Learn to crack any version of Winrar – An Introduction to Cracking Part 2

Sorry for a late update folks..My final exams are here and hence I was a bit busy in studies (and playing Metal Gear Solid 2 if anybody cares :D ). As I have less time to blog, I might as well write a quick and dirty guide to crack Winrar using 2mo6rrn11Ollydbg this time. Ollydbg is a debugging program which I tout as the best debugging and disassembling program available to us,the lesser mortals. It has an extremely intuitive interface (although at first run, it might be cryptic for many) and one can write off their own plugins to extend functionality. You must have a basic idea of memory address and assembly language, or you might want to read the part one of this tutorial - Learn to crack any version of Winrar – An Introduction to cracking


Update -

Hi Folks..Due to sheers amount of load the initial post was taking, I had to move the post on cracking winrar from my homepage to here


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  1. Why i'm not able to view full article?? on first day i viewed it and when i was about to try it doesnt open full


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