Exams and Techfest halt Blog progress

Sorry guys for being away for so long,Its not my habit of leaving anything unfinished,but my exams are do halting my blog Me at techfest :) and We Won :Ppostings. From last 1 week,I have been into a cycle of stress and work  (cuz I was the organizer of Hacking event in my college and participated in Counter Strike,Crysis,NFS Most Wanted and DOTA all stars,apart from gaming,you know the  amount of paper work they make you do if you organize anything :P ) and now,alas,my semester exams have come (these goddamn self assessment events occur twice a year – Dec/Jan and May/June ) and I would be really busy for these. Trust me,I don't care much for my computer exams (Data communication,Operating systems and System Programming) but I do care a lot for subjects I suck the most (Microprocessor programming and the most hated subject of all time – Mathematics). So since I have not studied a bit,its time to remove the dust off my subject books and to study and study some more.

I will buy you a beer if I get my degree (B.tech in Computer Science) , become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and get  job in a prestigious company and would be writing to you again as a famous programmer/security expert.

Trust me :P

 Me and My exams - time to remove dust off my books :P

I would resume to be a regular blogger as soon as my exams finish.


Keep learning™



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  1. Where do you live Rishabh and in which university do you study.

    From where do you get all these stuff.


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