In the given light of the current events that govern the industry standards today, I wish to hold a Boot-Camp based lecture and seminar on Ethical hacking and Security, which are one of the hottest topics of the Computer and Software Industry. Hacking has been an insanely lucrative topic about which very less actual data and information exists today, we wish to share the knowledge with the fellow students as every engineer should know about the threats and countermeasures about the software platforms and industry standards. It will be a highly motivating experience for all of us and we appreciate your co-operation on the given matter.

I am currently holding the boot camp at SVIET Banur, and on request I can hold it on your institutions.


  1. The lecture content which will cover most of the core details of Hacking and Security.
  2. Exclusive content (the tools and notes) distributed on request and if the faculty permits.
  3. Online resources and real-time demos.

The Scope

The course will be attended by a batch of 40-50 students at a time so as to provide maximum attention.

Topics Covered
Neutral topics, from which the lecture will be given and the test will be conducted -

  1. Hacking and Introduction.
  2. Hacking Ethics, and Hacking as a career, future.
  3. Social Engineering.
  4. Footprinting and Scanning.
  5. Basic tools and sites.

Advanced topics to be discussed with selected students -

  1. Use of Virtual Machines/boxes and Why?
  2. System hacking
  3. Trojans, viruses and prank codes
  4. ADS vulnerability, effect in windows and countermeasures
  5. DOS/DDOS (methodology, the tools, demos and ways to prevent)
  6. Buffer overflow attacks (backtrack 3 and metasploit used in this)
  7. How not to go to jail (common mistakes made by hackers,noobs,kiddies and experts alike)
  8. Website Audit tools (Acunetix WVS6,blackwidow etc )
  9. Some excellent resources and websites.
  10. And more topics if possible.


The duration of course will be of 4 days with lectures and workshops combined of 50 minutes each day.Every student will be eligible for Duty Leave.

Fee Structure

The course has a fee of 200/- only for the students of the SVIET campus,more interested can contact me.


You can contact me on my email ID for the registration,only first 50 students will be selected for the event.

Put subject in email:SVIET BOOT CAMP

(Else you mail might go into spam)





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