Create Windows XP CD using NLITE

Hi folks.Sorry my harddisk crashed was not able to post..I formatted my system and that makes me write this create windows xp CD using NLitepost. Many of us format our systems from the supposed legal Windows XP CD’s,the same old vanilla windows installation.   But if you are a power user,you may wish to create your own Windows XP CD with all hacks applied and nitrated with the latest Service pack. Well here is the easiest way to create your own customized Windows XP CD.

You will need

Here is How to do that

First of all download the above mentioned softwares,collect your drivers and get as much as hot-fixes and add-ons which you want to integrate in your Windows XP CD.

Run Nlite and insert your XP CD. Choose your language and click Next.

Run Nlite and Choose your language

Choose your drive and make a new folder on your hard disk. Choose that folder and Nlite will copy all your XP cd there.

Choose your folder for XP

Choose your options about integrations and add-ons and user configuration and click next.

Choose your options and click next.

Select your service pack and click next. Nlite will integrate service pack into your XP.

Choose location of your service pack and click next

Choose the hotfixes to be applied on your windows.

Choose the hotfixes to be applied on your windows.

Choose the components you want to remove – like MSN messenger and outlook express 6 (I don't think any body uses them).

Remove unnecessary components

Now  finally configure the windows and the miscellaneous options like the background and boot screen and various configurable options.

configure miscllaneous options

Now finally apply the speed hacks using the preconfigured options and then hit next.

Apply preconfigured speed hacks

The process of integration will start and after it ends,You will be provided with the configuration screen where you can enter your CD key,User account settings and network settings and then it will create an ISO file for you which you can burn on any CD with Nero or Alcohol 120% or any CD/DVD burner.

Congrats.. you have created your ultimate Windows XP CD without any hassles.




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  1. how to add my name in xp when format going on in computer instead of xp 


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