Street Fighter 4 launched – The Wait is Over…

The wait is over !!!! Its almost 11 years since the release of last canonical Street Fighter game in the series,and Capcom Street Fighter 4 Rokz!!!has proved itself again – the game is truly outstanding in almost every sphere of gaming.The Resident Evil maker has  polished every aspect of the game and it truly stands out.Street Fighter IV succeeds in integrating the online and offline experience elegantly,the option to allow other players around the world to challenge you while you're playing through the arcade mode is ingeniously implemented.Street Fighter 4 is easy to pickup,but hides its deepness well under its cloak of graphics and well implemented gameplay.
Street Fighter was well waited by the series fans and its sure to make ripples among the fans and causal players alike.The EX system from Street Fighter 3 : Third Strike and winning gameplay of Street Fighter 2 has been remixed to provide an ultimate brawling experience.IGN,EUROGAMER and various other sites have already praised its fluid gameplay,highly detailed characters and the bundled features.Street Fighter 4 has made a 2nd coming and have revived a dying series to the pinnacle of glory.
Here are some Street Fighter 4 screens -
hulking Zangief vs Wild Blanka
Ryu charges up a fireball against an opponent
Dhalsim freaks up Blanka
 crimson viper versus blanka

I hope you will be liking the new incarnation of this series.

Cheers and keep learning.



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