Google gets Powerpoint Powered and TIFF enabled

Google has been sprucing up its services (like it always does) and has added the support for viewing PowerPoint files  Google Powered powerpoint :P(.ppt) and TIFF files (compressed image files) to its services,enabled in Google apps. A few months ago, it had added the support for viewing PDFs files in your browser,the same viewer now supports the TIFF and Microsoft PowerPoint document formats too.Now you can view TIFF and PPT files online ,directly in your browser,without needing hefty software packages to start things up.
The default Google viewer earlier had "View as slideshow" option for PowerPoint files for a while; but now they have integrated the conversion technology into the same viewer that they used for PDFs and TIFFs.Google 's Viewer now showcases Powerpoint and TIFF files tooPowered up with a richer set of features,the new viewer enables you to  zoom in and out, select text to copy and paste, and "print" the presentation to a PDF document. And, unlike the old version, you no longer require to have a Flash plugin installed on your browser.
Stay tuned for more Google innovations..
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