Wardriving at Delhi Updated –The OPEN, WEP & WPA faces of Delhi

I got an overwhelming response to my Wardriving at Delhi project and have got a lot of emails regarding the same. I am so thrilled that so many people want to contribute to the project. Inspired by your feedback, I am here by producing here an update to my mapping project. This time I went Via Saket to Gurgaon and as usual I got a lot of access points which were OPEN with no security, WEP secured vulnerable access points & WPA/WPA PSK2 secured points.
 Wardriving at Delhi Updated - The OPEN,WEP and WPA
As usual, I used -
The target is to make a map of Delhi with all the access points  to analyse in layman terms -
  1. The security awareness of people and organizations
  2. The devices they are using
  3. The security mechanisms they are using.
  4. Wifi range analysis of individual device.
Well, in all you can find the data from below links -
If you are interested in contributing to the data, please contact me at admin<at>theprohack.com . You can also read how to Hack Wifi using Backtrack , How to detect if someone is using your WiFi  or how to detect WiFi hotspots . If you are having an Android, you can also read about how to use your Android for Wardriving.

Happy Wardriving.


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