Angry Hacker rant version 1.0

Yep..I do get angry. More angry than anything often now and then.

5 rules I abide -

  • I don't respect anyone at all who cant code and say they are hackers. They taint the word.


  • I respect anyone who has the guts to confess he is a skid but is willing to learn and code and contribute to the scene. Everybody was a skid once.


  • I am against anything related to defacements and exploitation if done using stolen/borrowed/any one else's code/shell/exploit/kernel patch. If its not your own, the defacement proves you are a skid and impotent.


  • Complimenting the 3rd point, if you don't know what an exploit does at core/you cant read its code and cant comprehend it to the lowest level, and you are still using it to your whims and fancy, again, you disgust me.


  • I hate anyone who ceases to pass any knowledge, the fool tries to hide his knowledge cuz he is afraid that it will create competition, the honest will reflect it to the fullest as he knows, the more he knows, the more he spreads, the greater the opportunities to create more creative code and thinking process.

Consider it my anger that NO knowledge sharing is done in any of the prominent Indian hacking forums out there, be it andhrahackers , indishell, hackers5, or anywhere. Same old stuff…leached from every possible where… The rest are not willing to share what they know due to their egos the size of Texas. At best you can go to garage4hackers , security xploded and can get your daily fix, or log into efnet/freenode and bitchx your daily fix of code and security.

When guys like (content suppressed) can start their own community and start commercializing the security scene for their own fucking profits, you know its time to back out. The real community n|u (null) stands out and is the only place where you can interact with some true hacker souls

The rest are fakes and I am glad I am not in touch with them. the real scene and some really good guys died 3 years ago.


  1. This post made me subscribe to your site. I agree

  2. ur article's full of's pathetically lame and dim witted of  :(

  3. Thanks...Whats NOT LAME in your view, do tell me, I will publish it on my website.


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