Latest Gmail updates – attachments and more…

Recently Google has updated the Gmail with some nifty new touches and hacks that will increase our Email experience.Gmail has tweaked with the attachment system,multiselect system and and a tweaked up title bar that tells you how many unread emails are their in your email box.A little detailed explanation of these enhancements is discussed below -Gmail has experimented with some nifty tweaks

It was a little tedious to send large or multiple attachments with an email as you had to select each attachment individually and you never knew how long it would be before those bigger files were ready to send. Gmail now allows you to select multiple attachments by holding ctrl key or by using shift key to select a continuous list of files.

Select multiple attachments using Gmail -

It has also included a progress bars on each file as it uploads.A real time saver I must say..

Progress bars show the progress of uploads -

The third hack Gmail has applied on its UI is the tweaked title bar which now shows how many unread messages you have in your inbox. This can be activated by activating the Title bar hacks under the labs section of Gmail.That way you can see how many unread messages you have even if the window is minimized.

The title bar now shows number of unread emails

These nifty enhancements surely increase the Gmail experience. I love you Google :)


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