kbps max and it disconnected frequently even when the signal strength was full. There goes another claim in trash.

The Overall software interface is easy to use but offers less customization and there is no profile creation option.

I later plugged this device to my Linux box (Backtrack 3,Slax based linux and on Fedora core system) and it was unable to configure itself.I tried talking to customer support but they were not "available" and busy attending others while I they told me about the latest offerings from Reliance.More fake claims,I exclaimed to my self.I tried again later in evening,and finally when I got to talk to them,they had no idea about it. The USB a55hole

Reliance Netconnect is a Bad bad idea and it gets worse in no time. In all fields,this device sucks and is a waste of your precious hard earned money.

I suggest you to go for BSNL 3G if you want wireless internet,its rely good and offers unrestricted speeds of 300Kbps plus.

I believe you got my point,and if not..then you have no sanity. Ban this service.




Goodbye Delhi

Finally friends..I have packed my bags up,put on my favorite levis-puma-raybann combo and i m almost set to leave the heart of India. My stay here was excellent,a great family,bindass people,loads of knowledge and the opportunity of meeting new people and making new contacts.I especially thanks to my mentors and great friends Satish Jhaldiyal and Mukesh Jhaldiyal who have taught me on how to be more professional and to channelize my energy for the right cause. I have cleared my exam and got my certification and I believe I will be able to make some difference in near future,Amen..
me (extreme left) with my friends with some praiseworthy bad photography 
For the last one month, I have been living off quite a hectic schedule,with just 4 hour sleep and a lot of research work was done. I guess when I will be back in my room,I will be having enough topics to mess and learn.I guess I have to pay for my 3 month internet bill,library fine and will have to take care of my health (need a ENT checkup and have to take care of my sinus problems,I have been getting these virals now quite frequently..),I will miss the Sony Vaio on which I have played countless hours of Resident Evil 4,the mighty powerhouse I have been working upon for all these days and all the friends I have made..
Love you Delhi

Rishabh Dangwal a.k.a XERO
PS:Since I m leaving to a much more jargoned place,expect some delays in web postings and articles..will be 100% online after 11 august.