5 types of Virus writers

Whilst stumbling on the net,I found this humorous description of 5 types of virus writers written by an actual hacker.I really loved the overall tone of the article and thought its worthy to share it with you guys..Enjoy.5 types of Virus writers

The Fired/Laid-Off Worker - This type is only interested in one thing: revenge. He wants to pay back his boss or another co-worker by wreaking havoc in the company's computer. 

The Messed-Up Kamikaze Dumbass - This persona is quite rare, he will write a malicious virus and then unleash it on his own computer! Then he will sit back and laugh as his computer gets trashed.

The Do-Gooder - This virus writer also belongs to the "dumbass" branch of virus writers. What he does is write a virus, then call McAfee or Norton and tell them about his virus and how to block it, so everybody will be safe from it.

The Prankster - A mostly harmless virus writer here, just makes fake viruses, that don't do anything, just pretend to erase your hard disk. Or the virus could be something annoying like flipping your mouse keys, opening the cd drive, or restarting the computer every 5 minutes.

The 100% Pure Evil Virus Writer - This is the most feared virus writer of all. If you run across this virus overlord, you might as well go back to a piece of paper and forget about your computer. No virus protection program can save you now, AHAHAHA! This is the virus writer that you heard about on the news last night, yeah you know, the one that knocked out the CIA mainframe.


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