Rediffmail - Spammed,Ad powered and defeated..

Ages ago,I use to have a Rediffmail ID,only to be harassed by poor spam filter,low space,barrage of ads and more quirks.I picked my gmail one approx 5 years ago and it beats rediff one hands on any day.Rediffmail - Spammed,Ad powered and defeated..Year later Rediff incarnates itself with a new mail system,advertises it self as faster and better with TV ads,but the bottom line remains the same - It sucks flatly !
I cant recall the number of reasons which makes it suck (they were too many) but keeping myself sane whilst writing this review makes me openfire at these points - 

Yep..If you are a rediffian,and you email is picked up by a spammer,be prepared to get loads of emails proclaiming to enlarge your organs,get fake Rolex watches or even to get a fortune on your name. Even if you create filters and try to block them,they are persistent and the spam filter hits rock bottom when it comes to blocking of spam. 

Rediffmail literally makes your day by sending tons of ads in your inbox,worse,by embedding them in interface. Compare it with cleanest ad interfaces of Gmail. Ads are ultra annoying and eat up bandwidth. Feels like classic yahoo mail ? Its Yahoomail + lots of ads + spam = rediffmail 
POP3 Access
Rediff allows you to access POP for a premium (or 15 messages ) which is not worth the meager services it provides ! 

You will think I m kidding,but rediffmail customer support answered my question after 3 weeks when I sent them a query regarding their encryption system,when i had forgotten that i had even sent them an email.Trust me,they need to improve their customer support to make a mark in the market.
However,I rediffmail seems to get some new tweaks under its mail engine,which must be mentioned here -
Rediff has got speed,yep raw speed,the interface has it and you can feel it,but that makes me seriously wonder if they sacrificed some encryption algorithms to achieve this or make some cache in our hard disk..yep i am quite sceptic as a person :) 

The After Math
Well..what do you expect..Rediff sucks as compared to other email services and that's the flat truth. I moved on to Gmail aeons ago and have been enjoying all the perks which I can really enjoy (the labs,adsense,blogger,sms,feeds and even more) unlike rediff in which you get loads of offers which you can never redeem (the horrendous ads :P ) .
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