Microsoft goes retail – Microsoft Opening Stores

With endeavors like the Xbox Live Marketplace and Zune Marketplace, Microsoft has been cutting out the retail middleman for years. However, the Xbox 360 maker's latest initiative goes a bit further, cutting the retail middleman out of the retail experience.

Microsoft could have used stores to "better articulate" the benefits of Vista. This could have been Microsoft’s paving the way for its Windows 7.Microsoft goes retail – Opening Microsoft Stores

Microsoft today announced that it will be launching its own chain of stores "to transform the PC and Microsoft buying experience." In particular, the company mentioned a desire to better facilitate and demonstrate the advantages of its products. Additionally, Microsoft hopes "to create deeper engagement with consumers and continue to learn firsthand about what they want and how they buy."  

Microsoft has appointed David Porter to be the company's corporate vice president of retail stores for this project. Porter was the head of DreamWorks Animation SKG's worldwide product distribution since 2007, and its his glowing experience and expertise Microsoft is betting on as Porter spent 25 years with retail giant Wal-Mart, starting small time and finishing big-time wit the retail giant by working his way up to vice president and general merchandise manager of the chain's entertainment division.

Porter's first priorities will be to find the right locations and to setup a timeframe for Microsoft’s stores when he begins his work on Monday.

"I am excited about helping consumers make more informed decisions about their PC and software purchases, and we'll share learnings from our stores with our existing retail and OEM partners that are critical to our success," Porter quipped in a statement.Microsoft retail stores will help microsoft better distribute their products




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