Protect your Pendrive and surfing using Democrakey

Hi friends.. what I m going to discuss here might be of your interest because almost everyone of us is pesked nowdays with viruses,in our pendrives/usb flash drives.Yep..this is the hard reality,you happily go to your friends home to take those legally downloaded movies (*ahem),software and more stuff and get back to your PC with your antivirus screaming “Caution!!! A virus has been detected”.
Virus in the pendrive..the same sad story..
Well Its my story 2 weeks before when i was busy making a hacking challange and have to deal with quite a lot of pendrives,and the viruses. So I googled and found DemocraKey.Imagine carrying a portable security suite with you wherever you go. Walk up to any computer, quickly scan it for viruses, and then defeat any internet access blocks to view any website you want anonymously. It’s here, and with the DemocraKey 2.0 Lite let’s you have it on your iPod/pendrive/mp3 player.Yep..Its that small (just 50 MB in size) and packs some explosive applications for the stealthy geek.
DemocraKey is the brainchild of Kirk,who invented it in response to government snooping and censorship in China and the United States.DemocraKey converts your portable drive into a start menu like gui enabled mini drive which will track stats of how much space is left in your portable drive and you can directly launch applications from the menu. Yep..Your Pendrive will have a menu like thisDemocraKey features Clamwin as an antivirus suite,Mozilla Thunderbird as an Email client and an  enhanced version of Mozilla Firefox with TOR proxy enabled so that you can connect to any network or surf any site in the world,anywhere..anytime.The best part of it is that its free and its Open source backed up by GNU/GPL license.based upon portable applications,you can enhance the DemocraKey  experience by adding applications from
In a nutshell,DemocraKey is your saviour when it comes to pendrive security and surfing net anonymously.
Lemme sum up features of DemocraKey  -
  • Protect your computer from viruses with a security enhanced version of Firefox
  • Visit sites that are blocked by your school/employer/government
  • Hide your internet actions with Tor
  • Encrypt personal emails with GPG
  • Scan your computer with portable built in Antivirus software
  • Runs from any portable media - iPod, USB key, Digital Camera…
  • It’s FREE and Open Source!
  Secured by ClamwinFree Antivirus   Anonymous surfing from TOR networks   Email powered by Mozilla ThunderBird

You can download DemocraKey from -
Download from Sourceforge

I hope you like it :)



  1. yup that's a very good thing so as to be away from viruses .
    To do all this without any use of softwares, click

  2. rply to XERO
    hey why always take the help of softwares, if you can solve the problems easy way!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hahaha I'm Bumping an old Thread
    for those Pesky Autorun.inf viruses
    I just create my own folder with the same name
    so When the virus tries to create a real autorun.inf file.. well it can't coz it thinks it has already created it and so it tries to progress to the next step
    which is to read the text in the .inf file.. but fails as it keeps opening the empty folder and so gets stuck in a loop
    Rendering your USB/HardDrive/ or any other portable device from catching the virus which depend on the Autorun.inf File :D


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