My Experience with Reliance NetConnect

Speaking of Reliance Netconnect,this data card service promises (just promises,but breaks every one) download speedsReliance Netconnect is a bigger abonimation than you can think of up to 144Kbps,uninterrupted high speed great connectivity,4 times speeds more than dialup and many more.. 

Its all fake.

Out of wilderness I got this cool looking data card from my friend,and here is my personal experience.

I plugged it,the software installs automatically and the connection started.Until here it went all right,then the real trouble began.I surfed using this son of #$%^@ on my powerhouse PC,using Firefox 3.5 ,Windows XP SP3 and later tested it on Linux.To be honest,the Google homepage my PC Firefox sported opened in 64 seconds,yeah I timed it. I tried opening my gmail ID and you bet I started reading Mario Puzos The Sicilian in the mean time. I later navigated to game-trailers and tried opening pages,but it simply was not able to load multimedia content.

Reliance netconnect delivers Speeds ? Ah well.. - 

Speaking of 4 Times more speed then dialup,as dialup offers max speeds of 56.6 Kbps,theoretically they shall offer speeds of 224 Kbps of more,but they advertise speeds of 144 Kbps.Its like folks at Reliance are Bad at math.I checked the speed and it was about 5 Kbps - 12 Kbps max and it disconnected frequently even when the signal strength was full. There goes another claim in trash.

The Overall software interface is easy to use but offers less customization and there is no profile creation option.

I later plugged this device to my Linux box (Backtrack 3,Slax based linux and on Fedora core system) and it was unable to configure itself.I tried talking to customer support but they were not "available" and busy attending others while I they told me about the latest offerings from Reliance.More fake claims,I exclaimed to my self.I tried again later in evening,and finally when I got to talk to them,they had no idea about it. The USB a55hole

Reliance Netconnect is a Bad bad idea and it gets worse in no time. In all fields,this device sucks and is a waste of your precious hard earned money.

I suggest you to go for BSNL 3G if you want wireless internet,its rely good and offers unrestricted speeds of 300Kbps plus.

I believe you got my point,and if not..then you have no sanity. Ban this service.





  1.  i want reliance cdma 1x free internet trick. . . . . .could u pleas post any solution at

  2. No...try reliance customer support . Since I don't belong to their league

    -sent from my android-

  3. reliance is not more reliable

  4. reliance netconnect sucks any day! its bullshit


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